Israel Is Prepared To Act Alone in Gaza, as a Rift Opens Between It and America

Israel still hasn’t learned that America under the Democrats only respects countries that betray, mock and work feverishly against us like Iran (Death to America!) and the Palestinians terror groups  The more you oppose us, the more billions come your way. If you respect and admire America (like Israel does), the Biden regime is going to stab you hard in the back.

Israel must go it alone and end this infernal ceasefire.

Israel Is Prepared To Act Alone in Gaza, as a Rift Opens Between It and America, Which Seeks To Micromanage the War

Jewish state will do what it has to in an existential struggle, even if it is abandoned by its most important

By: Benny Avni, NY Sun, November 28, 2023:

A rift is growing between America and Israel over how to proceed the day after the current pause in Gaza fighting ends, as Washington attempts to micromanage the war conduct.

With a two-day extension of the original ceasefire that was scheduled to end Tuesday, intelligence chiefs from America, Israel, Egypt, and Qatar are meeting at Doha to contemplate further hostage releases. Israel has initially agreed to a maximum of a 10-day war pause if at least 10 hostages are released daily.

Ten Israeli women and two Thais were released Tuesday. At least eight children remain in Gaza, including 10-months-old Kfir Bibas, who has become a symbol of Hamas’s cruelty. Also, at least nine Americans are yet to be freed.

Meanwhile the Israel Defense Force is readying an invasion of southern Gaza, to where Hamas elite leaders escaped after the IDF captured Gaza City and most of the north. Washington, though, is urging a change in war tactics. Pressured by the Democratic left, President Biden increasingly seems more concerned about the humanitarian plight in Gaza than eliminating Hamas.

Meanwhile, Hamas is already violating the ceasefire. On Tuesday, three explosive devices were detonated next to IDF positions in northern Gaza, followed by gunshots. Three soldiers were lightly wounded. “The response needs to be disproportional, so we don’t play by Hamas rules,” a former chief of staff to Prime Minister Netanyahu, Zvi Hauser, told Israel Channel 11 television.

Mr. Netanyahu’s government, though, seemed to be in full diplomatic mode. The Mossad chief, David Barnea, and his American counterpart, William Burns of the Central Intelligence Agency, were at Doha Tuesday to negotiate further military pauses for hostage releases. According to the Washington Post, Mr. Burns is seeking a “longer, multi-day pause,” beyond even the Israeli 10-day cap.

Israel seems willing to let negotiations play out as long as hostages are freed. “To date, we got 74 abductees released, including 50 children and women that were included in the first phase of the agreement,” Mr. Netanyahu said Tuesday. “We will complete this phase when all women and children are released — and then everyone else.”

Qatar, which serves as a Hamas proxy in the talks, is reportedly seeking an agreement to release all hostages held in Gaza in return for top Hamas terrorists held in Israeli prisons, including those who have committed deadly acts. Most importantly for Hamas, such a pact would entail a durable ceasefire and end of war.

Such a deal is opposed by the Israeli government. “Gaza would not remain what it was before, and would no longer threaten Israel,” Mr. Netanyahu said. A senior cabinet member, Benny Gantz, told reporters Tuesday that once the current ceasefire ends, “fire will resume. We are ready for the next stages in the war all over Gaza. There would be no place of refuge for terrorists and Hamas leaders.”

Washington, though, is warning Israel to avoid “significant further displacement” of civilians in the south, senior officials told reporters this week.

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