THE WAR ON X: WW III • The Global War Against Islamic Terrorism — Day 42

Today is day 42 since the October 7th unprovoked attack by Hamas against the sovereign state of Israel.

This date will go down in infamy because 10 days before the attack Hamas and Israel signed a cease fire agreement.

Watch This Pat Condell video from nine years ago to understand.

Watch Robert Spencer with James Kaddis on how the ‘Palestinian’ cause is based on lies

Israel is following up on its promise to destroy Hamas by either killing or capturing the Hamas leadership and its followers.

Recently, top Hamas officials Ahmad Bahr and Palestinian Freedom Movement Secretary-General Khaled Abu Hilal  were killed in an IDF Gaza airstrikes.

Here are two articles on the Hamas hiding in a hospital from the IDF and how the media lies about Israel.

  1. WEAPONS. HOSTAGES. BENEATH A HOSPITAL: Hamas and Islamic Jihad Stockpiling Weapons, Holding Hostages in Gaza Hospitals
  2. BBC Forced to Apologize for Another Inaccurate Report on IDF in Gaza, Admits They LIED and Falsely Made Claims Against IDF (Again)

Who is funding these pro-Hamas protests. George Soros, a Jew and Nazi collaborator, is funding these anti-Israel protests and fueling antisemitism.

Watch: Soros and the Middle Easterners Funding U.S. College Protests.

Here are three articles on  an attack, the dhimmitude of Dearborn Heights, Michigan and the growing existential threat to America by supporters of Hamas.

  1. Jew-Hating Bus Drivers Refused to Drive Jews to Pro-Israel Rally in DC, “Deliberate and Malicious Walkout,” Leaving Them on Tarmac at Dulles for 11 Hours
  2. TERROR TOWN: Dearborn Heights, Michigan Raises “Palestinian” Flags in Support of Hamas 
  3. Al Qaeda Reboot Coming for America!

VIDEO: Hundreds of Thousands March for Israel in Washington, D.C.

WW III • The Global War Against Islamic Terrorism — Day 42 on X

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