Israeli Intelligence Aides in Arrests of Hamas-Connected Terrorists in Europe

Despite the unending libels and hatred from the world, the Jewish nation continues to save lives across the world, aiding countries that tolerate death-to-Jews marches and vicious, violent genocidal riots. How long before these jihadis conduct a similar October 7th massacre in a Western nation – like the Bataclan music hall slaughter?

We love life and we battle the dark forces of evil and those that worship death.

Israeli intelligence aides in arrests of Hamas-connected terrorists in Europe

Hamas has been operating through European street gangs that tried to obtain drones and attack Jewish targets, including the Israeli embassy in Sweden.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News, January 14, 2024

Israeli intelligence and its counterparts in Europe have joined forces combatting Hamas connections in Europe and arresting suspected terrorists, the Israeli Prime Minister’s office announced.

Hamas has been operating through European street gangs and even planned to obtain drones to attack Jewish and Israeli targets, including the Israeli embassy in Sweden.

In mid-December, Danish and German law enforcement announced the arrest of Hamas-connected suspects who are subject to judicial proceedings.

Additional arrests of suspected terrorists in Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands occurred in the last week.

Many terror organizations work under the façade of street gangs, such as the Danish gang LTF or “Loyal to Familia” which was banned in Denmark in 2021.

LTF’s ties with Hamas were recently exposed, and in addition to operating in Denmark, it also has a presence in Sweden and Germany.

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