Clarion Re-Releases Its Documentaries About Hamas, Iran and Foreign Funding

The American public is watching as violent pro-Palestinian demonstrations around the country celebrate the murder, capture, and torture of Israeli citizens by Hamas terrorists.

Americans are watching in horror as our own communities are once again falling victim to acts of homegrown Islamic terror.

Who is Hamas? Where did they come from? What drives their unquenchable thirst for terror? How are they impacting America?

The Clarion Project is re-releasing three critically acclaimed documentaries that answer these questions. We would like to help your viewers understand the truth.

Press kits for these documentaries can be downloaded from this folder:

Kids: Chasing Paradise follows the stories of activists working to save children from Islamist extremism and radicalization. Interviews include trainees in a Hamas terrorist training camp.

Iranium details the dangers of an Iranian nuclear threat. With Iran literally on the brink of nuclear capability, this film is more timely today than ever before.

Obsession exposes the threat of radical Islam to Western civilization.

Covert Cash: What American Universities Don’t Want You to Know About Their Foreign Funding exposes the billions of dollars flowing into U.S. universities from countries hostile to American values and democracy.

We urge you to screen these films widely and repeatedly across your platform so that your viewers are educated and armed with the information that will help them counteract the vitriolic ideology that is once again turning America’s communities and streets into unsafe places for our citizens.

To receive the film files, schedule interviews, or request more information, please email me and I will get you what you need immediately.

We have no time to waste. The American public must know who we are dealing with. You can show them the answers.

Respectfully yours,

Richard Green
CEO, Clarion Project

©2023. The Clarion Project. All rights reserved.

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