Watch Hamas’ Cold Blooded Executions of the Innocent — Hunted Down like Animals and Slaughtered [Graphic]

The Newsrael News Desk posted CCTV footage of the attack by Hamas on Kibbutz Alumim.

Newsrael reports,

A new CCTV video obtained from the security cameras at Kibbutz Alumim serves as horrific evidence of Hamas’ systematic, intentional killing and targeting of civilians who attended the Nova Music Festival.

The footage, from the on the 7th of October, shows how party-goers from the Nova Music Festival arrived in the area about ten kilometers from the location of the music festival, thinking they were safe from the Hamas massacre — only to be ambushed by terrorists who had penetrated the Kibbutz.

At the beginning of the video, partygoers are seen as they begin to arrive at Kibbutz Alumim, thinking they are safe.

From another camera, they can be seen them attempting to calm each other down.

Soon after the terrorists startle the partygoers from inside the Kibbutz, catching them by surprise and the young Israelis begin to flee for their lives.

The partygoers can be seen as they flee back in the direction of the main road, pursued by one of the terrorists.

The terrorist can be seen catching one of the girls by her hair. As she struggles to free herself, he shoots her at point-blank range and executes her.

Her friend, seeing this, freezes in fear and crouches to the ground, begging for mercy.

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