Last December, 0 states had passed strong laws to protect children from pornography—Today, there are 33!

As we recently shared with you, 2023 has been a HISTORIC year in the fight to protect children from pornography.

After seeing how porn had become a “gateway drug” of sexual harm for kids (linked to sexual abuse, trafficking, and sex buying) we began our Protect Children Not Porn campaign in 2021, advocating for the US to pass laws requiring porn sites to lock its content behind ID-based age verification walls.

When we began this campaign, we were told the US would be the last country to pass such laws.

After nearly 100,000 of you signed our petition and 4 MILLION of you watched our film Raised on Porn, our country has reached a tipping point.

Last December, there were no US states with age verification laws to protect children from porn. Today, 33 states have either passed, introduced, or plan to introduce age verification laws.

Indiana, New Hampshire, and Maine have just joined the fight, and Canadian bill S-210 just passed its second reading, with the approval of four parties, and has a pending round of debate and final vote.

As we shared a few weeks ago, we’ve already begun to see our campaign have international impact. The UK’s Online Safety Bill to protect children passed weeks after we screened our film Barely Legal for the House of Lords there.

Protecting children from porn has gone global!

In 2024, we aren’t letting up. We’ll be sending our petition and a letter to every state legislature yet to introduce age verification, and mobilizing our resources to continue a strong push to protect millions of children from the life-altering consequences of childhood porn exposure.

We began this campaign with the support of faithful advocates like you, and it’s only with your help that, together, we can see it through to completion!

Protecting the innocence of children is protecting the very foundation of our society.

If you haven’t had a chance to give to our year-end campaign yet, will you help us meet our $300K goal? We’re nearly halfway there!

Please Give Now to Save Our Children

P.S. Check out our battle plan for 2024 here and see how your gift will help change laws, educate millions through film, and provide life-changing trauma therapy for victims of sex trafficking.

EDITORS NOTE: This Exodus Cry column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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