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Kendi: ‘Too Many White People’ Think They Can’t Be Racist if They Adopt Black Children

In the context of Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s adopted Haitian children, the left’s favorite new race hustler, Ibram X. Kendi, tweeted on Saturday that “too many White people” believe “if they have or adopt a child of color, then they can’t be racist.” “Some White colonizers ‘adopted” Black children. They ‘civilized’ these ‘savage’ children in […]

Author on NPR Defends Looting: ‘We Can Have Things For Free’

In an interview last Thursday, the author of a book titled In Defense of Looting told National Public Radio (NPR) that looting enables rioters to steal others’ property with “an imaginative sense of freedom and pleasure.” Vicky Osterweil explained her theory to a supportive NPR that looting is merely a means to address the unequal distribution of wealth. She […]

‘Refuse Fascism’ Calls for 60 Days of Protests to Oust ‘Demented Bully’ Trump

Hundreds of marchers, many of whom held up signs that read, “Flush the turd,” gathered in downtown Chicago on Saturday as part of protests against President Trump in 23 cities across the country, organized by the leftwing radicals of Refuse Fascism. On its website, Refuse Fascism called for “60 Days of Struggle” against “this illegitimate regime”: “By October […]

AOC: ‘Freeing People’ From ‘Existential Havoc’ of Capitalism

In a conversation with the online Interview Magazine published Tuesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) promoted fellow Democratic Socialist Jabari Brisport from New York as another candidate who hopes to fundamentally transform the country. AOC asked the openly gay, black nominee for the New York State Senate what Democratic Socialist means to him, Brisport replied, “For me, it’s really about […]

Ilhan Omar, CAIR Slam MSNBC’s Joy Reid As ‘Islamophobic’

Rep. Ilhan Omar, civil rights attorneys, and advocate organizations have slammed MSNBC propagandist Joy Reid after the network host compared the behavior of President Trump supporters to “the way Muslims act.” “When leaders, let’s say in the Muslim world, talk a lot of violent talk and encourage their supporters to be willing to commit violence including on their own bodies […]

Davis: ‘Demonstrations Are Rehearsals for Revolution’

In an interview in Vanity Fair, Marxist activist Angela Davis warned that the rioting currently ravaging the country is just the early stage of a larger “revolution” necessary to bring about social and economic change. “Sometimes we assume the most important work is the dramatic work—the street demonstrations. I like the term that [Marxist cultural critic] John Berger […]

Kamala Harris: Our Ticket Can Say ‘Black Lives Matter’

In an interview with The 19th, Democrat vice presidential pick Kamala Harris claimed that the Democrat ticket “can say the phrase Black Lives Matter” while the Republican ticket is “full-time sowing hate and division in our country.” VIDEO:  “When you look at everything that relates to what we’ve discussed in terms of childcare, when you look at […]

‘Slow Joe’ Biden Names ‘Phony’ Kamala Harris as Running Mate

Tuesday on Twitter, cognitively-questionable Democrat nominee Joe Biden announced that he officially selected his former rival for the nomination, Kamala Harris, to be his running mate for the 2020 election. “I have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris — a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants — as my […]

Breitbart: ‘Hardcore Communist Bass’ Tops Biden’s VP Shortlist

Communist Karen. https://t.co/1xStc29twT — Boris Epshteyn (@BorisEP) August 2, 2020 Breitbart News has written a lengthy profile of Rep. Karen Bass, who reportedly is now a top contender for the Democrat VP choice. Former Sen. Chris Dodd, who serves on Joe Biden’s vice presidential search committee, reportedly has urged the hapless candidate to choose Bass because “she’s a […]

NYT Publishes Radical Economic Manifesto Calling for Reparations

The New York Times devoted its entire “Sunday Review” section last weekend to an economic manifesto calling for banks to apologize for “structural racism,” for an Amendment enshrining “voter equality,” and for wealthy Americans to “give up your privilege.” The manifesto, “The Economy We Need,” focuses on redressing economic inequality — not growth or job creation — as […]

Angela Davis: Biden is the ‘Candidate Who Can Be Most Effectively Pressured’

In an appearance Monday on Russia Today’s Going Underground, radical Marxist and former Black Panther Angela Davis explained that she is supporting empty-suit Joe Biden for president because he is the “candidate who can be most effectively pressured.” “I don’t see this election as being about choosing a candidate who will be — who will be able to lead us […]

Tlaib Echoes Omar’s Call for ‘Dismantling the Whole System’

Wednesday on Twitter, Rep. Rashida Tlaib endorsed fellow radical Rep. Ilhan Omar’s call to dismantle “the whole system of oppression” in the U.S. My sister @IlhanMN said it best: We must begin with dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it. Pass it on. — Rashida Tlaib (@RashidaTlaib) July 8, 2020 “The mortality rate for […]

Chris Cuomo: Protesters Aren’t Supposed to be Polite and Peaceful

CNN's Chris Cuomo: "Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful." As riots and looting have broken out in cities across the country, this is the message the brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo shares at the top of his show. pic.twitter.com/ZZ47zpyVlx — Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) June 3, […]

Biden to Blacks: ‘You Ain’t Black’ if You Don’t Vote For Me

REMEMBER: Racist Joe Biden in his own words: “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” pic.twitter.com/xLjWB4iLNM — For America (@ForAmerica) May 22, 2020 At the close of a virtual interview Friday with Breakfast Club co-host and rapper Charlamagne tha God, White House hopeful Joe Biden astonishingly declared that if black Americans don’t support him […]

Videomaker Sues Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris for Suppressing Exposé

David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Planned Parenthood (PP), the former and current California Attorneys General Kamala Harris and Xavier Becerra (respectively), the National Abortion Federation, and others for suppressing his undercover video exposing PP’s trafficking of the body parts of aborted babies. The complaint “seeks justice for a brazen, unprecedented, and ongoing conspiracy to selectively […]