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VIDEO: Sidney Powell Exclusive Bombshell -– Trump Could Be Reinstated This Summer!

Graham Ledger and Sidney Powell agree: if the Arizona election audit produces solid, documented evidence of massive election malfeasance and voter fraud, then brace yourself. It could trigger an official recount. And, if that happens in the Grand Canyon State, the Keystone State could be next. Pennsylvania is eyeballing an audit of its own. The, […]

VIDEO: Kamala Harris Border Trip – Political Shiny Object to Hide Marxist Policies

We have got to stay focused on the BIG constitutional picture. Don’t be distracted by this phony dog-and-pony show at the border or any other snake-oil sales pitch from Team Biden. The focus needs to be on our God-given constitutional rights which are under unrelenting, vicious assault in D.C. and in various blues states. We […]

CALIFORNIA v FLORIDA: Tyranny v Liberty. Modern-day Political Vietnam War

Constitutional Californians: go to Florida! Experience freedom, liberty, warm waters, clean beaches and a great governor. Graham Ledger is just back to CA from FLA with a warning for residents of all 50 states. Ledger compares and contrasts Florida’s freedom against California’s tyranny and what to do about it. WATCH: ©The Ledger ReportThe Ledger Report. […]

VIDEO: Vaccine Remorse — Got the Shot? Judy Mikovits On What to Do About It

So, you’ve received one of the covid “vaccines” but now have buyer’s remorse because you now understand reality. These are not vaccines at all; this is a giant, unprecedented biological experiment that could have many, crippling and/or deadly side-effects. Graham Ledger talks with scientist Judy Mikovits about what the vaccinated can do now to inoculate […]

VIDEO: Tiny Bistro In Very Blue State Standing-up to Government Tyranny

The Marxist Governor of California is lying and bragging simultaneously about a phony, rosy economic picture in the once Golden State. Gavin Newsom has crushed business and only a few Constitutional Americans have had the guts to say “no” to his unconstitutional attacks. Graham Ledger speaks with the owner/operator of the Apple Bistro, Jennette Waldow, […]

Trump Legacy-Greater & Stronger Than Those Attempting to Destroy It

Joe Biden will attempt to undo so much constitutional good that President Trump has done for the sake of the American people. However, no man can change the wonderful, pro-America, pro-liberty, pro-free market, pro-founding documents legacy that the 45-th President has indelibly etched upon on landscape. THANK YOU Mr. President! Thank you for keeping your […]

VIDEO: Arizona Election Audit: 1 Person 1 Vote Hanging in the Balance!

The Republican leadership in the Arizona Senate deserves great credit for standing up to Democrat roadblocks and mainstream media mudslinging in its effort to quantify exactly how much election fraud transpired during the 2020 presidential election. And remember, Arizona ostensibly went to Biden over Trump by a razor-thin margin of 11,000 votes out of nearly […]

Covid Vax: Largest Human Biological Experiment in World History with Unknown Long-term Consequences

The truth about the vaccines for the Wuhan Coronavirus is not being told to the American people. And the truth is this is not a true vaccine; it is a synthetic medical device that is being injected into more than 200-million U.S. citizens. The facts behind the vaccines are being blocked by your government, the […]