Interview with Attorney and Journalist Matthew Hausman on DISSENT TV

DISSENT Television interviews Matthew Hausman, J.D.

Mr. Hausmann has 31 years experience as a trial attorney and more than 35 years as a journalist, writer, and editor. He is also an adjunct professor of criminal justice, law, and ethics.

A former science, health and medical news correspondent, Mr. Hausman writes and speaks about American constitutional and international law, foreign policy, Israel, and Jewish affairs, and his work has appeared in numerous publications in the United States, Canada, Israel, and Australia.

Matthew’s columns and articles have appeared in American Thinker; Arutz Sheva/Israel National News, Book Trib, Connecticut Lawyer, Frontpage Mag, Israpundit, The New English Review, the eMagazine, and the Sydney-Melbourne (Australia) Jewish Report, among other publications and websites.

Mr. Hausman is also a public speaker who has appeared from Nashville to Toronto and is a weekly featured guest on the Jewish Hour (formerly the Zelda Young Show), a popular cultural and political affairs program on CHIN Radio in Toronto. He has appeared on programs throughout the United States and Australia as well.

Matthew’s usual topics include American and Jewish politics, foreign policy, and anti-Semitism.

WATCH: Attorney and Journalist Matthew Hausman on DISSENT TV

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