Meet India’s Geert Wilders, Kajal Hindustani Who’s Unrepentant About Bringing the Truth to the Hindu People

The mass slaughter by Muslims of Hindus and other systems of thought and cognitive tools such as Buddhism native to India is on a scale Western people have trouble imagining. The Muslim general, Tamerlane (he is also known by Timur and other spellings ) is rivalled only by China’s Mao in terms of industrial scale slaughter. Some estimates put Tamerlane’s kills at near eighty-million people as he looted temples and converted them to mosques. A SOP for conquering Islam from the great “Cordoba Mosque,” (Cathedral) to the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (If we have to call Bombay, ‘Mumbai’ then we should call Istanbul Constantinople) and hundreds more examples of converted and conquered spaces. Hell the city of Medina used to be called, “Yathrib” and was a Jewish city before Mohammad and his more or less mercenaries killed everyone there. (It’s in the Koran) And those giant 100 foot tall Buddha statues the Taliban blew up didn’t build themselves.

A few non-Muslim leaders are aware of their history and fewer dare speak about it. In France, they allowed a mega-mosque to be built on the grounds of the battle of Tours recently. A battle where Charles Martel fought back invading Islamic armies in the tenth century if memory serves.

Kajal Hindustani is such a leader, and very much in the tradition of Geert Wilders or Viktor Orban and at one point, Donald Trump. Below, a video of her speech, an earlier version of which had her in jail for 6 days and up on charges of “hate-speech”, showing that India was already conquered by communism to pave the way to being conquered by Islam.

WATCH: Unapologetically Hindutva: Despite Numerous Death and Rape Threats from Muslims, Kajal Hindustani Fights to Save India From Jihadi Conquers

Like everywhere else. Hate speech after all, is a prime dialectic weapon. A selectively enforced way of suppressing truth that stands in the way of a revolution. In Canada that includes medical truth of course, and the rest of the West. India dodged that bullet and handed out kits to all its citizens during Covid of Ivermectin, HCQ and Azithromycin. But when it comes to Islam, an ideology which intends global manifest destiny and is achieving it rapidly, they seem to be under that particular spell.

Please go to RAIR Foundation for the details about this extraordinary woman, and her struggle to wake up the Hindus in India to the threat.

Remember, Pakistan didn’t pop into being for no reason. It was because the Muslims would not tolerate a free India after Gandhi won independence for it. They felt it HAD to be a Muslim state under sharia law. Gandhi wanted an India for everyone to live as they liked. That did not end well for Gandhi.


Despite Numerous Death and Rape Threats from Muslims, Kajal Hindustani Fights to Save India From Jihad

Iran: Woman gets 74 lashes for not wearing hijab, another hijab refuser gets two-year prison sentence

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