WATCH: 1000 Israeli Musicians Call on the World to Bring the Hostages Back Home

From Hanukkah through Christmas, noisy, threatening pro-Palestinian activists ruined the holidays for many people, including children in malls.

By contrast, in a state of national grief, Israeli musicians exhibit beauty and creativity in full honor and dignity to the hostages still being held by Hamas. In a pure form of Tikkun Olam (heal/repair the world), 1000 musicians deliver the best of their talents to call on the world to bring the hostages back home.

WATCH: 1000 Israeli musicians sing with one voice, BRING THEM HOME! – Homeland concert

ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry writes, “We wanted to share this inspirational music video produced in the Caesarea Amphitheatre by over 1000 Israelis, some who are families of the hostages held by Hamas Terrorists. Please share this powerful concert and comment below to show your support for the victims and hostages!



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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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