Child Executed and Beheaded: Chilling Evidence of Hamas Crimes

Shooting, stabbing, choking, beheading and burning: hours before Israel presents its defense at The Hague, new harrowing testimonies of Hamas’ monstrosities come to light; discretion is advised.

In an old building in South Tel Aviv, too narrow to contain the bodies and horrors, bones and imaging tell of the murder methods of Hamas’s elite Nukhba terrorists, with unprecedented cruelty in the history of the State of Israel.

The disturbing documentation includes images of a girl who was shot in the head at point-blank range and then beheaded. Another imaging revealed how terrorists set a person on fire after stabbing, shooting and running him over.

Another horrifying still depicts a group of people with their hands tied with plastic zip ties, then shot while trying to shield their heads with their hands. If there were no zip ties within reach, the terrorists would bind their victims with electric cables ripped from home appliances. Gunshot marks were visible on the exposed hands of the victims, sometimes elderly people.

“It’s pure evil,” says the institute’s director Dr. Hen Kugel, whose 30 years of experience in forensics haven’t prepared him for what came on October 7.

“I already witnessed every possible murder method – shooting, stabbing, strangulation, you name it. But this kind of abuse, as the one seen on this young man’s body, I couldn’t even imagine something like that. This is not just ensuring the job is done; it’s pure evil intended to obliterate every trace of that person.”

Evidence from the killing grounds continues to pour in, albeit in smaller volumes at first. Last month, the institute received 143 plastic bags containing bone fragments. “The professional challenge for the institute’s staff is to identify the person solely through these remains. Efforts to identify the victims continue all the time, albeit with less intensity. We clear debris and find bones. We cling to every crumb, splinter and bone that allows for deciphering,” Dr. Kugel says.

As part of his job, Dr. Kugel is also forced to watch numerous videos of the terrorists’ atrocities. He is a member of a panel that managed to declare the death of missing persons in the absence of a body, based on assessments that also rely on watching these videos.

“One of the videos that shocked me the most was of a Tanzanian student who worked on one of the kibbutzim near the border. He was seen on security cameras talking to his killers. He was probably begging for his life, but they dragged him outside from the dairy barn, plunged a huge knife into his chest that came out his back, and then shot him. When I first encountered this atrocity, I remember asking myself, ‘what do they have against him? Can’t they see he’s not Israeli? Do they have some previous conflict with him? Why did they murder him, and with such cruelty?’” wonders Dr. Kugel.

“It’s about hate, deep wickedness, humiliation. I’ve seen many murder cases, but who ties up people together, shoots them all and then sets them on fire? What kind of despicable murderer would do all of this? It’s pure evil.”

The photos and descriptions, which have been largely withheld to spare the public, are set to play a crucial role in Israel’s defense at the International Court in The Hague.

In response to cynical accusations of war crimes, Israel is compelled to reveal the extent of Hamas’ atrocities and the terrorists’ war crimes. These include the murder and desecration of bodies long after their victims were rendered defenseless.


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EDITORS NOTE: This NEWSRAEL column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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