Iran’s Islamic Regime WHIPS Young Woman 74 Times For Not Covering Her Beautiful Hair in Public

Feminists and leftist groups stand with these monsters.

They stood by or worse, supported Hamas in the aftermath of horrific rape jihad, sexual horrors  and Islamic atrocities suffered by Jewish women.

It shocks the senses but is in keeping with their hypocrisy and misogyny.

I have long called out the feminist movement as anti-women, rooted in Lenin Marxist dogma. The “women’s movement” has done more incalculable harm to women.

Kurdish-Iranian woman whipped 74 times for not wearing hijab

As she was flogged, Roya Heshmati chanted “in the name of woman, in the name of life, the clothes of slavery are torn…”

By Tzini Joffre, J Post, January 7, 2024;

A Kurdish-Iranian woman named Roya Heshmati was whipped 74 times after a photo of her was published a few months ago in which she was seen not wearing a hijab in Tehran, Iranian human rights activists reported on Saturday. Heshmati has been an outspoken critic of the Islamic regime’s hijab law.

In an account of the flogging shared by the Kurdish human rights organization Hengaw, Heshmati stated that upon entering the court where the flogging was to take place, she removed her hijab. Although both her lawyer and an employee advised her to put on her headscarf “to avoid trouble,” she recalled that she “came specifically for the lashes, and I would not yield.”

The officer carrying out the flogging told her to put on the hijab, but she refused, even after he threatened to whip her severely and add another 74 lashes to her sentence. “I maintained my stance and did not wear the hijab,” stressed Heshmati.

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