Texas: Muslim on Terror Watch List Murders SWAT Cop and Two Hostages, Had Bomb-Making Materials

If a Muslim in Texas had been able to carry out his plans, there could have been dozens, even hundreds killed. He was stopped, but others will keep trying.

Ahmed Mohamed Nassar, 35, a resident of South Austin, was on the terror watch list, but the feds clearly weren’t watching. They were too busy hunting for Jan. 6 “insurrectionists” and “white supremacists.” CBS Austin reported that on Saturday, “the incident began at 2:49 a.m. with a 911 call from a stabbing victim.” Police arrived within about ten minutes, and discovered that two others had been hurt as well. They were inside the house with Nassar.

The situation escalated quickly. CBS’s report adds that “a third victim of Nassar escaped and was located by officers, reporting the suspect still possessed a knife. APD officers attempted a rescue at around 3 a.m., but were fired upon by Nassar, leading to a SWAT callout.” Once the SWAT team arrived, Nassar, who was wearing body armor and had a rifle, started firing upon it as well.

In the melee, two police officers were shot. “Despite medical efforts, Officer Jorge ‘George’ Pastore, 38, died from his injuries. The second officer was treated and later released from the hospital.” And inside the home, there were two more victims: Eman Ahmed El Nemr-Nassar, 63, and Riad Mohamed Nassar, 32. Ahmed Mohamed Nassar was also found dead, apparently killed in his gun battle with police.

Austin’s KXAN reported Tuesday that once Austin police “inspected the scene on Nov. 11, it was determined it would be beneficial to have the Evidence Recovery Team with the Federal Bureau of Investigation assist in the processing of the scene.” They found “body armor and protective plates to include ballistic helmets as well as arm or leg protection; night vision goggles, firearms, and ammunition; targets that have been shot by a firearm,” and most importantly, “explosive devices or bomb-making materials.” The local police and the FBI also searched neighbors’ yards but wouldn’t say what they found.

The New York Post on Wednesday added the piquant detail that Ahmed Mohamed Nassar “was on the FBI’s terror watchlist.” What’s more, “a local organization called the Round Rock Area Muslims said they were all family members of a ‘beloved brother’ who was well-known in the local community.” That message, which was later deleted, said blandly that “three of the family members of the beloved brother Mohamed Nassar, passed away.” It identified the victims as the killer’s mother (Eman Ahmed El Nemr-Nassar) and brother (Riad Mohamed Nassar). The father was Mohamed Nassar, who reportedly moved out several months ago.

The spectacle of a son killing his mother suggests that this could have been an honor killing, in which a father, brother, or sometimes son kills a woman in order to cleanse the family’s honor after she has stained it by some sexual indiscretion or simply by wanting a divorce. Muslims commit 91% of honor killings worldwide, and some majority-Muslim countries give reduced sentences to murderers if they can show that they were committing an honor killing.

But Western authorities have seldom, if ever, paid any attention to the possibility that this phenomenon could travel West with the large numbers of Muslim migrants who have been entering Europe and, to a lesser degree, North America. On the other hand, the Post says Nassar was holding his relatives hostage, so maybe something else altogether was at play here.

Then there is the fact that Ahmed Mohamed Nassar was on the FBI terror watch list and fired upon the cops. Apparently, all the FBI does is watch, if it even does that. Of course, it’s busy with other matters. Old Joe Biden has said it repeatedly, as he claimed last May: “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.” Old Joe has told this particular whopper before, as have Gestapo chief Merrick Garland and the FBI.

And so even after the Oct. 7 jihad massacre in Israel, many Americans assume that a large-scale jihad massacre of that kind cannot or will not happen again in the United States. Why, it’s a religion of peace, and what about those white supremacists?

Even many who reject the left’s blinkers see Muslims in America as valuable allies in the fight against the trans and LGBTQETC madness being forced upon our nation’s children. Some of them may be just that. Others, unfortunately, are like Ahmed Mohamed Nassar.



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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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