Saying Israel created Hamas is like saying Blacks created Slavery

I have seen comments on social media and on some websites saying the Hamas was created by Israel.

This is one the the greatest of lies. This lie is similar to statements that Jews created the Nazis or funded the Bolsheviks. It’s like saying that blacks created slavery.

Here is a video featuring Robert Spencer, on The Insurrection with Derrick Evans and Mike Lauber, titled Why Israel Didn’t Create or Fund Hamas, and How the U.S. Could Face A Similar Attack.

Discover the Networks has done extensive research on Hamas. Here is some of what they have published on their website:

Islamic terrorist group founded in 1987

  • Received funding from Saddam Hussein
  • Receives funding from Iran
  • Responsible for many suicide bombings and terrorist acts against Israeli targets

HAMAS (an acronym for Harakat al-Muqawamat al-Islamiyya, which is Arabic for “Islamic Resistance Movement”) is an Islamic fundamentalist group founded on December 14, 1987. As a single Arabic word rather than an acronym, “Hamas” means “zeal.” The organization’s founders were seven leading members of the Muslim BrotherhoodAhmed YassinAbdel Aziz Rantisi, Ibrahim al-Yazuri, Sheikh Salih Shihada, ‘Isa al-Našhar, Muhammad Shama’a, and ‘Abd al-Fattah Dukhan. Hamas, in a sense, grew out of a 1985-86 Brotherhood movement — in which Ahmed Yassin was involved — that resolved to pursue its goal of degrading and ultimately destroying Israel by means of civil disturbance. The movement went by various names such as The Armed Struggle Movement, The Steadfast on the Land of al-Isra’, and The Islamic Resistance Movement. Ultimately, Yassin blended a group he had founded in 1973 — the Islamic Organization — into this Brotherhood movement, and settled on the name Hamas. The organization gained great popular support Gaza due to commitment to “raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine.”

Describing itself as “one of the wings of the Muslim Brother[hood],” Hamas’s avowed purpose is “liberating Palestine” from its Jewish “oppressors,” whose very presence in the Middle East Hamas considers an affront to Muslims’ rightful sovereignty over the region. Hamas is best known for using violent methods — including suicide bombings against Israeli military and civilian targets — as part of its long-term strategy to destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamic Palestinian state. The U.S. State Department, Canada, Japan, Israel, and the entire European Union have named Hamas as an Islamic terrorist organization.

With tens of thousands of loyal supporters, Hamas’ strength is concentrated principally in the Gaza Strip and a few areas of the West Bank. The group’s leadership is dispersed throughout these same areas, with a few senior leaders residing also in Syria, Lebanon, and the Gulf States.

Over the years, Hamas’ funding has derived from a variety of sources. Today it is supported primarily by donations from IranArab governments such as that of Syria, Palestinian expatriates, private benefactors in Arab nations, Islamic fascist groups, and Muslim “charities” from around the world such as the now-defunct Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. (It is estimated that the “charities” account for about half of all Hamas funding today.) Some clandestine fundraising takes place in Western Europe and North America as well. When the United Nations Oil-For-Food program was in effect, Iraqi president Saddam Hussein skimmed more than $21 billion from its coffers and sent some of it directly to Hamas.

Describing Hamas’ political and social agendas, Israel scholar Steven Plaut writes: “Hamas and al-Qaeda are basically two sides of the same jihad. They have squabbled rhetorically on occasion … but … Hamas ‘schools’ and other institutions routinely distribute the harangues of [Osama] bin-Laden and other al-Qaeda materials. Hamas rallies feature posters of bin Laden and of Chechen terror leaders.” Dr. Harold Brackman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center elaborates:

“Hamas has held secret summits with Al Qaeda operatives in locales as distant as India, and even sent a select few members to train in bin Laden’s Afghan camps. For what it’s worth, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed in 2007 that: ‘It is Hamas that is shielding Al Qaeda, and through its bloody conduct, Hamas has become very close to Al Qaeda [in Gaza].’”

Hamas also has a close working relationship with Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based terror organization that serves as one of Hamas’ major suppliers of weaponry.

Read more about Hamas.

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  1. Tom mooney
    Tom mooney says:

    Though I fully grasp the sentiment, reality must play a role. Slavery was a practice among the tribes of South Africa as well as North America. Paint it anyway you want, the action does not change due to acceptance.
    As we did it in Alaska… strip naked, tie a knife to your hand, jump in the boat and row to the victim village. After we ran thru killing every male willing to fight, we would collect the women and workers (you can call them children, but we took our share of elderly) then row back to our village to celebrate. The women were put to caring for the kids, elderly, smoke house… pretty much everything. Unless they were put to expansion of the village (you can say rape, we won’t protest). The kids and elderly were put to collection, processing, and storage of food.
    Were we not killing and capturing each other, but doing this to say japan… you would call it??? Ok


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