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‘Perpetually-Offended’ ESPN’s Latest Facepalm

“On Tuesday evening, ESPN (AKA MSNBC with footballs) went full-on parody when they pulled an announcer named Robert Lee, an Asian man, from a game at the University of Virginia because the network thought his name, apparently too close to dead Confederate general Robert E. Lee, might offend their viewers,” writes The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo. “For real.” Clay Travis […]

Planned Parenthood Would Support Iceland’s Cold Solution for Eliminating Down Syndrome Births

A report by “CBSN: On Assignment” earlier this week illustrates the sad bleakness of Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda. National Review draws attention to the potential confusion from the second half of CBS’s “casually worded” headline, which reads, “Inside the country where Down syndrome disappearing” as if one might assume “Iceland has developed an innovative treatment for the chromosomal disorder.” […]

Meet the Corporations Supporting the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Assault on Christians and Conservatives

D. James Kennedy Ministries has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) over the reckless and politically motivated use of the “hate group” tag. Click here to see the corporate supporters of SPLC. A spokesman for Kennedy Ministries said: It’s completely disingenuous to tag D. James Kennedy Ministries as a hate group alongside […]