Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová calls to leave the UN for supporting terrorism

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Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová calls to leave the United Nations  for supporting terrorism stating, “Three weeks ago Hamas murdered over 1400 Israelis, more victims for their population than Al Qaeda murdered in the US on 9/11. And only 14 countries, including ours, have spoken out clearly against this unprecedented terrorist attack. I am ashamed of the UN. Czech Republic has no place in an organization that cheers on terrorists and does not respect the fundamental right to self-defense. Let’s get out!”

Czech DM calls to exit UN for supporting Hamas, warns Holocaust is back

The Czech Republic’s defense minister’s move to call to leave the UN came after a resolution called on Israel to leave Gaza without condemning Hamas.


One must not stand silent in the face of a second Holocaust, the Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová said as she called on her country to withdraw from the United Nations to protest its failure to condemn Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel.

“The Holocaust is back, and we must not be silent again,” she said, in a statement she posted on X.She spoke of her outrage one day after the UN General Assembly voted 120-14 for a ceasefire for the Gaza War, which focused primarily on the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza.The UNGA resolution which also had 45 abstentions, did not mention or clearly call for the release of the 230 hostages the terror group took captive on that day.

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