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Delaware Jury Convicts Hunter Biden On Felony Gun Charges

A Delaware jury convicted Hunter Biden on three felony gun charges Tuesday.

Special counsel David Weiss charged Hunter Biden in September on three counts relating to his purchase of a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018, alleging he knowingly possessed the gun while addicted to drugs and made false statements on the purchase form. The jury found him guilty on all counts.

Hunter Biden was indicted on separate tax charges in December.

Last July, a deal that would have had Hunter Biden plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and enter a diversion agreement for a felony gun charge fell apart under questioning by District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika, who voiced concerns about an immunity provision included in the diversion agreement. The diversion agreement stated Hunter Biden would not be criminally prosecuted for any crimes encompassed by the statement of facts in his plea deal, which listed the millions of dollars he received through foreign business dealings in China, Ukraine and Romania.

The payments, along with President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings, have been the subject of investigations by the House Oversight Committee.

Prosecutor Leo Wise admitted to Noreika at the time that he was not aware of precedent for an agreement not to prosecute crimes “that have nothing to do with the case or the charges being diverted.”

During the trial, prosecutors called a total of 10 witnesses and rested their case on Friday. Witnesses included multiple women who were romantically involved with Hunter Biden, such as his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, his ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan and Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau Biden.

To show Hunter Biden was addicted to drugs at the time of his gun purchase, prosecutors cited portions of his memoir, Beautiful Things, where he elaborates on his drug use in 2018, as well as text messages he sent relating to his drug use.

“I was sleeping on a car smoking crack on 4th street and Rodney,” Hunter Biden wrote in a text from October 14, 2018.

Some evidence was obtained from the laptop he abandoned at a Delaware repair shop in April 2019. Special Counsel David Weiss shot down the defense’s challenge to the laptop’s authenticity, calling their argument in court filings “a conspiracy theory with no supporting evidence.”

FBI agent Erika Jensen, a witness for prosecutors, confirmed on the stand that she had not seen any evidence of tampering with the data.

“The evidence was personal, it was ugly, it was overwhelming,” Wise said during closing arguments, according to NBC News. “It was also absolutely necessary.”

The defense argued that Hunter Biden did not believe he was an addict at the time of the purchase. Naomi Biden, Hunter’s daughter, testified in his defense, speaking about two meetings with her father during 2018, one at a Los Angeles rehab facility during the summer and another in New York City during the fall.

Naomi Biden recalled that her father seemed during that summer “the clearest” she had seen him in the three years since her uncle’s death, The New York Times reported. On cross-examination, prosecutors presented text messages from Hunter Biden’s visit to New York City in October 2018, where she was living at the time.

“I just want to hang out with you,” she wrote in one message, according to Politico. He apologized for being so “unreachable.”

Defense attorneys opted not to call President Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, as a witness. Hunter Biden also did not testify in his own defense.

Many Biden family members attended the trial, including First Lady Jill Biden.

Hunter Biden’s California trail on federal tax charges is scheduled to take place in September.





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‘They Know The Person’: Trump Says Secret Service Knows Who Brought Cocaine Into White House

Former President Donald Trump believes investigators know who brought cocaine into the White House despite the Secret Service concluding its investigation without finding the culprit.

Trump was interviewed on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo when he raised the cocaine investigation while speaking about the “weaponized” Department of Justice and FBI.

“The DOJ is weaponized like I’ve never seen before. They come after me on boxes and they can’t find drugs.

Do you know how many cameras they have opposite the front door of the Situation Room where these drugs were — the cocaine — now I understand they have many other forms of drugs. They know who this was. They know the person. It’s impossible, how can they not know the person,” Trump said.

Baritromo mentioned that the Secret Service could not identify a suspect after wrapping up its investigation into the bag of cocaine discovered at the White House July 2.

“You know, I’ve gotten to know the Secret Service really well, okay. And I can’t speak more highly, these are incredible people. And I believe that they know everything. They’re really smart and really good at what they do. And I don’t think it’s possible for bags of cocaine to be left in a certain area — by the Situation Room. I’m not talking about, you know, five blocks away. The Situation Room where you decide on war, where you decide on nuclear” Trump added.

Conflicting reports have come out about where inside the White House the cocaine was found. Initial reports said it was found in the West Wing lobby but later reports said the cocaine was discovered near the White House’s executive entrance.

The White House also shut down speculation about Hunter Biden being the one who had cocaine in the White House. The younger Biden, a known drug addict, was not at the White House when the cocaine was found. Trump previously floated the possibility that Joe and Hunter Biden were the ones using cocaine.





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Secret Service Confirms Cocaine Found In White House Following Hunter Biden Visit

UPDATE: Cocaine was found “in a much more secure place…down near the Situation Room.”

The U.S. Secret Service has confirmed that cocaine was found at the White House on the eve of Fourth of July, the discovery of which prompted a West Wing evacuation, according to ABC News.

Secret Service agents discovered the substance in the West Wing on Sunday, two days after President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was seen leaving the building, as part of a routine security sweep of the building, and initially suspected it was anthrax, prompting an evacuation of the building. The agency confirmed that the substance was cocaine Wednesday after conducting a drug test, according to ABC News.

It is unclear how cocaine, which is a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act and illegal to possess under federal law, entered the building. White House staff members are required to disclose narcotic or psychotropic drug use and are prohibited from using them, with some being dismissed for having consumed cannabis in 2021.

Staff members often escort friends and acquaintances on West Wing tours, which are not normally part of the regular White House tour route open to U.S. citizens. The Secret Service did not confirm whether these tours were the reason cocaine entered the building.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.





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Massive Drug Smuggling Tunnel Found Between Mexico And U.S.

Authorities discovered a large cross-border drug smuggling tunnel in California, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California announced Monday.

The tunnel, linking Otay Mesa, California and Tijuana, Mexico, was 1,744 feet long, 61 feet deep and 4 feet in diameter, and had reinforced walls, a rail system and electricity, according to the Attorney’s Office. The tunnel was about 350 feet from the border with Mexico, U.S. Attorney Randy Grossman said during a press conference.

Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) agents discovered the tunnel Friday while on surveillance of a residence that was used for cocaine smuggling in March, according to the Attorney’s Office. As a result of the bust, six people were charged with conspiring to distribute 1,762 pounds of cocaine.

“There is no more light at the end of this narco-tunnel. We will take down every subterranean smuggling route we find to keep illicit drugs from reaching our streets and destroying our families and communities,” Grossman said in a statement.

Authorities were able to make several arrests while following vehicles going in and out of the warehouse to pick up drugs, according to a complaint. Agents pulled over the individuals, finding narcotics in their cars.

“The San Diego law enforcement community has multiple investigative task forces that highly prioritize tunnel detection- exemplified by this tunnel discovery by the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) San Diego led Costa Pacifico Money Laundering Task Force. The San Diego law enforcement community throughout the years has consistently shown its ability to detect and remediate tunnels while bringing those responsible to justice,” HSI San Diego Special Agent in Charge Chad Plantz said in a statement.



Investigative reporter.


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Marxists Are Killing Each Other to Control America’s Cocaine Market

The deadliest Marxist guerrilla force is fighting the biggest socialist regime.

“Socialism, this is the path to save the planet, I don’t have the least doubt. Capitalism is the road to hell,” Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez told the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference.

Rhetoric like that won the socialist dictator the admiration of socialists from Barack Obama to Noam Chomsky. But the dirty little secret of the socialist revolution in Venezuela was that it was a front for a massive drug smuggling operation. Chavez and his successor, Nicolas Maduro, gutted Venezuela’s rich oil resources and turned the country into a socialist drug cartel.

“Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of vice president Maduro,” Sean Penn promised. The population has fled or is starving, but the revolution endures.

In 2020, Maduro and top officials of his regime were indicted in the United States as leaders of the Cartel de los Soles for conspiring with FARC to smuggle tons of cocaine to the United States. Venezuela’s biggest asset was its border with Colombia. Cuba, which had backed FARC and other narcoterrorists in Colombia, scored a big win with the socialist takeover in Venezuela.

FARC, a Marxist-Leninist narcoterrorist group, coordinated with Venezuela’s government to smuggle drugs to Cuba and from there to the United States. Every day planes take off from Venezuela delivering hundreds of tons of Colombian cocaine each year meant for America.

Hugo Chavez once claimed that capitalism destroyed Mars. There’s no word on that, but his brand of socialism certainly destroyed Venezuela taking it from prosperity to starvation.

And it’s destroying the rest of the region.

Marxists smuggling cocaine aren’t exactly showcasing an ideal alternative socialist economic system to free enterprise. The Colombian-Venezuelan drug route is being threatened, not by Colombia which was pressured by Obama into giving in to FARC, but by two groups of Marxist-Leninist coke fiends who are fighting it out over the drug trade like filthy capitalists.

The National Liberation Army (ELN), a Marxist-Leninist terror group set up by the Cubans, has been fighting a FARC splinter group known as the 10th Front or the Eastern Bloc. Both leftist terror groups are Marxist-Leninist in orientation, although ELN has a lot more liberation theology in the mix, and both make their money from drugs and the occasional kidnapping.

ELN and the 10th Front aren’t fighting over ideological differences, but over drugs and money.

A fawning article in Jacobin magazine describes ELN as a “group of students” who were “inspired by the Cuban Revolution, Che Guevara, and Liberation Theology”. The four page article never mentions cocaine even though that’s what ELN actually does. Last year, Colombia seized $300 million in cocaine from the Marxist-Leninist narcoterrorist organization.

Che would be proud.

After FARC’s implosion as a viable force, Venezuela’s government formed a drug smuggling alliance with ELN. That drew it into a conflict with the 10th Front which is now conducting a guerrilla war against Venezuela. After a long alliance, FARC and Venezuela are fighting each other with the most fearsome Marxist guerrilla force in the region fighting the leading Socialist regime. The same forces that had terrorized Colombia for so long have turned on each other.

Venezuelan soldiers are dying in border clashes, and invading Colombia to terrorize local villagers in the hopes of shutting down the ELN’s Marxist drug rivals. They’re getting blown up, ambushed, and shot up when they’re not being hit with human rights violations complaints.

It’s socialism at its finest.

The 10th Front is allied with Brazil’s Red Command which was born as a prison pact between Communists and criminals under the slogan, “Peace, Justice and Freedom”. Red Command is involved in Brazil’s drug trafficking at every level from slum dealing to club parties for the children of the elite. The Red Command helps the 10th Front remain in the field even though Cuba is on the side of Venezuela and the ELN narcoterrorists that it had originally set up.

Neither side is even bothering to pretend that this is about any kind of ideological differences.

What’s at stake here is a simple matter of market economics. Americans spend about $25 billion on coke every year. Moving drugs through Central America to the Caribbean provides a piece of not only the American, but the European cocaine market. The rival Marxist drug smugglers are competing to be the exclusive suppliers of Colombian cocaine to that huge market.

Think of it as the cola wars, but with actual cocaine. The glorious Marxist revolution is down to two groups of Marxist-Leninists killing each other to make a killing on cocaine in California.

It’s like Coke vs. Pepsi if both companies were run by Marxist druglord terrorists.

When Obama pushed Colombia to cut a peace deal with FARC and then cut off the flow of Cuban refugees, he also helped restart the flow of cocaine to America from Cuba. The subsequent collapse of Venezuela’s economy and its oil industry has left it few options. Smuggling cocaine takes a lot less skill than refining crude or running a country. And Venezuela’s military makes it the best armed drug cartel in the hemisphere, if not the planet.

Which other drug cartel in the region has its own attack helicopters to deploy in the field?

But Venezuelan soldiers are paid with food and worthless scrip. FARC and ELN recruits are often local peasants who are kidnapped and drafted into the fight. The real money goes to the elites on both sides of a drug war that is now a cocaine civil war between narcosocialists.

Karl Marx claimed that capitalism was destined to destroy itself. Instead, Marxist regimes and movements hold the world record for self-destruction. South of the border the Marxists who once won the hearts of the American Left have become drug dealers shooting it out in the jungle over who gets a cut of the cocaine that ends up in the noses of their Yankee comrades.

Marx had metaphorically called religion the opiate of the masses. Marxism has become the actual cocaine of the masses. Just ask the Marxist-Leninists kidnapping, torturing and killing each other to socialize the cocaine market.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


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Trump Administration countering Iran’s influence in Latin America and winning key support

“The Trump administration’s push to counter Iran’s influence in South America won key support from leaders in the region in recent days, with three Latin American nations officially declaring Lebanon’s Tehran-backed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.”

The work of Iranian jihadist proxies worldwide is underrated and under reported. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo captures the magnitude of the Iranian proxy problem well in this statement:

 When you see the scope and reach of what the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime has done, you can’t forget they tried to kill someone in the United States of America. They’ve conducted assassination campaigns in Europe. This is a global phenomenon.

And the phenomenon of narcoterrorism is linked to Iranian proxy Hizballah, as indicated in this exposé by the Washington Times: “Hezbollah moving ‘tons of cocaine’ in Latin America, Europe to finance terror operation.”

“Trump administration homing in on Iran-backed operations in Latin America,” by Guy Taylor, Washington Times, January 23, 2020:

The Trump administration’s push to counter Iran’s influence in South America won key support from leaders in the region in recent days, with three Latin American nations officially declaring Lebanon’s Tehran-backed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras have now officially joined with Paraguay and Argentina in recognizing the designation, with the new conservative government in Bogota joining with Washington in declaring Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization as well.

At a counterterrorism conference in Bogota this week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other U.S. officials underscored the global reach of Lebanon-based Hezbollah — a Shia Muslim militant-political movement and a part of the Lebanese political establishment that Washington has listed as a terrorist organization since the late 1990s.

Hezbollah was a big winner in the political upheaval that has gripped Lebanon this month, with new government made up of appointees nominated by Hezbollah and its allies — a development that has worried both the U.S. and Israel, Lebanon’s neighbor. Counterterrorism analysts consider the well-armed Hezbollah one of Tehran’s most effective military proxies in the region.

Heading into this week’s conference in Bogota, State Department Counterterrorism Coordinator Nathan Sales told the Miami Herald and Nuevo Herald that U.S. officials “know that Hezbollah operatives and facilitators and finance leaders are active” in the loosely governed “Tri-Border Area” between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

U.S. and Israeli officials say Hezbollah orchestrated and executed a 1992 attack on the Israeli Embassy in Argentina that killed 29 people, as well as a 1994 attack on a Jewish center in Buenos Aires that left 85 people dead…..


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Hollywood’s Drug Addicted Heroes

What passes for heroes in Hollywood is nothing but stupidity and criminality.