VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood Operations in Turkey and Germany

This is part of a 4 part documentary done by an Israeli investigative journalist posing as an Arab Muslim, and going through Europe networking with Ikwan, Muslim Brotherhood groups. This was in 2017. Imagine what is going on now in Europe and North America.

If there is interest I will repost the other parts. But this one is a great place to start, even though it is part IIII of the series.

Thank you Rachel for the heroic effort it took to translate and time all 4 parts of this stunning documentary

Also, PLEASE pay special attention to Daniel Greenfield in this speech. He says the thing that needs said the most.

The “Land Claims Pledge” we hear at every event from sports competitions to a class picnic is in fact setting up the exact, same, precise rationalization to exterminate all of us that the left uses to justify Hamas’ attack on Israel. Exact.

They WILL use the concept of we who built these nations as settlers and colonialists and all the other words used for Jewish Israelis to justify murdering us in our sleep. They will. This is from Oct. 26-29th this year.



Poem In Qatari Daily Glorifies The Hamas Attack On The Jews, Who ‘Turned Into Apes And Swine Already In The Days Of Their Forefathers’; Thanks The Attackers: ‘We Were Parched And You Brought Us Abundant Rains’

Chairman Of Russian State Duma Volodin Proposes Sentencing To Forced Labor Those Russians Who Left After Invasion Of Ukraine

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