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Happy Birthday, Israel!

It was 70 years ago, according to the Hebrew calendar, that the Jewish state of Israel declared its independence. Eleven minutes after David Ben-Gurion, the founder of the modern state of Israel, made the declaration public, the United States became the first nation to recognize Israel’s rebirth. Earlier today, we joined thousands of Israelis in […]

Can Evangelicals Save the GOP?

In an election that will almost certainly come down to turnout, there’s some genuine anxiety that Republicans won’t be able to close the midterm gap. What role will evangelicals play in that equation? A big one, some strategists say. They were the winning ticket for Donald Trump — a 2016 base of animated churchgoers. But […]

A Faceoff over Facebook

It’s a Zuckerberg zoo on Capitol Hill again today, where the Facebook CEO sat down for his second day of questioning before dozens of House and Senate members. By far the most anticipated hearings of the year, the 33-year-old billionaire was grilled on everything from the company’s privacy policy to its position on free speech. […]

Planned Parenthood Gets the Ax in Nebraska Budget!

There might not be a more unpopular idea in Nebraska than sending taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood. At last check, only 19 percent of voters thought the state should sign another check to America’s biggest abortion business. And late last week, legislators made it clear they were listening. For the first time since Congress gave back control over their […]

Anchor-rage in Alaska: Locals Take Aim at Bathroom Policy

Imagine your daughter walking in from swim practice to find a half-naked man in her locker room. Parents in Washington State don’t have to imagine. They experienced it. When staff members confronted the man, he resisted, saying the law had been changed and he “had the right to use the locker room of his choice.” […]

Planned Profiting: Abortion Biz Rakes in Taxpayer Cash

Breaking the law doesn’t help your chances for earning federal dollars — but apparently, it doesn’t hurt them either! If there’s one thing Planned Parenthood’s learned over the last few years, it’s that crime does pay. A lot, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Despite piles of evidence (some of it from the group’s own […]