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VIDEO: There Never Was A Mask Mandate — Only Anti-God Capitulation

There is no “science” to any of these hyper-constitutional orders from government; there is only political, science fiction that is now permeating our Republic. In this edition of The Ledger Report – Post-Constitutional America, Graham Ledger details how to live by the commandment, Love Thy Neighbor, in the era of un-Godly and illegal mandates, like […]

VIDEO: U.S. Post Office Complicit In 2020 Election Conspiracy

Forensic election audit expert Jovan Pulitzer has uncovered a man-made, partisan catastrophe at the Post Office: destruction of voter evidence. Graham Ledger speaks with Jovan about this breaking news and about what you can do to not let the 2020 election fade off into history. Also on the program, the political and financial nexus between […]

VIDEO: General Flynn, Biden Cold War 2.0, Only U.S. Can Defeat Psycho Putin

Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, Retired General Mike Flynn, tells Graham Ledger that Joe Biden opened the door for Vladimir Putin to invade and attack Ukraine. And, now that Biden has done that, only the United States can close that door – one way or another. Also, in this episode of The Ledger Report, Graham […]

VIDEO: Putin’s War on Ukraine; Biden’s War on U.S. Truckers

While Vladimir Putin is attempting to piece-back-together the old Soviet Union, attacking Ukraine and plundering its natural and strategic resources and energy production, killing many and wiping-out national defenses, thanks to a feckless White House with no clear leadership and no military plan to beat back Russian aggression, here at home, Team Biden is waging […]

VIDEO: Marxists Lifting Mandates? As Phony As Biden on a $4 Bill

Blue state governors are lifting mask mandates for children in schools, or are they? Liberty lost is lost forever. In this edition of the Ledger Report, Graham Ledger speaks with former Virginia Congressman Dave Brat about how relaxing the iron fist right now is only a prelude to another, greater attack on Liberty soon.  Please […]

VIDEO: Hospital Covid Death Camps! Docs/Nurses Stunning Testimony

The mainstream media are ignoring this, the greatest medical catastrophe in world history. Hospitals in the USA are literally killing tens of thousands of Americans.  In this edition of the Ledger Report, Graham Ledger profiles one brave nurse who has the guts to blow the whistle on coast to coast lethal malpractice that has the […]

VIDEO: Doctors Under Attack for COVID-Vax Miscarriage Warning

When physicians are under threat of losing their licenses for the thought crime of simply talking about the lethal side-effects/adverse reports from the Covid jabs, then you know that the United States has become a society somewhere in between “Soylent Green” and “1984”. We can not allow this attack on Liberty to continue. In this […]

VIDEO: Military Purge — 18K Discharges? 1000+ Suicides – 77 Covid Deaths

The great political purge of the 21st century is in high gear targeting all Americans who say no to the Vax including patriots in the U.S. Military. But why? Why this political effort to steamroll the Constitutional rights of tens of millions of freedom-loving Americans? In this edition of the Ledger Report, Graham Ledger reveals […]

THE LEDGER REPORT VIDEO: Roger Stone’s Bottom-up Fix for the 2020 Election & restoring the Republic

The governments’ (federal, state and local) attacks on Liberty in the name of battling a virus that has a near 99% survival rate is the latest, greatest threat to this Constitutional Republic. But this assault on the founding document has been unfolding for many decades. Are we past the point of no return? In this […]

Shocking Truth: More Children Dead From Vax Than COVID

When the history books are written, the Covid government response will be labeled as the greatest medical calamity in world history! We live in a world where radical politicians and propagandists in the mainstream media shame Americans into getting a vaccine that’s not a vaccine that does not stop the transmission of, nor the onset […]