Video from 9-Years Ago Shows the Real Relationship Between Islam and Divergent Sexual Appetites

Going through some old hard drives, we are finding some amazing examples of how not too too long ago, media actually reported some uncomfortable truths.

The following video is from 2014 and shows how Nigeria was putting four homosexual men on trial for their sexual activities, and if guilty, stone them to death. The BBC clip also does not hide the fact that this is a fundamentally Islamic view. Something we are basically made to think is a hate crime today. That is, to portray Islam as it actually is, somehow has become a hate crime.

Islam, as we know, must be seen as a co-victim of White, Christian, Imperialist, Capitalist European culture. 

Which is why when Muslims lead protests against SOGI and so on, media, and perhaps especially Canadian media, will hide the Islamic aspect of the protests by ignoring them if small enough to ignore, or imputing the motive on far-right-extremists.

Trudeau even went as far as trying to talk a Muslim against SOGI that he was a victim of “right wing Americans” and that his belief that his children should not be sterilized by the state had nothing to do with Islam or his own thinking.

BBC News video from 2014 Nigeria tries 4 men for homosexuality, guilty to be stoned to death:

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog report posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.


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