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Giving Credit Where Babies Are Due

While the world’s eyes were on Brett Kavanaugh, the U.S. House did something worth celebrating! After watching a year of trying, Republicans managed to do something no other Congress has done: they recognized the humanity of the unborn child in the U.S. tax code.Some of you might remember this debate from last year, when Republicans […]

The Hyatt of Hypocrisy: Banning Gosnell

When Kermit Gosnell was sentenced to three life terms for killing at least one mom and snipping the necks of who-knows-how-many babies, Planned Parenthood tweeted that “justice had been done.” But apparently, it’s justice they don’t want anyone talking about. Five years ago, the case had all the makings of a riveting courtroom drama. The […]

Conservatives Looking for Justice in Kavanaugh

Becoming a Supreme Court justice is an attorney’s dream. It’s getting there, Brett Kavanaugh will tell you, that’s a nightmare. The father of two girls has endured more than his share in a vicious confirmation fight that ought to scare everyone about the state of American politics.Senate Democrats have resorted to mudslinging, harassment, and now lawsuits to […]

Kavanaugh Allegations: Aimed at Justice or at a Justice?

Why would someone sit on an allegation for nearly six weeks, if were about a subject that everyone is supposed to be concerned about? Perhaps it’s because they are more concerned about how to use the allegation than whether or not the allegation is true. Welcome to Washington, DC where such political theater is regularly on display, the […]

Dialogue with a Demagogue

Barack Obama is hitting the campaign trail — and no one could be happier than Republicans! The former president stepped back into the spotlight last Friday, campaigning for a Congress that he spent his entire two terms ignoring. In a speech to University of Illinois students that was equal parts smug and self-righteous, the 44th president’s antagonism was […]

A Banner Day for Texas Cheerleaders!

At Friday’s football game, the people of Kountze, Texas will really have something to cheer about. Late last week, after a six-year struggle, the Texas Supreme Court finally put an end to the debate over Bible verses on high school rally banners. It had been a long haul for the families of Kountze, but the seven […]

Permission Accomplished: Parents Have Sex-Ed Say at RNC

What kind of country would fund a group whose best advice is “F*** everyone?” Ours. Last week’s ad from Planned Parenthood was the perfect example of the pornographic messages conservatives are fighting to stop in America’s sex ed curriculum. Every day, the headlines are full of horror stories about what students are learning with — or […]

Bathroom Wars Reach Critical Mass.

Just how unpopular is the transgender movement? Even Massachusetts isn’t buying it! Two years after the legislature opened up the state’s bathrooms and showers to both sexes, even Bay State voters are drawing the line. The fight has been an eye-opener for Democrats, who are scrambling to protect their agenda from an embarrassing loss in […]