After falsely claiming ‘white supremacists’ were top terror threat, FBI top dog Wray now warns of Hamas attacks in U.S.

This malignant clown is just covering his tracks. For years he has been lying, claiming that “white supremacists” constituted the nation’s chief terror threat. This was a thinly veiled attempt to criminalize and destroy all political opposition to the Biden regime in the U.S. But now he can’t ignore the jihad threat any longer, and with attacks likely in the U.S., he has to pretend he is on top of the situation. In reality, the FBI has been in denial about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat for years, and almost certainly will not be able to stop future jihad attacks in the U.S., because it is still so ideologically blinkered and politicized that it doesn’t even know what to look for.

FBI Director Wray warns terror threat to Americans at ‘whole other level’ amid Hamas-Israel conflict

by Adam Shaw and Brooke Singman, Fox News, October 31, 2023:

…”The reality is that the terrorism threat has been elevated throughout 2023, but the ongoing war in the Middle East has raised the threat of an attack against Americans in the United States to a whole other level,” Wray told lawmakers on the Senate Homeland Security Committee….

“We assess that the actions of Hamas and its allies will serve as an inspiration, the likes of which we haven’t seen since ISIS launched its so-called caliphate several years ago,” Wray said. “In just the past few weeks, multiple foreign terrorist organizations have called for attacks against Americans and the West.”…

“We also cannot and do not discount the possibility that Hamas or another foreign terrorist organization may exploit the current conflict to conduct attacks here on our own soil,” he said.

He also pointed to concerns about threats posed by Hezbollah as well as Iran – which supports both Hamas and Hezbollah – and noted their histories of support of terror and criminal operations.

“Given that disturbing history, we are keeping a close eye on what impact recent events may have on those groups’ intentions here in the United States and how those intentions might evolve,” he said, citing cyber-targeting of American interests by Iran and other foes….

A DHS spokesperson said this week that the U.S. remains in a heightened threat environment and recent events reinforce that.

“As the Israel-Hamas conflict continues, we have seen an increase in reports of threats against Jewish, Muslim, and Arab communities and institutions. Lone offenders, motivated by a range of violent ideologies, pose the most likely threat. We urge the public to stay vigilant and to promptly report suspicious activity to local law enforcement,” the spokesperson said in a statement.


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