Don’t tell Israel to Ceasefire. Tell Hamas to Surrender!

“We Jews have a secret weapon in our struggle with the Arabs – We have no place to go.” — Golda Meir, said in a meeting with then Senator Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

“If the Palestinians lay down their weapons, there will be peace. If the Israelis lay down their weapons, there will be a massacre.” — Golda Meir

On October 7th, 2023 Hamas began a “new bloody massacre” of Jews and they captured it on their body cameras.

They then proudly posted these videos of raping, beheading, and burning alive little babies, children, women and men of multiple nationalities, including Jews and Muslims.


Israel is trying to get the innocents out of Gaza but Hamas is keeping them in to use them as human shield by blocking escape routes.

Israel for over two weeks has been dropping paper pamphlets across Gaza, posting on Arabic social media and International media and making phone calls to residents of Gaza warning them to leave immediately. 

Hamas is preventing their fellow Muslims from leaving. These are the people that they, Hamas, are responsible to protect.


The ground operation is now beginning.


Hamas and its leaders have made millions while their people remain poor and lack basic needs.


Those who support Hamas, like this lesbian, are now showing their true colors. Interesting because in the video below the lesbian’s is a clear statement that, “The people of Palestine will not allow a single homosexual in our land, such perversion brings the wrath of Allah.” Sodomy is not allow in Islam.


Christian Just War Theory—Israel and Hamas

Christian just war theory addresses two questions:

  1. When is it right to fight?
  2. How do you rightly fight the fight?

Israel has shown great restraint in their conflict with Hamas. One government is doing everything they can to shield their people, while the other is using their people as shields.

Host Joseph Backholm is joined by Marc LiVecche, a Scholar of Ethics, War, and Public Life at Providence and a nonresident research fellow at the US Naval War College and FRC’s Quena Gonzalez to discuss the proportionality of the current war.

They take a deep dive into Israel’s reason to fight, the way they are fighting, and the overall goal to end this conflict.

The complexity of this situation has left many wondering who is to blame – listen now to unravel the web of this current war through a Christian lens.

The Bottom Line

We now know that this Hamas invasion of Israel has been planned for two years.

Hamas documents captured by Israel and released by the IDF spokesman’s office instruct Hamas operatives to kill and take hostage as many Israeli civilians as possible, as well as Soldiers, take over Kibbutzim and communities near the Gaza border, and search schools and youth centers.

Finally, the Islamic State (ISIS) Weekly calls for attacks against Jews around the world, including at the embassies of Israel and its allies in the West.

Islamic State (ISIS) Weekly states, “‘Apostate’ Arab countries; ‘Jews will realize they have yet to experience The Holocaust.'”

To date, two dozen U.S. Soldiers have been injured in Iran-backed attacks in the last week.

We are truly in WW III a war against Islamic terrorist globally.

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Providence – A Journal of Christianity & American Foreign Policy

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