MUST WATCH INTERVIEW: With Mr. Ryan Hartwig, formerly of Facebook

Ryan Hartwig is an American unsung hero. For two years Mr. Hartwig was responsible for censoring conservative messages and especially anything Trump from Facebook, Instagram and social media. As you will learn, Ryan did not grasp the subtle messages and internal memos he received with sometimes nebulous instructions as to the screening he was being ordered to impose. Steadily, however, Ryan saw the diabolical scheme unfolding which began a whole new level of heaviness for him to contend with – namely, to continue or stop.

Ryan Hartwig is a man of integrity who seriously began struggling with the demands of his employer, versus what his conscience was beginning to stir.  “Newsworthy exceptions” is one term his employer used in pushing the censoring that was steadily becoming dominant.  As you listen to the process Mr. Hartwig underwent, you will learn he honored ARIZONA TODay  by unpacking a lot of information that hereto before has not seen the light of day.

His book: Behind The Mask Of Facebook – A Whistleblowers Shocking Story of Big Tech Bias and Censorship is incredible reading filled with previously unknown facts as to the full-blown war to censor Christian and Conservative, especially MAGA information.  I look forward to his return.

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