Sarah Palin: America’s “Momma Grizz!”


One woman has defeated the liberal media and now sets an example of hope and spirit for America. I am calling for a million men and women to follow in her footsteps!

Christmas Tea


Bringing a Christmas message of hope to all Americans.

The Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty Talk About How Their Faith in Jesus Turned Around Their Lives!


Phil and Kay Robertson of the hit A&E television program Duck Dynasty, share how their faith in Jesus has been integral to their success! This video is courtesy of the 700 Club on the CBN Network.

Michael W. Chapman writes, “Although some liberal observers criticized Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s remarks about homosexual behavior as ‘disgusting’ and ‘vile and extreme stereotypes,’ the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one of the federal government’s leading health voices, uses nearly identical and even more graphic language in describing some of the sexual practices of male homosexuals.:

“Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) represent approximately 2% of the United States population, yet they are the population most severely affected by HIV,” says the CDC. “Most HIV infections in men are transmitted through sexual contact, especially anal sex.

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Al Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Erupts into Anti-Machine Revolt


On December 19, 2013, a town hall meeting was hosted by Al Sharpton and the National Action Network to address gun violence exploded into a revolt against “Chicago Machine” politics, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and black alderman in City Hall with panel and audience members calling to vote out their elected officials. One 82-year-old preacher even called for “Tea Party” style meetings in some of Chicago’s south side communities such as Altgeld Gardens and Trumbull Park.

According to Breitbart, “One 82-year-old preacher even called for ‘TEA Party’ style meetings in some of Chicago’s south side communities such as Altgeld Gardens and Trumbull Park.”

“This was a historic event,” Paul McKinley of V.O.T.E. (Voices of the Ex-Offender) and former 2nd Congressional District GOP nominee to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr. told Breitbart News. “Not because of Al Sharpton coming to town,” he continued. “This was first time since electing Mayor Harold Washington in the eighties that all of these grassroots groups and community organizers have come together under one roof to talk about the problems plaguing our community.”

While the stated goal for Sharpton was to bring the many different groups together to discuss solutions to the city’s violence epidemic, he may not have gotten the types of responses he was looking for. Calls for more gun control laws and getting guns off the streets were nonexistent and not mentioned by residents throughout the session.

Death in the Gun Free Zone!

School shootings can be blamed on liberal propaganda that has replaced common sense God and Country education!  Making the case here.


EDITORS NOTE: Florida has over 1 million citizens with concealed carry permits. Gun store owners report a 73% increase in female customers. Women purchased 1 million out of 8 million guns sold through dealers in 2013. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation 74% of the women in the NSSF program bought a pistol for self-defense. Of the 200 million firearms owned in the United States, 15 to 20 million are owned by women.

Dancing with Ducks!


A TV star speaks out truthfully about homosexuality and the uproar is priceless.  Bill says it is time for Americans of faith to find their courage and speak against the forces that are harming this great nation.

Downplaying the Holocaust — Sulzberger and the New York Times


I received a link to this video from Dr. Beverly Newman, founder and Director of the Al Katz Center in Sarasota, FL. The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee in an email to its members stated:

If you watch nothing else about Jewish anti-Semitism, view the attached video. If you do watch it, send it on to others. It puts the anti-Semitism of the present day New York Times in perfect perspective. A classic example of how history ultimately getting the real truth out.

This is the ONE VIDEO you MUST WATCH.

It is a painful exploration of why Jews should despise the NY Times and forever remember how a Jew, the owner of the Times, turned his back on fellow Jews during the darkest days of ww2. The young woman in the video deserves a position of high honor among our people for making this historically accurate video public. Please watch it and send it to your reader lists.

A young Jewish woman of valor reveals the toxic mutation that has been baked into the genes of The New York Times from the very start.

The young woman in the video is Anna Blech, who won first prize at the New York City History Day competition for her research paper, “Downplaying the Holocaust: Arthur Hays Sulzberger and The New York Times.” For this paper, she also was awarded The Eleanor Light Prize from the Hunter College High School Social Studies Department and membership in the Society of Student Historians.

What Anna did not cover in her presentation was Sulzberger’s involvement with the Rockefeller Foundation as a trustee from 1939-1957. For you see it was the Rockefeller Foundation that developed and funded various German eugenics programs, including the one that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.

Edwin Black in his book War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race writes, “On January 19, 1904, the Carnegie Institution formally inaugurated what it called the Station for Experimental Evolution of the Carnegie Institution at bucolic Cold Springs Harbor, [New Jersey].” “The undertaking was not merely funded by Carnegie, it was an integral part of the Carnegie Institution itself,” notes Black, “[Carnegie Institute Chairman John] Billings and the Carnegie Institution would now mobilize their prestige and the fortune they controlled to help [Professor Charles] Davenport usher America into an age of a new form of hygiene: racial hygiene. The goal was clear: to eliminate the inadequate and unfit.”

The Eugenics movement was later funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and this funding continued while Sulzberger, a Jew, was a trustee. Black reports, “Prior to World War II, the Nazis practiced eugenics with the open approval of America’s eugenic crusaders. As Joseph DeJarnette, superintendent of Virginia’s Western State Hospital, complained in 1934, ‘Hitler is beating us at our own game.'”

“Eventually,  out of the sight of the world, in Buchenwald and Auschwitz, eugenic doctors like Joseph Mengele would carry on the research begun just years earlier with American financial support including grants from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institution,” notes Black.

Black asks, “Will the twenty-first-century successor to the eugenics movement, now known as ‘human engineering,’ employ enough safeguards to ensure that the biological crimes of the twentieth century will never again happen?”

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Climate Depot Debates Global Warming on UN TV At UN Summit!


UN TV debate: ‘The idea that somehow we can do an [climate] insurance policy with anything the United Nations is currently proposing is pure madness.’

‘The whole agenda here is politics. You have Michael Oppenheimer, a UN IPCC scientist, on the payroll of Barbara Streisand of Hollywood. Big Hollywood is funding one of your top UN scientists, but I don’t hear you worrying about his credibility there’ —

‘You get into the immorality of telling Africans and 1.6 billion people of color in the developing world – Asia, Africa, South America — that they can’t develop with coal, natural gas and carbon based energy like we have. You get into basically a racial component where the white wealthy western world is telling the developing world they can’t have the same standard of living.’

Climate Depot debated a UN television interviewer during the UN global warming summit in Warsaw Poland on November 19, 2013. Morano was interviewed by the UN’s ‘Climate Change Studio’ and the video has now been posted on YouTube by the UN.
At one point, the UN interviewer told Morano, “There is no need to shout,” to which an animated Morano retorted “I am not shouting.”  The UN interviewer also told Morano: “Many do strongly disagree with you.”

The UN bills “Climate Change Studio” interviews as “an opportunity for representatives of NGOs, IGOs, UN system and Parties to be interviewed briefly by a professional journalist on actions, solutions, observations and issues that impact on climate change.”


Selected Highlights from Morano’s 10 minute contentious UN TV interview.

Morano on UN IPCC reports: These reports are political. It was essentially written by a handful of UN scientists and they are fulfilling a narrative on man-made global warming.

Morano on alleged ‘consensus’ of scientists: I authored report of over 1000 dissenting scientists; this included many scientist who reversed themselves from believers to skeptics. People like [Green guru] James Lovelock, who has now gone from alarmist to almost skeptic — to Lennart Bengtsson, former UN IPCC scientist who now says we would not have noticed the global warming. [See: See: More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore — See: Top Swedish Climate Scientist Says Warming Not Noticeable: ‘The warming we have had last a 100 years is so small that if we didn’t have climatologists to measure it we wouldn’t have noticed it at all’  — ‘Gaia’ scientist James Lovelock reverses himself: I was ‘alarmist’ about climate change & so was Gore! ‘The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago’  ]

Morano: The UN IPCC is first and foremost a political process, not scientific. The IPCC is great political theatre. The settled science which the UN IPCC claims, seems to be changing by the week. We had two contrary studies in one week, with one study saying the global warming ‘pause’ was due to Montreal Protocol and another study saying we recalibrated [past] temperatures and presto, there was no ‘pause’ in temperatures.

The whole agenda here is politics. You have Michael Oppenheimer, a UN IPCC scientist, on the payroll of Barbara Streisand of Hollywood. Big Hollywood is funding one of your top UN scientists, but I don’t hear you worrying about his credibility there. [See: Scientist to the Hollywood Stars: UN IPCC’s Michael Oppenheimer ‘was the holder of the ‘Barbra Streisand Chair of Environmental Studies’ at Environmental Defense Fund’]

UN Host Ed asks Morano: “What would it take you to be convinced [of man-made global warming threat]?”

Morano responded: You would have to see unprecedented climate and weather and we have neither. Multiple studies, in fact hundreds of scientists have shown the medieval warm period was as warm or warmer than current temperatures. [See: ‘More than 700 scientists from 400 institutions in 40 countries have contributed peer-reviewed papers providing evidence that the Medieval Warm Period was real, global, & warmer than the present’]

Morano on attempts by UN to exploit Typhoon Haiyan which hit the Philippines and calls to regulate bad weather:

That is akin to medieval witchcraft to imply the UN can prevent natural weather disasters like typhoons. To turn this typhoon into ‘proof’ of global warming is unscientific and sheer cheap exploitation.

The UN interviewer then asked Morano: “What if you are wrong?”

Morano’s responded: Why not get a [climate] insurance policy? Why would you buy an insurance policy on your home that costs more than your home is worth and would pay out virtually nothing if your home burned down? You wouldn’t, that would be insurance fraud, but that is what they are selling. The UN’s Kyoto protocol, even if fully implemented and ratified — which it never was — wouldn’t even have had a noticeable impact on global temperatures in 50 to 100 years [according to warmists’ own estimates.] In the U.S., with cap-and-trade and carbon taxes — not only would they not impact global temperatures, but they would not even impact global CO2 levels.

The idea that somehow we can do an insurance policy with anything the United Nations is currently proposing is pure madness. It is silliness to think that treaties and acts of Congress or the EU can control the weather in any way that would be noticeable.

The question is: If you are right, we basically have to accept a climate catastrophe because there is no solution according to you guys, other than just restricting economies and emissions.

Morano: ‘A racial component where the white wealthy western world is telling the developing world they can’t have the same standard of living’

Then you get into the immorality of telling Africans and 1.6 billion people of color in the developing world – Asia, Africa, South America — that they can’t develop with coal, natural gas and carbon based energy like we have. You get into basically a racial component where the white wealthy western world is telling the developing world they can’t have the same standard of living. And we have people like California Governor Jerry Brown say that very thing — that the developing world cannot emulate wealthy western prosperity because the Earth cannot handle it.

In other words, they can’t have modern sewage and coal plants, as the Obama Administration prevents coal through World Bank in Africa. But you can get a solar panel on your hut made of dung. We will let you do that. It’s immoral.” [End Morano excerpts] [See: S. African activist slams UN’s ‘Green Climate Fund’: ‘Government to govt aid is a reward for being better than anyone else at causing poverty’ — ‘It enriches the people who cause poverty’ – ‘The UN is saying to poor countries: ‘Those of you who adopt more anti-prosperity, anti- jobs, and anti-growth policies — under the pretense of environmentalism — we will enrich you”]

UN TV interviewer Ed concludes debate with Morano by stating: “I think you made your points very clear.”

Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes


Karen Lamoreaux – Arkansas State Board of Ed – 12/16/2013. To learn more go to:

To learn more about the anti-Common Core movement in Florida visit Common Core: Education Without Representation.



Remembering Mandela, without Rose-Colored Glasses


Welcome to another Wild Day at TrentoVision, where we bring you the best in National Security, world events and all things Obama. First we have a skyped interview with former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy and his insightful article in National Review about the “unplugged” Nelson Mandela.


Backlash to Pro-Mandela Coverage

The Mandela Cover-up Unravels

Comrade Mandela’s Secret Life

Florida becomes 3rd State to pre-file for an Article 5 Convention


Senator Alan Hayes

Senator Alan Hays, R-FL District 11.

Florida State Senator Alan Hays files Senate Memorial 476 calling for an Article V Convention. Here is the transcript of Senator Hays’ remarks:

Many of you have asked what can be done at the state level to reform our “runaway” federal government. After exploring Florida’s options, I attended an assembly with state leaders from across the country to discuss protocols for enacting an Article V Convention. This mechanism, inserted into the Constitution by our founders, allows states to petition Congress to allow delegates to come together to discuss and compose proposed Constitutional amendments.

Delegates chosen by their respective states will convene and compose the language of any amendments they wish to propose for ratification. Those amendments will then be transmitted to all 50 states and each state legislature will vote to accept or reject the proposed amendments. Only when 38 state legislatures approve the language, does it officially become part of the Constitution. Effectively this means 13 states failing to approve an amendment blocks that amendment from becoming part of the Constitution.

Recently, I filed SM 476 which outlines the focus of a future Article V Convention; imposing fiscal restraints on the federal government, limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limiting the terms of office of federal officials and members of Congress. Our goal is to have 34 state legislatures pass the petition in the next two years and then hold the convention in late 2015 or early 2016.

Restraining the federal government’s excessive power is of great concern to Americans in all states and of all political parties. I feel it is important to take these steps toward imposing this important reform. Noted below is a link to a video in which I discuss this legislation further as well as links to various articles and websites regarding this issue. Alan

For more information on a Convention of States click hereMichael Farris shared his thoughts on the assembly. Glenn Beck said the COS Project is “the only way back.”

Finally, Florida became the third state to pre-file our application, and more are on their way!

The COS Project gives you an actual opportunity to do something about the mess in D.C. The folks in VA, SC, and FL have already started. Sign up today!

Why Good People Should Be Armed


Despite all the fear-mongering, emotionalism, and deceptive propaganda surrounding the issue of firearms, the principle that matters most is quite simple.

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Britain First Activists confront Islamist Anjem Choudary in London


britian first logoOn December 13th Britain First activists confronted a group lead by Anjem Choudary in the heavily Islamic Brick Lane area of East London.

According to Discover the Networks:

Anjem Choudary is a leader and the main spokesman of the Islamist group Al Muhajiroun in the United Kingdom.

The British-born Choudary is also a solicitor and chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers, a group remarkably similar in ideology and activity to Al Muhajiroun. In October 2000, for example, the Society of Muslim Lawyers joined Al Muhajiroun in issuing a fatwa against Israel.

Days later in October 2000, Choudary co-signed and issued a “Warning to All Jews…in the UK” that “if you support Israel financially, verbally or physically you will become part of the [Middle East] conflict.” Choudary, in other words, explicitly warned Jews in democratic Great Britain, the mother of parliaments, that if they opened their mouths in support of Israel, they risked being attacked in England by Islamist terrorists.

Choudary in 1999 was chief recruiter in Great Britain for the International Islamic Front (IIF), a group persuading and assisting young British Muslims to undergo “guns and live ammunition” combat training and then go overseas to fight Jihad(“Holy War”) in Chechnya and the Balkans. The head and chief sponsor of IIF in England was the founder of Al Muhajiroun, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammad.

Osama bin Laden in 1998 issued a fatwa that declared it a Muslim’s “individual duty” to kill Americans and he created a new organization called the International (or World) Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders. Sheikh Bakri Mohammad described himself as the head of the “political wing” of IIF with no “structural link” to bin Laden, according to the Indian newspaper Indian Express, but the Sheikh acknowledged that “the military wing of the International Islamic Front is run by Osama bin Laden.”

Anjem Choudary explained his own view of the world in the following 2003 interview, titled “In Israel There Are No Civilians,” with reporter Ori Golan of theJerusalem Post:

Are Muslims in the UK becoming more politicized?

Undoubtedly the more battlefronts the Muslim society experiences, the more radicalized it becomes. We’ve seen Bosnia, Kosovo, and now Chechnya – and of course Iraq and Palestine. I think this is something which increasingly politicizes the Muslim community.

What is Jihad?

Jihad is defined by the classical scholars as struggling for the sake of Allah in order to make His name the highest. Jihad dafeh is the defensive type of Jihad protecting life and our property. It can be fulfilled verbally, financially and physically by creating public awareness in favor of JihadJihad involves fighting on the battlefield to the degree necessary to repel the aggressors.

What about killing civilians?

In Israel there are no civilians. You have to remember that they are occupying Muslim land.

Including babies and old women who get blown up in the marketplace?

Those people in the land are occupiers and aggressors and are part of the atrocities which, as far as we’re concerned, are as bad – if not worse – as in Nazi Germany. As far as women are concerned, they are a part of the army. By and large the operations are targeted at people who are part of the army, but invariably innocent people will be caught up in the explosions but this is what we call collateral damage.

Are all Zionists fair game?

We would not target anyone who supports Zionism as such; we believe in a healthy debate and dialogue with anyone. But it is one thing having a view and another giving money to kill someone or occupy someone’s land. Anyone involved in killing Muslims or organizing to displace Muslims is part of the enemy.

Is Islam a peaceful religion?

No, we can’t say that, because the roots of the word Islam is not peace, but submission – to have complete submission to the Creator.

What are your feelings about the Briton who carried out the suicide attack in Tel Aviv?

One must be happy for fellow Muslims when they fulfill their obligations. It is a very noble thing. Whenever a Muslim goes to a battlefield and performs a legitimate operation sanctioned by the sharia (Islamic law), this is something that should bring pleasure to the heart of all Muslims. I pray to Allah that he did this sincerely and had no other objectives but to please Him. If so, then he will get to Paradise.

Is there a conflict between being British and Muslim?

A Muslim can only have one identity. However, the fact that I have a British passport does mean that I have a covenant with the British government. This means that I will not violate the sanctity of any individual here and they will not violate the sanctity of my life. Britain is an aggressor in Iraq and it makes them a target only for people from outside.

Muslims in Afghanistan or in Iraq have the legitimate right to retaliate. Hence the attack on 9/11 was justifiable under sharia because they had been attacked in 1998. Under sharia law, for a Muslim from outside to bomb the Israeli embassy in London, would be acceptable.

Al Muhajiroun (Arabic for “The Emigrants,” a name its founder says “refers to the early followers of the Prophet Muhammad.”) is a radical Muslim organization based in England that claims to have branches in many other nations.

According to Islamic scholar Daniel Pipes, it may be “the most extreme Islamist group operating in the West.”

On its website, Al Muhajiroun describes itself as “not a group or a political party. We are a Jama’ah (collective body) within Ahl us-Sunnah wal Jama’ah (The minority saviour sect) working towards the world-wide domination of Islaam.”

As Choudary noted in the above interview, the very word Islam means “surrender” or “submission” (to Allah). He did not mention that Muslims refer to the combined nations where Islam is the dominant religion as Dar al-Islam, which literally means “the Zone of Submission.”

Al Muhajiroun aims to restore the Caliphate, a monolithic form of religious-political rule of all the world’s Muslims that existed during the succession of four “rightly guided” Caliphs who ruled after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. Every Muslim on Earth would look to this single ruler, and with Islam’s global conquest all human beings will become citizens of a single Nation of Islam.

Osama bin Laden has said that the goal of Al Qaeda is to “unite all Muslims and to establish a government which follows the rule of the Caliphs.”

On the first anniversary of the September 11, 2001 Al Qaeda terrorist attack on America, Islamist cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri marked the day by scheduling a conference to launch a new organization (reportedly funded by Al Muhajiroun with a six-figure cash donation) to be called the Islamic Council of Britain (ICB). ICB’s stated goal is to “implement sharia law in Britain.”

The poster advertising this conference at Sheikh al-Masri’s Finsbury Park mosque in North London featured a large photograph of the World Trade Center towers, one already afire, the other about to be hit by another skyjacked airliner. In large letters the poster read: “September the 11th 2001 A TOWERING DAY IN HISTORY.”

One of the most prominent guests invited by Sheikh al-Masri to attend his conference was the British representative of the Islamic Liberation Party Hizb ut-Tahrir, Dr. Imran Waheed, an advocate of restoring the Caliphate.

Another was the British founder of both this political party and Al Muhajiroun, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammad, who reported said: “The people at this conference look at September 11 like a battle, as a great achievement by the mujahideen against the evil superpower. I never praised September 11 after it happened but now I can see why they did it.”

Of Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terrorists, Sheikh Bakri Mohammad said: “We don’t perceive them as the U.S. perceives them; we see them as a sincere devoted people who stood firm against the invasion of a Muslim country.”

The third such distinguished guest invited to this conference was Al Muhajiroun’s spokesman Anjem Choudary.

In late July 2011, Choudary orchestrated a campaign by British Muslim extremists who hung bright yellow posters in several London boroughs declaring them “Sharia-controlled zones.” Pasted on bus stops and street lamps, the posters first appeared in the London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham. The message they conveyed was that there was to be “no gambling,” “no music or concerts,” “no porn or prostitution,” “no drugs or smoking” and “no alcohol” in the areas where the posters were displayed. The warning at the top read: “You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.” “We now have hundreds, if not thousands of people up and down the country willing to go out and patrol the streets for us,” said Choudary.

He once called the 9/11 terrorists “magnificent martyrs” and said the July 2005 London subway bombings had been only “a matter of time.” He has also called for the execution of Pope Benedict, saying the Catholic leader had insulted Islam. He is probably best known for a statement he made on a British television show after the interviewer suggested he should move to a country that already had Sharia law if he did not like Great Britain. Enraged, Choudary told the interviewer: “Who told you … that Great Britain belonged to you. The country belongs to Allah! If I were to move to the jungle, I would also not live there like the animals.”

Quantitative Easing Made Easy by Alan Schlesinger


Check out this fascinating discussion with Alan Schlesinger, candidate for US Congress in the 18th district in South Florida. This is the district where, in 2012, Congressman Allen West lost a very close race to newcomer, Patrick Murphy.

Schlesinger is an economics expert, attorney and multiple time elected official in the state of Connecticut. We get into many critically important issues for all Americans, especially those living in Florida.

To learn more about Alan click here.

Exclusive: International Security Special from the United Kingdom, Israel and the Netherlands


TrentoVision Exclusive: A unique international security special direct from England, Israel and Holland as three frontline activists from these Western countries update The United West about the threat of Islamic Jihad overseas. The three activists are: Paul Weston (UK), Barry Shaw (Israel), Matthys (Netherlands).