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Three Liberalisms: The Good, the Bad, the Disastrous

Michael Pakaluk: Americans believe that God’s purposes are discerned in creation, and that our institutions should affirm not negate them.  One liberalism is a personal style and way of life.  It means favoring strong-mindedness and independence of thought.  These require good education and, especially, a good culture.  It means aiming to be genial, frank, and magnanimous – traits […]

Cato and St. Paul

Note: Many people think that the Church in America is in crisis because of sexual abuse by priests and bishops going back decades. That’s true, but after the bishops’ meeting in Baltimore this week, at least beginning to be resolved. A deeper and perhaps more long-lasting crisis is the Church’s weakness in proclaiming Catholic faith and […]

Transgenderism as a Tool of Humiliation

Matthew Hanley: Transgender activists are unafraid to make menacing displays of power, to which appeals to basic reason count for nothing. What if I were to tell you that defining gender by objective reference to genetics, anatomy, and genitalia “has no basis in science”? Would you consider that persuasive – or unhinged? That, alas, is […]

Two Commentaries on Benedict XVI’s Letter

Note: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s brief letter to German priests, which was released last week, has generated a flood of commentary, both because it was unexpected from a figure who has maintained almost total silence since his resignation, and because it presented sharp observations about developments inside and outside the Church that led to the steep […]

Pro-Abortion Snobbery

David Carlin: What factors divide pro-life from pro-choice Americans? Mostly, it’s the difference between humility and arrogance. This column is about abortion, but it will take a moment or two to get to the point.  Please bear with me. If ever there was an obvious example of fallacious reasoning, it’s this: “I am rich, and […]

Wetwork: A Review of “Unplanned”

Brad Miner on a remarkable, if uneven, pro-life movie that makes clear why abortion is “wetwork,” a loan word from the Russian mokroye delo: meaning murder. My anti-abortion views solidified in 1976 when I bought a copy of Esquire magazine. There was something in it by or about George Plimpton that I wanted to read, but thumbing through the […]


David Warren: Religion is what separates America’s political parties. Some on both sides will claim to be devout, but their priorities prove otherwise. Well, if the Trump administration was not in collusion with Russia, with whom WERE they in collusion? My own guess is the voters in the Red States, but I’ve already heard other theories. […]