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TAKE ACTION: CVS is Putting Racism Ahead of Health

CVS (3.42) is one of 2ndVote’s top-ranked drug stores with a previous score of 3.72 which has recently dropped to a 3.42. But that score might drop even further as company executives spent $600 million on Critical Race Theory (CRT) employee training programs. Fox Business reports that CVS implemented a four-week program last year which required staff […]

GoFundMe & Facebook Finally Reversed Policies

In November, we covered the outrageous discrimination GoFundMe and Facebook (1.00) conducted against Kyle Rittenhouse. Both companies decided to be judge, juror, and jailer – refusing to let those who thought Rittenhouse deserved his time in court raise money or promote their points of view, respectively. As we wrote, Rittenhouse “was treated as a racist who wanted […]

ESPN’s Woke Move Just Empowered the Conservative Movement

Like many American corporations, ESPN (1.83) is all in on COVID-19 vaccine mandates even though their safety and efficacy are questionable. The company even went so far as to force out reporter Allison Williams for not wanting a vaccine due to fertility concerns. This woke move is no surprise. ESPN and its parent company Walt Disney […]

Don’t Trick Yourself into Buying from These Companies This Halloween

Last week, we urged you to treat yourself with Halloween necessities from H-E-B, Great Pretenders, and Spirit Halloween. These are companies which put you over politics. If you missed it, here’s the link for you to read! Today, we’ll be asking you to say “Boo” to three companies which put politics over customers. These are companies which […]

TAKE ACTION: It’s Time for United to be Reunited with American Values

We don’t envy the tourist and travel industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated virtually all of their sectors – first, due to fears of the coronavirus. Then, it was lockdowns. And, now, vaccine concerns have left the industry staggering into a slow recovery. You’d think leading travel companies would welcome the chance to get back […]

New Wine Company is an Unabashed Cheerleader for America [+Video]

 It’s becoming a popular fad for companies to focus on America’s so-called faults, not our freedoms. Bank of America (1.00): “All Americans need to see racism as a national issue.” American Express (1.00): “George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Christian Cooper are just the latest victims… that indicate we still have a very long […]

Lyft Puts Anti-Life Ideology on Display with Opposition to Texas’ Heartbeat Law

State legislators have a duty to enact laws supported by their constituents. This foundational principle is core to America’s Constitutional, federalist system. But it’s also somehow controversial to woke social justice warriors, who rail against any state policy that goes against their vision of a progressive cultural utopia. The latest state to end up in […]

Sign the Petition – Tell Bank of America to Focus on Finances, Not Race Division

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO BANK OF AMERICA Bank of America (1.00)  used to help you with checking, savings, and loans. The company was dedicated to making your money work for you. Today, that’s all changed. Bank of America has become another arm of the woke agenda, declaring that white people should “decolonize” their minds and “accept […]

H&M Refuses to Play by China’s Rules, and More Companies Should Follow Suit

American corporations are walking a thin, and thinning, tightrope when it comes to Communist China. On one hand, companies want customers at home to see them as “values-based organizations.” Thus, they issue “woke” press releases accompanied by massive donations to organizations that are often fundamentally opposed to American ideals like freedom and equality. But many companies are […]

Bank of America Embraces Decidedly Anti-American Values

One hundred years ago, it was a dark reality that virtually every American institution supported segregation between white people and minorities. Even the pinnacle of progressivism, President Woodrow Wilson, was a known segregationist, saying, “Segregation is not humiliating, but a benefit, and ought to be regarded as such.” Most of us probably thought we’ve stripped off […]

Disney Continues to Prioritize Left-Wing Culture, Anti-Free Speech Legislation

Lifelong family-oriented supporters of the Walt Disney Company will be sad to learn that Disney is no ally to traditional social values.  2ndVote currently scores the Walt Disney Company at a measly 1.67 — and we’re not optimistic about that score improving in light of the company’s brainwashing of little children with an episode of their famed Muppet Babies television […]

Human Rights Campaign Not Interested in Rights of Biologically Female Athletes

There was a time when almost all of us held at least one truth to be self-evident: the biological reality that boys and girls are different. But today, statements like that are “controversial.” The controversy is no coincidence. Groups like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) (2.00) have worked hard to make commonsense, ancient concepts into something contentious. […]

Coca-Cola Shareholders Getting Weary of Company’s Virtue Signaling

The Coca-Cola Company has a long track record of promoting radical values and wading into divisive issues which go against basic First Amendment freedoms. That’s why the beverage corporation has a rock-bottom 2ndVote score of just 1.00. But recently, it seems that Coca-Cola’s own shareholders have run out of patience with the company’s irresponsible virtue signaling. In January, Coca-Cola’s top […]