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Action Alert: Apple Needs Ideological Diversity

Apple, Inc. (1 – Liberal) supports the left’s agenda on every single issue. From pulling Pro-Life prayer apps from the App Store to funding the Center for American Progress to opposing religious liberty protections, it is clear that Apple’s decision makers have no regard for conservative values. We think it is time for a change and […]

Tennis Great Navratilova Excommunicated from LGBT Group for Defending Basic Biology

Martina Navratilova, the most dominant women’s tennis player of all time, has been removed from the advisory board of Athlete Ally, an activist group for LGBT athletes. Her offense? Penning this op-ed that claims men who change their gender and compete in women’s sports have an unfair advantage based in biology. Navratilova, who is a lesbian, wrote: To put […]

Panera Bread’s Socialism Experiment in Ends in Failure

The last vestige of Panera Bread’s pay-what-you-want Utopian business model will succumb to reality on February 15th. In 2010, Panara Cares launched as a “non-profit” experiment that allowed patrons to pay whatever amount they felt for meals. Not surprisingly, all five of the locations were unable to sustain operations as, according to Panera founder Ron Shaich, “people ultimately […]

AT&T’s Support for UnidosUS Undermines Border Security

Earlier this week, 2ndVote’s founder and chairman sent a letter to AT&T, Pepsi, and Walmart calling for these companies to stop funding UnidosUS, a liberal organization formerly known as La Raza. Thousands of concerned consumers have signed our petition to tell these companies to stop using their money to support leftist immigration policies, and oppose needed border […]

Will Starbucks Values Hit the Campaign Trail in 2020?

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, tweeted his interest in running for president of the United States… as an independent. Now, with an outspoken CEO who regularly leveraged his position to push an agenda, Starbucks could hardly be considered a centrist entity under Schultz’s leadership—that would essentially require neutrality on the issues, or at least […]

Corporate Dollars Fuel Planned Parenthood’s Push to Infanticide

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse slammed Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s defense of a legislation to expand late-term abortion earlier this week: The comments the governor of Virginia made were about fourth-term abortions. That’s not abortion, that’s infanticide. Indeed, Northam’s description of an infant having his or her fate determined by a discussion between a doctor and patient after delivery was […]

Shareholders Challenge Intuit’s Board over Support for Planned Parenthood

Conservative activist shareholders from the National Center for Public Policy Research attended last week’s investors meeting at Intuit (2.1 – Lean Liberal), the parent company of popular financial software platforms TurboTax and QuickBooks. Citing 2ndVote’s research, representatives of the National Center challenged Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi over his company’s financial support for abortion giant Planned Parenthood and anti-religious […]

Take the Survey: Will You Still Purchase Gillette Products?

Last week, 2ndVote released a new company score, Edgewell Personal Care, as an alternative to Gillette and parent company Procter & Gamble. Edgewell is the owner of the Schick and Edge shaving product brands and has remained Neutral (3) on all the issues 2ndVote scores. Gillette’s recent ad promoting the narrative of so-called “toxic masculinity” has received plenty […]

Wrong Side of the Wall — AT&T, Pepsi, Walmart Undermine Border Security

President Trump’s Oval Office address last night made a security and safety centered case for upholding the rule of law and the importance of having a wall on America’s southern border. As the President noted, America welcomes legal immigrants and noted that Americans of all races and backgrounds will especially benefit from proper border policies. As the […]

New Year’s Resolution: Get Your Coffee At Chick-fil-A (And Peet’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts) Instead Of Starbucks

Throughout the week, 2ndVote has urged conservative shoppers to make New Year’s consumer Resolutions. We’ve also vowed to work more closely with you to ensure that corporations are held accountable for how they spend your money. Today, we are asking you to make a final resolution in 2019: make the best possible choice when it comes to where you buy your coffee […]

Fake Feminism & Anti-Semitism: Women’s March Receives 2ndVote 2018 “Corporate Chicanery” Award

This week, 2ndVote is “honoring” for-profit and non-profit corporations for their left-wing activism and intrinsic hypocrisy throughout 2018. Our final “Corporate Chicanery” award goes to the Women’s March. This group which was ostensibly started to represent women’s interests after President Donald Trump was elected. However: 1. It was quickly established that only some women’s opinions […]

Planned Parenthood Has an Ally at National Institutes of Health

Pro-life leaders are urging Trump administration officials at Health & Human Services (HHS) to correct National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins over the issue of using aborted babies for fetal research. “Director Collin’s remarks are a stark reminder that the stain of Planned Parenthood’s commoditization of unborn children isn’t yet eradicated from the federal government,” said 2ndVote Executive Director […]

Advertisers Cower as Libs Gin up Attacks on Tucker Carlson

“Approximately 20” companies have caved to pressure from liberal groups and pulled or suspended advertising from Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show after the host’s recent statements about immigration: “We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor they tell us, even if it makes our own country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided,” he said […]

Despite Recent Incidents, Airbnb’s Gender Ideology Puts Women at Risk

Airbnb is facing some media backlash after the deaths of several people who used their services to find rental accommodations. Via USA TODAY: But in recent weeks, a couple of deaths have raised questions about the safety of Airbnb rentals. Last week, a security guard at a villa in Costa Rica was arrested for the murder of a […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is a Big Fan of Discrimination

There are few better examples of left-wing hypocrisy than Apple CEO Tim Cook. This is the same CEO who ferociously opposed the very modest HB2 law in 2016 and Indiana’s brief religious liberty law in 2015 because of his beliefs on discrimination…all while cozying up to Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China. Ironically, Cook — whose company supports laws to […]