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VIDEOS: A trip into Sweden’s replacement of law with Orwellianism. An Interview with Åsa Westerberg

Posted by Eeyore Please pay special attention to this video. This brilliant woman could not be more aware of the nature of what is happening to her. It raises the question as to whether that means they will feel compelled to abandon this farce of a trial for “hate” or double down to set the example. […]

VIDEO: Wildly under-reported case of mass murder of Jews in the U.S. by a Muslim in 2010

Posted by Eeyore  Thanks to Andrew Bostom, who is about to publish a graph showing some uncomfortable facts about Islamic antisemitism in the West. RELATED ARTICLES: Video: Woman in Iran tears down “Down with USA” poster Iran: Demonstrators chant “We don’t want an Islamic Republic, we don’t want it, we don’t want it” EDITORS NOTE: […]

VIDEOS: Persians Rebel Against the Islamic Republic of Iran

Posted by Eeyore MASS PROTESTS CONTINUE IN IRAN – 67 Demonstrators Killed – Regime Fires on Protesters From the Air  (Many Twitter videos at link above) 1. Police shooting Protestors 2. Woman stands on bridge over stopped traffic and gives anti-regime rant to applause 3. Clashes Between Protesters & Regime’ Security Forces In Shiraz  4. […]

VIDEO: Another hijab hate hoax. This time in Denver

Posted by Eeyore There’s been an unexpected twist in the story of a metro Denver Muslim mom who says she faced “blatant racial profiling” after being stopped at a Pepsi Center entrance because of her hijab. Argus, the company that handles security for the Pepsi Center, is defending the actions of its employee and has released […]

VIDEO: Brad Johnson summarizes the impeachment proceedings so far and predicts the near future

Posted by Eeyore Direct link Brad Johnson Brad Johnson retired as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations. He has served domestically and abroad with numerous assignments often during periods of armed conflict. He has served overseas in direct support of the War against Terrorism. Mr. Johnson is […]

VIDEO: How Marxism weaponized homosexuality, artists, and a fresh look at Gramsci and the Long March

Posted by Eeyore This is the 4th clip of the Polish intellectual Ava Lon has done for us, as part of a series from this video. The man who made it, is well known in Poland for explaining the nature of leftism and Marxism. The First three clips can be found on our D Tube channel, […]

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS of the now open ‘impeachment’ process

Posted by Eeyore  More will be added as the day progresses. RELATED VIDEOS: Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) states, “Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct [proof].” Matt Bracken speaks with Brad Johnson on the state of the impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump. Tom Fitton on Coup Attempt against President Trump: ‘Adam Schiff’s Job […]

VIDEO: Police in Sweden speak out

Posted by Eeyore One wonders what the long term effects of constant personal intimidation by protected groups are to Swedish police. Its likely that (similar to politics) fewer and fewer decent people will sign up. As the culture drills down to politics and then to policing, often skipping legislation altogether, so policing becomes both hopeless and […]