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The Left Hates J.D. Vance

And that’s the best argument in his favor.

Donald Trump’s choice for vice president, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), is, according to the Washington Post, “a rising star in the Republican Party and previously outspoken Trump critic who in recent years has closely aligned himself with the former president.” The leftist establishment media will in the next few weeks make a great deal out of his having been a Trump critic, leading some patriots to wonder if this was yet another of Trump’s personnel decisions that ended up backfiring on him (think Pence, Tillerson, McMaster, Bolton, et al). The strongest point in Vance’s favor, however, is that the left burns with a loathing for Vance that is almost as intense as its hatred for the man at the top of the ticket.

Zack Beauchamp, a senior correspondent at the far-left propaganda organ Vox, wrote Monday that Vance is friendly, thoughtful, and smart — much smarter than the average politician I’ve interviewed. Praise from a “journalist” of the caliber of Zack Beauchamp is a red flag. Zack Beauchamp thinks J.D. Vance is smart; Zack Beauchamp also thought that there was a massive bridge connecting Gaza and the West Bank, forcing Vox to issue a Babylon Bee-level correction: “An earlier version of this post suggested there was a bridge connecting Gaza and the West Bank. Various plans to do this have been floated, but the bridge was never actually built.

Beauchamp also noted in 2021 that a surge in antisemitism in the U.S. coincided with a “recent flare-up in fighting between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas,” which actually made sense, since in some cases, the perpetrators waved Palestinian flags or shouted pro-Palestinian slogans.” Instead of actually coming to a realization, however, Beauchamp then retreated into his familiar leftist cocoon, improbably blaming Bad Orange Man: “the anti-Semitic attacks are part of the generalized surge in American anti-Semitism since 2016, which most experts link to the rise of Donald Trump and the alt-right movement.” Sure, Zack: supporters of the most pro-Israel president in history have always “waved Palestinian flags or shouted pro-Palestinian slogans.

Zack Beauchamp is thus not just a doctrinaire leftist; he’s an exceptionally dim bulb. If he thinks you’re smart, you can probably beat the average second grader in a tough game of tic-tactoe, or parrot the leftist dogmas Beauchamp loves so deeply, albeit ineptly. So Trump’s pick looks disquieting, except that Beauchamp goes on to say that Vance’s “worldview is fundamentally incompatible with the basic principles of American democracy.” When leftists start prattling on about “democracy,” or more commonly, “our democracy,” they mean their own hegemony and dominance of the American public square. If Vance threatens that, Trump has made a good choice after all.

Beauchamp then treats us to a scare paragraph about just what a black-hearted villain Vance really is:

Vance has said that, had he been vice president in 2020, he would have carried out Trump’s scheme for the vice president to overturn the election results. He has fundraised for January 6 rioters. He once called on the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into a Washington Post columnist who penned a critical piece about Trump. After last week’s assassination attempt on Trump, he attempted to whitewash his radicalism by blaming the shooting on Democrats’ rhetoric about democracy without an iota of evidence.

This business about Trump trying to “overturn the election results” is common media spin for efforts to get a genuine investigation of the abundant evidence that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election. Trump didn’t want Mike Pence to “overturn” the election results, but to withhold certification of the results until the fraud claims were fully investigated (which most never were; most of them that went to court were dismissed on other grounds). Pence clearly could have done this, as the Democrats in Congress later passed a law limiting the vice president’s power in order to ensure that it could not be done in the future.

Numerous Jan. 6 defendants, meanwhile, have languished in prison, in inhuman conditions, for years now without trial. Do they not deserve justice? Or at very least, fair treatment? J.D. Vance thinks so. Zack Beauchamp doesn’t. And as for the request for the criminal investigation of the columnist, it’s no surprise that Vance’s argument went way over Beauchamp’s soy-nourished head; it was an exercise in using the left’s “insurrection” hysteria against the left.

Beauchamp also hates Vance for blaming a leftist’s attempt to murder Trump on the left’s overheated and hysterical rhetoric about the Republican candidate. Vance, you see, is just trying to “whitewash his radicalism.” Never mind all the leftists who have for years now been calling openly for Trump to be killed. In Zack Beauchamp’s tiny Marxist world, they don’t exist.

And so Zack Beauchamp has, in sum, penned a long-form campaign ad for J.D. Vance, and Vox is happily featuring it atop all of its hard-left agitprop. It’s the best testimonial the vice presidential candidate could have wished for.



J.D. Vance: Millennial Pied Piper

Who Is J.D. Vance? Ohio Senator Tapped as Trump VP Candidate

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New York Times hires another hater of Israel to cover Israel

Yet there are still people who think these are news organizations, and don’t realize what they really are: extremely well-heeled, sophisticated propaganda mills, buttressed by the full weight of the approval of the Western intelligentsia, which sends bogus ideologically based “fact checkers” such as NewsGuard to defame, discredit and destroy all dissent.

NY Times Hires Another Anti-Israel Extremist to Cover Israel

by Gilead Ini, CAMERA, July 5, 2024

The New York Times has a type.

It hired a reporter who once said she can’t bring herself even to look at Israelis, and who admitted that her objectivity “got thrown out the window.”

It hired another who in college was an apologist for Hamas and Hezbollah, denying that the terror organizations are terror organizations, that they are fundamentalists, and even that they have murdered Israeli civilians.

It hired another not long after she expressed outrage that Israel struck a Hamas commander after the terror group fired a barrage of rockets toward Israeli civilians — and even charged that the strike amounted to “murder.”

Shortly after the Oct. 7 massacre, the newspaper commissioned a journalist who had posted on social media, “How great you are, Hitler.”

So it is unfortunate, but hardly surprising, that the New York Times has hired Bora Erden to cover the Israel-Hamas conflict. Erden was a committed anti-Israel activist prior to joining the Times last October. In May 2021, after Hamas rocket attacks into Israel and a consequent round of fighting, Erden signed a letter supporting what was termed the “Palestinian struggle against Israeli colonial rule and its apartheid system.”…

Continue reading.



UK: New Muslim MPs have ties to Hamas and other jihad groups, call for BDS

Palestinian Authority Again Shows How ‘Moderate’ It Is

French-Israelis call on Jews to flee France and join them

UK: New Labour prime minister claims ‘urgent’ need for Gaza ceasefire

Canada: Pro-Hamas demonstrators smash windows at McGill University, scream ‘Globalize the intifada’

The Remarkable Story of Yaron Avraham: From Muslim to Jew

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More Anti-Israel Bias at the New York Times

The New York Times displays every day in its reporting, in its columns, and in its editorials, its bias against Israel. Ira Stoll takes on some subtler examples of this, in the choice of pejorative adjectives and adverbs the Times deploys in describing Israel but refrains from using when describing Hamas. You can find his piece here: “Jewish Leader Slams New York Times for ‘Dreadful’ Bias as Paper Faults ‘Ferocious’ Israel, ‘Rabidly Partisan’ Adelson,” by Ira Stoll, Algemeiner, June 28, 2024:

For a telltale indicator of New York Times bias, keep an eye on the adjectives and adverbs.

Two recent front-page Times articles offer examples of this particular problem skewing the coverage.

Times article purporting to show how Israelis “feel little sympathy” for Gazans suffering includes the line, “Michael Zigdon, who operates a small food shack in Netivot’s rundown market and had employed two men from Gaza until the attack, expressed little sympathy for Gazans, who have endured a ferocious Israeli military onslaught for the past eight months.”

The reporter notes that Zigdon had hired two workers from Gaza — hardly an indication of someone with “little sympathy” for the people of Gaza.  After the October 7 attack, he may have feared that the two Gazan workers he had been trying to help by giving them work at salaries many times greater than what they could earn in Gaza, had been providing Hamas with useful information as to possible targets inside Israel. All the employees from Gaza working in Israel were discharged on October 8.

The “ferocious” adjective gets hurled by the Times a second time in the same article, which goes on, in case any reader failed to absorb the point the first time, to say that “the death toll in Gaza has spiraled to at least 37,000 since Israel began its ferocious offensive.”

The Israeli self-defense operation gets described by the Times as “ferocious,” [“a ferocious Israeli military onslaught”] while the Hamas attack of Oct. 7 earns no such label. My Webster’s Second defines ferocious as “having or exhibiting ferocity, cruelty, savagery, etc.; violently cruel.” Ferocity is defined as coming from the Latin root ferus, meaning wild, “as the ferocity of barbarians.

That qualifies as slander of Israel, opinion masquerading as New York Times news writing. If the Times news writers and editors want to accuse Israel of waging barbaric, savage, wild, violently cruel warfare against Gazans, they are welcome to make a factual case for that. I think they’d have a hard time of it, given all the evidence about the care that Israel has used to limit noncombatant casualties. But making the accusation in a backhanded, backdoor way by sprinkling tendentious adjectives into news articles is a kind of deception so subtle that a lot of Times readers might not even notice it.

Readers’ eyes skim over the words; they see the adjective “ferocious” twice and think nothing of it, but the word’s meaning has entered their minds nonetheless. Israel’s military onslaught is thus described, with the single adjective “ferocious,” as “having or exhibiting ferocity, cruelty, savagery, etc; violently cruel.”

What do you think? Has Israel’s onslaught in Gaza displayed “ferocity, cruelty, savagery”? No, it has not. Israel has made colossal efforts to minimize civilian casualties. To this end, by March it had dropped nine million leaflets, sent 16 million text messages, made 15 million robocalls and 100,000 personal calls, all to warn civilians to leave cities or areas or neighborhoods about to be targeted, and the same warnings were given to civilians living or working in buildings that contained Hamas operatives, weapons, and command-and-control centers. This is not “ferocity, cruelty, savagery.” In fact, British Colonel Richard Kemp has described the IDF as “the most moral army in the word,” and West Point Professor John Spencer has described the IDF in similar terms, writing that “in my long career studying and advising on urban warfare for the U.S. military, I’ve never known an army to take such measures to attend to the enemy’s civilian population, especially while simultaneously combating the enemy in the very same buildings. In fact, by my analysis, Israel has implemented more precautions to prevent civilian harm than any military in history—above and beyond what international law requires and more than the U.S. did in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Perhaps the Times’ writers will keep that in mind before they next decide to describe the IDF’s war against Hamas as “ferocious.”



Who’s Funding The Violent Anti-Israel Protests On American College Campuses?

NPR Interviews Member of Palestinian American Medical Association Without Identifying Him As Such

Dr. Adam Hamawy of the Palestinian American Medical Association Appears on NPR

Princeton: Muslima claims keffiyehs were confiscated at Princeton High School’s pro-Hamas encampment

Spain: Muslim migrants beat man to death after he stopped them from raping a 15-year-old girl

Palestinian Islamic Jihad fires rockets into Israel in response to ‘crimes of Zionist enemy against our people’

Louisiana: Imam prays ‘Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews and the Christians…Oh Allah, count them, kill them one by one’

Vandalizing LGBTQ Materials is a Crime Unless You Support Hamas

Serbia: Man converts to Islam, hits cop in the neck at Israeli embassy with bolt fired from crossbow

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Now Videos of Biden’s Senility Are ‘Misinformation,’ Too

Get ready for ‘Misinformation’ round 3.

When Democrats, their activists and their media declared that disagreement was not a dangerous contagion known as “misinformation”, a ruthless Big Tech/Censorship alliance took off in 2017.

Round one of the Misinformation Wars was about censoring any materials about Hillary Clinton’s scandals while claiming that the only reason Trump won was because of Russian ‘misinformation’.

Round two was based around censoring Biden scandals and any claims that the election had been rigged.

Since history repeats itself as farce, round three is about videos of Biden acting out of it which have been dubbed “cheapfakes” because they supposedly lack context or have been edited and now are being dubbed as “misinformation”.

Whether or not Biden is out of it in a particular scene, is a matter of perception, not fact. And yet here come the fact checkers trying to establish something that only a team of medical professionals with access to the patient could hope to establish.

NBC News: Misleading GOP videos of Biden are going viral. The fact-checks have trouble keeping up.

Misleading is not true or false. And while some videos may be misleading, others are hard to argue with.

After years of claiming that Hillary and Hunter Biden’s scandals were Russian misinformation, we’re on the verge of claiming that videos of Biden looking ‘out of it’ are an assault on democracy and have to be censored to protect the Democrats from democracy.



Biden regime abruptly cancels meeting with Netanyahu after he notes their withholding of weapons from Israel

Biden officials call for ‘urgent’ de-escalation and ceasefire as ‘all-out war’ against Hizballah is ‘very close’

In Gaza, The Famine That Never Was 

Taliban cuts women’s wages up to 75%

Israel: Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet as Benny Gantz quits, ‘no affect on chain of command’

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The Media Ignores Hamas’ Holding of Hostages and Hizballah’s Attacks on Israel

There is much about the war against Israel to which the mainstream media pays scant attention. That journalistic failure is discussed here: “What mainstream media isn’t reporting during the Israel-Hamas war – opinion,” by Andrea Samuels, Jerusalem Post, May 24, 2024:

In general, from watching MSM [mainstream media], we have the impression that the IDF is killing innocent children, unopposed, and there is no mention of the ongoing rocket attacks on Israel apart from the Iranian attack which was portrayed as a harmless gesture,” explained Paul Martin Gurnett from Britain….

The rocket attacks launched by Hamas into southern Israel, and by Hezbollah into northern Israel, are seldom mentioned on the mainstream media. But we are shown people in Gaza running for cover, just before the IDF’s airstrikes hit, and then the aftermath of bloody corpses who, we are assured — no evidence need be presented — are almost entirely those of “women and children.”

You can go for days without the Israeli hostages being mentioned even once on the news in North America. In Europe the lack of coverage is even more pronounced. They are mentioned when the IDF finds a few more murdered hostages, usually in a tunnel, like the three dead Israelis just found by the IDF on March 23 under the Jabaliya camp. And when the IDF releases a video taken by Hamas operatives of hostages as they were being captured, and manhandled, a minute or two of that will be shown on the mainstream media. But that’s about it.

When have you read or heard anything about the tens of thousands of Israelis who have had to leave their homes in northern Israel because of Hezbollah rocket and drone attacks? Never? Well, almost never.

Hezbollah has been joined in southern Lebanon by Hamas volunteers, eager to join their Shi’a Muslim rivals in order to fight the Zionists. But little is reported about those Hamas operatives launching their own attacks from Lebanon into Israel.

The mainstream media keeps telling us about how more than 1.2 million people in Gaza were initially displaced from the north, and that now, about one million have been evacuated from their temporary refuges in Rafah, forced to flee north, to Al-Mawasi and Khan Younis.

Did you hear a word from the mainstream media about this barrage from Lebanon? You did not. Nor have there been more than a handful of mentions in the mainstream media about the 60,000 Israelis in the north who have been forced to flee their homes, and for seven months have been unable to return.

Another tragedy about which many outside Israel are unaware is the deaths of soldiers on the frontlines both in Gaza, the North, and the West Bank.

Men, some as young as 19, as well as reservists in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s, are making the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe, often leaving behind young children who will grow up without a father….

These young men, and some women, have died in defense of their people and their state. Many were native sabras; others made aliyah with their families to Israel from all over the world. Some came alone. Their stories — the ones that have been told in the Israeli media — are amazing. But the mainstream media is not interested in human interest stories from the Israeli side. That would humanize the IDF fighters, might even make them sympathetic. And that would never do.

More than a thousand Israeli soldiers and civilians have been seriously wounded in the Gaza War, meaning that they will need years of rehabilitation, as well as having to come to terms with living as amputees.

Don’t look to the BBC, or the French Canal Cinq, or Deutsche Welle, or The New York Times, or The Washington Post, for news about the 60,000 Israelis who have had to leave their homes in the north and the 40,000 who have had to do the same in southern Israel because of rocket barrages from Hamas and Hezbollah. Don’t look there for news about the eight field hospitals the IDF has built in Gaza. Don’t expect to hear much about Israel’s young soldiers dying in Gaza in defense of their country. You will not read heartbreaking stories about those killed and their parents mourning; such stories are reserved for Palestinians alone.



What the Mainstream Media is Not Reporting About the Israeli Side of the War

Two-Thirds of Unemployment Benefits in Germany Go to Migrants

Italy: Star of David and threat scrawled on Jewish university professor’s door

UK: Man casually walks streets wearing ‘HAMAS 7’ jersey

Austria: Muslim migrants attack police officers, injure six

Germany: Christian Democrats nominate Sharia-adherent, Erdogan-linked Muslim for local elections

Two Muslim girls uncover on TikTok the horror of abuse in their Islamic community

Ireland: ‘Palestine’s’ ambassador looks forward to seeing her flag flying over Parliament

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Senior BBC employee who called Jews ‘Nazis’ and denied Holocaust has now been fired

All along, Dawn Queva managed to hide her antisemitism and racism against whites under the rubric of woke rage about white supremacism.

Woke anti-Semites who managed to perpetuate their hate in businesses, government and campuses alike, under the cover of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, are now being penalized in the wake of the upheaval created by their overt hostility after the October 7 jihad massacre.

Israel’s war to defend its nation from more such attacks, and ultimately from annihilation, is leading them to expose themselves. Their brazenness demonstrates the level of their emboldenment over the years.

Particularly troubling is the fact that without widespread condemnation, such anti-Semites would perpetuate and ramp up their hatred and incitement to violence.

The case of Queva is reminiscent of another recent case in British Columbia, where a professor who called October 7  “amazing, brilliant” was abruptly fired by Langara College, only days after it stood by her and reinstated her.

BBC employee who called Jewish people ‘Nazis’ no longer works at corporation

by Robert Mendick and Gabriella Swerling, Telegraph, February 4, 2024:

A BBC scheduler who referred to Jews as “Nazis” and white people as “parasites” no longer works at the corporation, The Telegraph can reveal.

Last week, it emerged that Dawn Queva – who, according to her online profile, is a scheduling coordinator at BBC Three – had made Facebook posts that included calling Jewish people “Nazi apartheid parasites” who funded a “holohoax”.

Her posts also repeatedly attacked white people, calling them a “virus” and “mutant invader species”.

The BBC was informed of the statements made online, which drew widespread condemnation and calls for the organisation to take disciplinary action against her.

However, The Telegraph understands that Ms Queva is no longer at the corporation, and a BBC spokesman confirmed: “The individual concerned is no longer employed by the BBC.”

Ms Queva previously worked with Disney and UKTV, according to her Linkedin profile.

Her social media posts were made under the name of Dawn Las Quevas-Allen on Facebook, but the profile has the same profile picture as her regular profile, and Deadline, a trade magazine, reported that her identity had been confirmed…..

Read more.



The antisemitism crisis is out of control

Hundreds of Muslims at Leeds University Call to Kill Campus Rabbi, Rape His Wife, Murder Their Children.’Us Muslims Are Coming for You, You Dirty Zionist M****therf**ker’

Israel Uncovers Massive Hamas Data Center Under UN’s Gaza Headquarters

Iran is Recruiting British Muslims to Target Jews and Dissidents of the Mullahs to Carry Out Islamic Attacks in the UK

Antisemitic Poster of Skunk with Star of David Plastered Across Columbia University Demonizes Jews

Biden regime gives Israel 45 days to submit report on alleged international law violations or lose military aid

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Media Worried About Hamas Terrorists Who Died in Israeli Hostage Rescue

Two hostages were rescued from Hamas, but all the media cares about is protecting Hamas.

The media defies satire.

Palestinians in Rafah Describe ‘Night Full of Horror’ During Israeli Hostage Rescue – New York Times

Dozens reported dead in Rafah strikes as Israel rescues two hostages – Washington Post

Israeli military says it’s rescued 2 hostages during Rafah raid; Palestinian officials say dozens of Palestinians killed – CBS News

Israel frees two hostages in Rafah under cover of air strikes, Gaza health officials say 67 killed – Reuters

How bizarre is this coverage? Here’s what normal coverage of a hostage rescue looks like.

How Israeli commandos blasted their way into Rafah apartment to rescue hostages – The Telegraph

But the media has stopped pretending that its concerns are anything other than the lives of Hamas terrorists. Except that it refuses to actually say the words. Instead, in keeping with the same distorted framing we hear from the likes of AOC or Bernie Sanders, no distinction is made between Hamas and “Palestinians” or “Gazans.”

All of this has been passed along to the Biden administration. Here’s the CNN coverage of that.

The Biden administration is deeply concerned about an Israeli operation that rescued two hostages out of Rafah but may have also resulted in some one hundred Palestinians being killed as part of that operation, according to a senior administration official.

We’ve gone from dozens to 67 to a hundred. By next Wednesday, it’ll be a thousand.

For now, United States officials are still gathering information on details of the rescue operation, including how exactly the operation unfolded and how many civilians may have been killed, that official said. But such a high rate of Palestinian deaths would be deeply worrisome, according to the official, and comes as US President Joe Biden and US officials have been warning Israel about their preparation to make a ground incursion into Rafah.

High rate of what? Hamas claims 97 dead. Who were those 97? How many of them were Hamas?

Don’t ask the media which is not concerned with such questions or distinctions. All it does is repeat Hamas propaganda.

Two hostages were rescued from Hamas, but all the media cares about is protecting Hamas.



ICC prosecutor threatens Israel with action over strikes in Rafah

Israeli Casualties Have Significantly Increased In Order to Please Biden and Blinken

EU Supreme Court outlaws kosher slaughter, effectively declaring Judaism illegal in European Union

CNN worries that Muslim migrant gang rape in Italy will bolster ‘far right’

Sweden: Court orders man who burned Qur’an to be deported

Lockheed Martin to sell $23 billion worth of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey

Hamas is Obviously Lying About Number of Gazans Killed During Hostage Rescue

UK: Far-left ‘comedian’ throws Jewish audience members out of his show, leads chants of ‘Get the f**k out’


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Hamas-linked CAIR wants Chicago public school substitute teacher fired for disrespecting Hamas

In this WBBM report, we learn that a third grader is accusing a Chicago Public School substitute teacher of threatening to strike him with an open upraised hand. The conduct of teachers in public schools is so outrageous these days that this might be true. But we just don’t know for sure. That is why an investigation is necessary.

However, certain people, including the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the TV stations that pander to it don’t want to wait for the outcome of an investigation. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is handling the publicity for this story, will frequently get on TV to try its case in the court of public opinion. Network affiliates around the country help them do this.

For instance, it says on the WBBM website that Jermont Terry is an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).

Jermont is an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists and the Investigative Reporters and Editors.

NABJ reporters function as activists in newsrooms around the country, protecting the image of black Americans in the news. They also frequently assist CAIR in manipulating the media. That is what is going on in this case.

In his summation, reporter Terry says:

And while Hamas is, in fact, listed by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization, CAIR Chicago and the Ihmud family say it is unreasonable for the substitute, or anyone, constantly to try connecting all Palestinians to Hamas. That is why they want the employee terminated for targeting the third-grader.

Is this reporting or apologetics? Repeatedly, the little boy defied the teacher by saying that Hamas jihadis are not terrorists, and that the teacher was disrespecting his culture. There is little doubt that this is what his family taught him.

One might get the impression that the family wants the teacher terminated more because she disrespected Hamas than because she allegedly raised her hand to their child.

It is no surprise that the Council on American-Islamic Relations would bring a story such as this one to the newsroom. CAIR’s executive director, Nihad Awad, has said publicly that the events on October 7 made him “happy.”

There are numerous examples of CAIR broadcasting its version of events during an ongoing investigation, knowing full well that the other side cannot respond.

CAIR has weaponized the testimony of a child more than once. In one case, CAIR used the accusation of a child to get on TV and claim that a teacher disciplined a student by saying he would have to watch others eat while he fasted for Ramadan. A subsequent investigation found this to have no basis in fact.

In another case, CAIR got on TV four times or more, rumor-mongering about a teacher who was accused of mishandling a hijab. Now that this teacher is suing CAIR for defamation in New Jersey, no TV station will touch this story.

Of particular interest in this case is CAIR’s motion to dismiss the defamation suit against the organization.

CAIR’s lawyers state in CAIR’s Motion to Dismiss that everybody knows that CAIR does not really mean what it says. They are just posturing.

Context is key here. CAIR Foundation’s role as a staunch advocate for Muslim-Americans signals to readers that these underlined statements are not an assertion of objective fact, but as expressions of subjective belief and opinion from an advocate’s point of view.

CAIR is constantly manipulating the TV newscasts in which its representatives appear.

Here is CAIR manipulating the media in Olympia, Washington.

Here is CAIR manipulating the media in Georgia.

Here is CAIR manipulating the media in Missouri.

Here is CAIR manipulating the media in Minnesota.

CAIR’s call for the teacher’s termination is one manifestation of what has now become a weekly event. CAIR uses its astonishing media access to force terminations, threaten livelihoods, defame reputations, charge people with hate crimes, and more.

There are close to 50 examples of this in 2023, and over 160 total examples in the past six years. All with the willing help of TV stations such as WBBM, and reporters such as Jermont Terry.

“Family says Chicago substitute teacher targeted 3rd-grader for being Palestinian,” by Jermont Terry, CBS, December 27, 2023:

CHICAGO (CBS) — A call has been issued for a quick investigation after an 8-year-old boy said a substitute teacher made offensive and inappropriate remarks to him in class.

The boy is of Palestinian heritage. As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported Wednesday night, local Islamic leaders want the Chicago Public Schools to take action now.

As CPS students finish up their winter break, the father of 8-year-old Mahmoud Ihmud said his son is scared to go back to class – with a substitute teacher accused of targeting him for being Palestinian.

“She said that Hamas are terrorists,” said Mahmoud.

Those are the words Mahmoud said his substitute teacher at Chicago Academy Elementary School, at 3400 N. Austin Ave., told him. Students were in art class when he said the sub started randomly asking their nationality.

“I was the last person. I said I was from Palestine. She said, ‘Hamas are terrorists.’ I was like, ‘That’s not true.’ She was like, ‘Yes it is,’ I was like, ‘That’s not true.’ She goes, ‘No, it’s true – and it’s true, I’m going to hit you,’” said Mahmoud.

Mahmoud said the substitute insisted on telling him, and the entire third grade class, that he Hamas was killing children.

“And then I pushed her away, and then I ran back to my desk,” said Mahmoud. “Then she raised her hand at me.”

CBS 2’s Terry asked Mahmoud to show him what the teacher did. Mahmoud demonstrated to claim the teacher raised her hand with an open palm at him.

Terry asked Mahmoud what was going through his mind when this happened.

Mahmoud: “What was going through my mind? I wanted to hit her.”

Terry: “You were mad? Why were you so mad?”

Mahmoud: “She disrespected my culture.”

“I was so mad,” said Mahmoud’s father, Tawfiq Ihmud. “For an 8-year-old boy and a teacher tell him that he knows nothing about what’s going on back home – ‘What’s Hamas? What’s terrorist.’”

Mahmoud’s father set up a meeting. He met with school administrators the Wednesday before break.

“I went to the principal, and I told him, he said, ‘I’m making a report on her right now,’” said Ihmud. “But I said, ‘What’s the reason she said to my son that?’ He said, ‘I have no answer for you right now.’”

The father said CPS launched an investigation.

“They told me they stopped her from going to that school, which is the Chicago Academy,” said Ihmud.

Yet it is unclear if the substitute teacher has been banned entirely from working within CPS while they investigate.

“She can be in other schools. There are a lot of Palestinians, Muslims all over in different schools,” said Ihmud. “They way she treated my kids – she could treat other kids the same way.”

“This is not someone that should be working with children,” said Maggie Slavin of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Chicago….



Jihad on campus:How the Muslim Brotherhood has subverted the universities

Chicago mayor calls for reparations to compensate descendants of slaves and help reduce violent crime

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Muslim Lives Matter. Jewish Lives Don’t.

Attacks on Muslims and Jews are treated very differently.

On Nov 5, Paul Kessler, a 69-year-old Jewish man, was killed at a pro-Israel rally in California.

A pro-Hamas protester had previously displayed a gun to intimidate the pro-Israel ralliers. While Kessler lay bleeding on the ground, the Muslim protesters chanted, “Hitler should’ve smashed you ” and threats of violence from Hamas. The media reported none of this, instead it described the killing of Kessler as an accident. Once the killer was arrested, CNN did not interview Paul’s friends, but quoted claims that his Muslim assailant was really a “man of peace.”

Few local officials, no state officials and certainly no one in the Biden administration said a word.

On November 25, three Arab Muslim men were shot in Burlington, VT, during a confrontation with Jason James Eaton, a mentally unstable Biden supporter described as “the hippie guy.”

Even though Eaton had denounced “Amerika” as “imperialist and corrupt,” was not Jewish, had no apparent interest in Middle East politics or Israel, politicians and the media without a single shred of evidence claimed that the wounded Muslim men who identified as ‘Palestinian’ had been targeted because of Israel’s campaign against Hamas and an imaginary ‘Islamophobia’.

Paul Kessler’s killer was not arrested at the scene and not arrested at all until ten days later. Bail was initially set for him at $1 million, which was cut to $50,000, and he’s out on the street.

Eaton was arrested by agents of the ATF, a federal agency, and is being held without bail. The FBI and “several other federal, state, and local agencies” are investigating the shooting of the three Muslim men. No such investigation was tracked for Kessler’s death in California.

While Biden did not comment on the killing of Paul Kessler, Biden issued a statement about the wounding of the Muslim men, declaring that, “there is absolutely no place for violence or hate in America” implying without evidence that there had been some hateful motive in the altercation.

Kamala Harris, who had made no statement about Paul Kessler’s killing, even though it took place in her home state, claimed that “far too many people live with the fear that they could be targeted and attacked based on their beliefs or who they are.”

Governor Phil Scott, Senator Peter Welch, Senator Bernie Sanders, and numerous other public officials also issued statements. So did multiple senators who aren’t even from Vermont.

Sen. Welch condemned “hate and Islamophobia” and claimed that the “conflict in the Middle East have brought an alarming spike in Islamophobic incidents across the United States.”

The same media outlets which had minimized or ignored Paul Kessler’s death launched a full-court press promotional campaign for the Burlington shootings. NBC News deployed a ‘liveblog’ site to cover a few seconds of violence that quickly ended with Eaton’s arrest. NBC showed a photo of one of the Muslim men, who is 20 years old, as an 11-year-old boy.

NBC News provided a platform for the Muslim men and their Islamic allies to blame Israel for the shooting and promote the terrorist cause. This was not a privilege provided to the dozen black people shot in Chicago around the same time.

Brown University President Christina H. Paxson claimed, falsely and without evidence, that the shooting was “latest evidence of anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian discrimination and hate spiraling across this country and around the world”. Despite that she was booed off the stage at a ‘vigil’ for not agreeing to boycott the Jewish State. Then a professor read a letter from the injured Muslim man claiming falsely that Israel would have shot him and left him to die.

The vast difference between how Paul Kessler’s killing and the wounding of the Muslim men were treated is a microcosm of the political bias and media narratives. The media rushed to cover the Burlington shootings, but rushed to cover up Paul Kessler’s death. Politicians issued statements about what happened to the Muslim men, but not about what happened to Paul.

The attack on Paul was indisputably motivated by hatred for Jews. It came in the context of support for the mass murder of Jews and chants about Hitler. Yet the media has refused to discuss any of that. It has however covered non-stop an altercation in which the motive is unclear as if it were demonstrably occasioned by hostility to Arabs, Muslims or “Palestinians.”

This is not anecdotal: it’s part of an ugly pattern of political and media double standards.

Since the Hamas massacres of Oct 7, there has been a 400% increase in antisemitic incidents and on campuses, 73% of Jewish and 44% of non-Jewish students described witnessing antisemitism. But those are just statistics. What does it look like on the ground?

On the eve of the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Museum of Tolerance screened footage of the Hamas atrocities, and was descended upon by a pro-terrorist mob that justified the violence. Members of the Jewish community were assaulted by the pro-Hamas mob. Neither the media nor local officials condemned one of the most brazen antisemitic campaigns in American history.

Mayor Karen Bass reposted a media report misleadingly describing a scene in which “two groups outside LA’s Museum of Tolerance” clashed and condemned “unacceptable violence” rather than the equivalent of the KKK showing up in a black neighborhood. No public officials to my knowledge issued a statement condemning an attack on a Holocaust museum on the anniversary of Kristalnacht. Some of those officials, including DA George Gascon, list endorsements from the hate groups behind the attack. Some of the leftists responsible have since targeted another Holocaust museum in the Los Angeles area with pro-terrorist rallies.

In another part of Los Angeles, Daniel Garcia, a leftist activist, broke into the home of a Jewish family and threatened to kill them, “because you are Jewish… Israel kill people.” As he was being arrested, he went on shouting, “Free Palestine” and “Brown Lives Matter”.

Despite his long history of leftist activism, which included working as a field organizer on the Bernie Sanders campaign and serving on the boards of multiple leftist groups, the official word was that he was suffering from mental illness. And that it was not a political act.

In reality, Garcia had a long history of posting anti-Israel material on social media. After being released, he went on posting it including videos from terrorists attacking Israel. His social media, with its BDS videos, Islamic propaganda, Norman Finkelstein clips and all the rest of it is easily publicly accessible. No one in the media has bothered to report on it. And it will stay that way.

The Left has not even broken ties with Garcia in the aftermath of his attack on a Jewish family.

Attacks on Jews and Muslims are treated very differently for political reasons. Unless the attacks on Jews are carried out by far-right perpetrators, they are ignored and buried. When they are carried out by Muslims or anti-Israel leftists, they’re covered up, not reported on.

A Muslim can kill a Jewish man in broad daylight and the media will try to minimize it. Leftists and Muslims can attack a Holocaust museum on the anniversary of one of the most infamous dates in the Holocaust, and politicians and the media will call it a “both sides” problem. And a Leftist calling for the murder of Jews and ‘free Palestine” can invade a Jewish family’s home and it will strictly be a local crime story. But when there is any incident involving Muslims, it automatically becomes front page news regardless of how little evidence there is to it.

Anything that bolsters the ‘Islamophobia’ narrative and the claim that Muslims are the victims is always in demand.

On Oct 23, Hesham A. Ayyad claimed that a driver hit him with a car while shouting, “kill all Palestinians,”and “long live Israel.” CAIR demanded that the police and the FBI “collect all the information they need to charge this individual with a hate crime.” Vox quickly picked it up. So did other media outlets. Police however found he had actually been beaten up by his brother.

Vox has yet to correct its story which still lists it among other “Islamophobic” crimes caused by Israel’s war against Hamas.

Why did Paul Kessler’s killer think he could get away with it? And why have there been so many open attacks on Jews, especially on college campuses, in the past month? Because politicians and the media have shown that some lives matter more than others. Jewish lives don’t matter.

Only Muslim lives do.



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North Carolina: Islamic scholar claims it’s a ‘lie’ that Hamas killed Israeli civilians

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Islamic scholar says caliphate’s “armies will advance, saying ‘Allahu akbar,’ to invade France and conquer Rome”

Harvard President: Calling for Genocide of Jews ‘Depends on the Context’

Georgetown Prof: All Non-Muslims Had To Do To Be Equal Was Convert to Islam

Samaria: 30-40 ‘Palestinians’ pelt four Israeli shepherds with rocks as they tend their goats

Heard on the Street: Hamas Leaders Made Billions from October 7 Attack

UK: London-based Muslim TV station openly supports Hamas and Hizballah, authorities ‘powerless’ to stop it

Italy: Two Muslims arrested for spreading Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Islamic State and al-Qaeda propaganda

Presidents of Harvard and Penn say calling for genocide of Jews not necessarily against their rules

French interior minister on Paris jihad murder: ‘Terrorism is changing and exploiting the weaknesses of our system’

Everybody Is Upset About Civilian Casualties in Gaza, but Where Do the Numbers Come From?

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Finally, The New York Times Begrudgingly Admits It Was Wrong About the Gaza Hospital Attack

When there was an explosion at the parking lot at the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza last week, the New York Times was quick — much too quick, rather — heedless, off the mark, claiming that an Israeli airstrike was to blame for the attack “on the hospital,” and that nearly 500 people were killed. How did the Times know? It didn’t. It simply acted as a dutiful amanuensis, transcribing what Hamas dictated to its reporters. It ran with their account of the incident, without waiting for the Israelis to provide their detailed explanation of the blast. Within a matter of hours, Israel responded with its version of events: first, it said that an errant rocket fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad had caused the explosion; second, the explosion was not in the hospital, which was largely unscathed, but in the parking lot of the hospital; third, that while it could not provide an exact figure, it believed there were far fewer than 500 people killed. But the damage was done. The Times had put out the story as Hamas wanted it, and Israel suffered terribly in the kangaroo court of public opinion.

Now, many days after it became crystal clear, through visual and audio evidence, including a view of the very small depression left by the blast, and after the American government, conducting its own forensic investigation, determined that Israel’s version of the incident was correct, the Grey Lady finally, albeit reluctantly, has had to admit it was wrong. The Times did not, of course, apologize for such an egregious and grievous error, nor take note of the likely violent consequences of disseminating that false claim, which in fact cam quickly to pass, with violent anti-Israel demonstrations all over the Arab and Muslim world. The Times is far too arrogant an institution to do that. More on how the high-and-mighty New York Times was brought low when it had to admit its error in the way it had covered the “hospital blast” story, can be found here: “NYT admits error in Gaza hospital report,” by Matt Berg, Politico, October 23, 2023:

The New York Times walked back its initial coverage on the explosion that killed hundreds of Palestinians at a Gaza Strip hospital last week, saying in an editors’ note that the newspaper “relied too heavily on claims” made by the Hamas militant group.

Just “an editors’ note”? On an inside page? The admission of its error ought by rights to have appeared where the misleading report had appeared — that is, on the front page, and in the same size type as the original.

Soon after a huge blast rocked the al-Ahli Hospital on Tuesday, finger-pointing over its source began.

Hamas, which has been battling Israel since its Oct. 7 surprise attack on Israeli soil, called the blast a “horrific massacre” and blamed the Israeli government. Israel, however, blamed the Islamic Jihad, a smaller, more radical group that often works with Hamas….

“The Times’s initial accounts attributed the claim of Israeli responsibility to Palestinian officials, and noted that the Israeli military said it was investigating the blast,” reads the Times’ editors’ note published on Monday. Early coverage “relied too heavily on claims by Hamas, and did not make clear that those claims could not immediately be verified.”

It took the Times six full days, from when the Israeli and American governments had presented their separate conclusions that Israel was blameless and that an errant rocket, launched from Gaza by Palestinian Islamic Jihad, had caused the “parking lot blast.” Why so long? What is it that makes the Times so reluctant to own up to its errors?

The newspaper’s coverage had a clear impact, according to the note: “The report left readers with an incorrect impression about what was known and how credible the account was.”…

That’s too weak. Make it stronger: “All the evidence supports Israel’s version of the incident.” Israel has explained, and provided the evidence, for what happened. The visuals show the rocket coming from Gaza toward Israel, and then suddenly breaking up, then heading downward and landing on the ground where the light of an explosion can be seen. And we have, too, the recorded telephone conversation of two Hamas operatives, discussing the fact that the rocket was fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Why doesn’t the Times mention any of that in its “Editors’ Note”?

Five days ago, PBS presented Israel’s version of the cause of the blast. Three days ago the AP accepted Israel’s version after Washington had confirmed it. Two days ago, it was CNN that held Israel blameless. But the New York Times waited until six days had passed, long after everyone in the Western world had learned that the American government, having conducted its own investigation, had concluded that Israel was blameless.

Here was what National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson tweeted the day after the blast: “While we continue to collect information, our current assessment, based on analysis of overhead imagery, intercepts and open source information, is that Israel is not responsible for the explosion at the hospital in Gaza yesterday.”

The Times stopped short of an apology for its initial coverage but said editors should have been more careful with the way the blast was represented….

Here’s what one would have wished from the Times: a full-throated, unbegrudging apology for the haste of its initial report, its credulous acceptance of a Hamas libel, and its unwillingness to wait just a few hours for Israel’s response. Surely it knew that putting the blame on Israel was likely to cause, and did cause, outbursts of anti-Israel hate all over the Arab and Muslim lands. Nor does the Times explain why the admission of its mistake came so many days after everyone else had admitted that Israel’s explanation of the blast was correct. Why was that? Perhaps the Times can assign a reporter to provide an “anatomy of an error ” to supplement that “Editor’s Note,” so that readers can find out exactly how, and why, that initial mistaken report came to be.



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How Major News Outlets Use Headlines to Deceive

Eighty-percent of Americans who bother to read the news at all do not read beyond the headline. So when major news outlets reporting on the violence in Israel in just one 12-hour period failed in their headlines to properly identify the perpetrators of terror attack, or their victims, or the nature of the attack, it is cause for concern. More on this worrisome dereliction of journalistic duty can be found here: “Headlines Hazy on Details in Coverage of Palestinian Terror Attacks,” by Chaim Lax, HonestReporting, August 31, 2023:

Within the span of 12 hours, one Israeli was killed and at least six others were wounded in two separate Palestinian terror attacks.

The first attack occurred on the evening of August 30, when a Palestinian teen from East Jerusalem stabbed a 25-year-old Israeli in the back at the Shivtei Yisrael light rail station. The victim managed to escape before an off-duty Border Police officer shot the terrorist multiple times, ultimately killing him.

Approximately 12 hours later, a Palestinian terrorist rammed a truck into a group of off-duty soldiers walking along the highway near a checkpoint, hit a nearby car and then drove away. Israeli security forces were able to kill the terrorist before he could commit another ramming attack.

In their coverage of these two terror attacks, several news outlets provided vague headlines that left readers with hazy information as to the nature of these attacks.

In the headlines for their reports on the Jerusalem light rail stabbing attack, both the Associated Press (AP) and Agence France-Presse (AFP) wire services focused on the fate of the terrorist while obscuring the identity of his victim and the nature of his attack….

Here is the AP headline: “In latest violence, Israeli police kill Palestinian teen assailant and West Bank bomb hurts Israelis.” The headline is the killing of the “teen assailant” by the Israeli police, but there is no information given about what the “assailant” had done or about the identity of the person attacked. Might that Palestinian, for example, have been throwing rocks at the police? In fact, he had stabbed an Israeli civilian in the back, in an attempt to kill him. And no mention is made of the assailant’s affiliation with a terror group. It turns out that he was “claimed” by both Hamas and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, both groups proud of the teen assailant’s attempt to murder an Israeli and wanting the credit.

That AP headline was then enlarged so as to mention another attack, but again that new part of the headline — “West Bank bomb hurts Israelis” — does not make clear who planted the bomb that wounded those Israelis. Some might even think the bomb belonged to the Israelis and that this was a “work accident.” Why didn’t AP write “Palestinians plant bomb that injures Israelis”?

The AFP headline about the stabbing was this: “Teenage attacker shot dead after Jerusalem stabbing: police.” This was even more vague than the AP headline, not identifying the “teenage attacker” as a Palestinian, not mentioning that his victim was an Israeli, and failing to note that the attack was not personal but, as the Israelis say, “of a nationalistic character,” meaning it was one more attack designed to drive the hated Jews out of “Palestine, from the river to the sea.” AFP could have had as its headline: “Palestinian terrorist stabs Israeli in back, is shot dead by off-duty Border Police officer.”

Perhaps the most egregious (but unsurprising) headline on the Jerusalem attack came from Al Jazeera, which not only omitted the fact that an innocent Israeli had been stabbed in the back but left out any mention of an attack altogether.

For anyone reading the Al Jazeera headline, it would appear as if a random Palestinian teenager was killed by the Israel Police for no reason. This is the perfect example of how the Qatar-funded news organization conceals reality in order to promote its anti-Israel narrative.

Similar to its report on the Jerusalem light rail stabbing attack, AFP’s initial headline on the truck ramming attack was equally vague and uninformative.

Why did the AFP merely report that three people were injured in a truck ramming attack, omitting the fact that the perpetrator was a Palestinian, and that the victims were Israelis?

Even the first paragraph of this AFP report was hazy with the details, merely referring to the attack being committed by a “truck driver” and that “three people”– not “three Israelis” — had been injured.

In its headline, The Guardian not only omitted the fact that the victims were Israelis but even attempted to minimize the nature of the attack by describing it as “Palestinian motorist drives car into pedestrians.” For all the average reader can tell, this is a simple road accident and not the deliberate mowing down of Israelis by a terrorist bent on killing them….

This was no “motorist” who simply lost control of his car, but a terrorist hellbent on killing Israelis by running them down. The Guardian should have written “Palestinian terrorist rams car into Israeli pedestrians, kills one.”

So it will take organizations such as HonestReporting.com and CAMERA.org to continue their difficult and at times exhausting work of constantly monitoring not just the contents of the media stories about Israel and the Palestinians, but also the headlines of those stories, that for 80% of readers constitute all that they will see.


EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Rolling Stone becomes latest Leftist publication to glamorize ‘Palestinian’ jihad terrorists

This is not the first time that Rolling Stone has glamorized jihadis.

Rolling Stone Jumps On Pro-Terrorist Bandwagon

by Karen Bekker, CAMERA, August 3, 2023:

Although they’re slightly late to the partyRolling Stone seems to have gotten the memo that the latest trend in antisemitic agitation posing as journalism is glamourizing young Palestinian terrorists. A nearly 6000-word piece by Jesse Rosenfeld – who has previously written for +972, The Nation, and Al Jazeera – fails to inform readers of Palestinian rejectionism, payments of salaries to convicted terrorists, or the effect of terror on Israeli society.

Instead, Rosenfeld portrays “Gen Z” terrorists as having no alternative but to take up arms against Israeli civilians: “‘Israel has left us no choice,’” he quotes his 22 year-old interview subject, a member of a Jenin-based terror cell, saying. “‘The occupation has proven that the more we are silent, the more it will take from us.’” What Israel has attempted to give to the Palestinians – that is, independence – isn’t mentioned.

And at the same time, the article portrays Israeli actions as wantonly evil. (“Generals, Peaceniks, and Palestinian Fighters Agree: Bibi Must Be Stopped,” July 22, reprinted on Yahoo.)

The piece brings to mind the adage that “a half-truth is a whole lie.” Consider the following passage from Rosenfeld’s article:

Elias and Mohammad al-Ashqar are in a state of shock. Sitting in the living room of their modest ground-floor family apartment in the Askar refugee camp on a brisk winter evening, they are surrounded by men from the community. The al-Ashqar brothers’ father, 61-year-old Abdel Hadi, had been shot and killed during an Israeli-army raid in the adjacent northern West Bank city of Nablus hours earlier.

The Israeli army stormed the crowded city at 10 a.m., opening fire as residents scrambled, abandoning their midmorning shopping to run for their lives down the winding streets.

Several paragraphs later, Rosenfeld does add that “the bloody Feb. 22 raid-turned-firefight was directed against the Lions’ Den.” From his description of events, however, a reader could easily think the IDF opened fire on Palestinian civilians for no reason at all. In fact, the Times of Israel reported, “The Israel Defense Forces said troops had entered Nablus to arrest [Hussam Bassam] Isleem, a senior member of the Lion’s Den terror group, who was allegedly the third member of a cell that killed Staff Sgt. Ido Baruch during a shooting attack in October.” According to a military source, “soldiers surrounded a home where three suspects, all members of the Lion’s Den terror group, were holed up, demanding they turn themselves in,” a gun battle broke out between the members of the terror cell and the IDF, and civilians were tragically killed in the crossfire. But Rolling Stone would prefer its readers to think the Ashqar brothers’ grief is solely a result of gratuitous Israeli violence.

This is typical of the nature of the entire piece, which is so one-sided as to be grossly dishonest. As another example, Rosenfeld tells us that in 2022, “29 Israelis were killed in Palestinian attacks.” But he did not humanize a single one of those Israelis, or the 20 civilians, including four children, that were killed so far in 2023, with the kind of story that he told about the Ashqar family. Posting the article, Rosenfeld tweeted, “I spoke to Palestinian fighters, leaders and occupied residents; former Israeli PM’s, a Shin Bet officer, a General and an army refusnik for this @RollingStone long read about Palestinian revolt in West Bank and unprecedented mass protest in Israel.” But he doesn’t appear to have spoken to any of the Israelis whose family members were lost to the terrorism he glamorizes, or those whose day-to-day lives have been damaged because of it.

Nor does he, in a 6000-word piece that took several months to report, relay any conversations with any members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s own party, or with any of the approximately one million Israelis who voted for it. He does, however, speak to many Israelis who oppose Netanyahu. The Palestinian Authority has exacted retribution on its critics in the past, which is presumably at least one reason why Rosenfeld’s Palestinian interview subject “Abu Nidal,” uses a pseudonym. But the many opponents of the Netanyahu government in Israel, including his political rivals, feel free to speak openly to Rosenfeld, who obligingly quotes them at length and uncritically. They know that no harm will come to them as a result of their words….



California: Hamas-linked CAIR claims jail officials ‘violently yanked’ Muslima’s hijab, video shows no force used

India: Muslim girl murdered by her father and brother for being in relationship with Hindu boy

Princeton Course Falsely Claims That IDF ‘Harvests the Organs of Palestinians’

UK: Muslim who murdered MP gets $127,485.60 in taxpayer funds for legal aid

Germany: Afghan Muslim migrant pays $7,000 for 13-year-old bride

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

How Green Investors Pay the Media to Promote ‘Climate Change’

A logo for The Associated Press is seen at its headquarters in New York on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. AP’s earnings rose 30 percent last year as the news cooperative recorded a huge tax gain and cut costs to help offset a revenue downturn reflecting the long-running financial woes plaguing newspapers and other media. (AP Photo/Hiro Komae)

AP takes millions from groups leveraged in green investments to promote the need for green investments.

The Associated Press revealed last year that it had scored $8 million to promote claims of global warming. The AP impartially described this massive conflict of interest as an illustration of “how philanthropy has swiftly become an important new funding source for journalism”.

“This far-reaching initiative will transform how we cover the climate story,” its executive editor claimed. That is no doubt true. And an incredibly damaging admission.

The philanthropic quid-pro-quo saw five organizations fund the AP’s dedicated team of “more than two dozen journalists” to cover “climate issues” that the wire service would then plant in papers around the country to terrify Americans into supporting ‘green’ taxes and subsidies.

The Associated Press did not bother to explain to its readers or the newspapers that run its stories why these organizations were impelled to throw millions at it except sheer benevolence.

Nor did it explain why they might be particularly interested in convincing Americans that the climate sky is falling and that our economy must be dismantled and ‘greened’: raising energy prices and putting millions out of work. The paragon service of journalism did not even bother explaining to its readers what one of the five, Quadrivium, was beyond a Latin word.

Quadrivium is the pet project of James Murdoch and his wife, the ‘black sheep’ of Clan Murdoch, who left the family business in a huff “due to disagreements over certain editorial content published by the Company’s news outlets“. Quadrivium seeks to reach “a majority of the public” to generate “urgent action” on the bipartisan passage of a US climate strategy.”

The proposed template is the “carbon rebate plan” which would tax Americans through their carbon use and then promise to pay some of the money back to them. The plan comes from the Climate Leadership Council whose board includes Kathryn Murdoch: James’s wife.

CLC’s partners include major banks, JP Morgan, Santander and Goldman Sachs, energy companies, BP, Shell and Conoco, who believe that the proposal will be good for them.

The AP has helpfully promoted the CLC’s carbon tax plan in puff pieces like “Carbon tax plan worthy of bipartisan support”. Its editorial board described the CLC as a “group of venerable Republicans” and claims that taxing Americans for the benefit of special interests would be “a quintessentially conservative plan”. That was a strange new respect from the AP which has relentlessly tried to associate Republicans and conservatives with Nazis.

The “venerable Republicans” currently on CLC’s board include not only Kathryn Murdoch, but also a former Goldman Sachs executive focusing on climate finance, a board member of the Brown Advisory Sustainable Investing Advisory Board and a founding managing partner of “Qiming Venture Partners: one of China’s premier VC firms” that was an early investor in TikTok.

That is what ESG looks like underneath the Gen Z activists being paid to scream in the streets even as the AP is being paid to scream more respectably in stories planted in local papers.

Serious journalism would ask questions or at least mention some of this in passing. The AP instead acts as a mouthpiece without even enough lingering self-respect to disclose any of that.

James Murdoch has put a lot of  money into green projects. His foundation joined a consortium of investors piling into BlackRock’s $250 million climate fund. He’s also on the board of directors of Tesla, and a potential candidate to succeed Musk, and the EV car company’s business model depends on a government subsidized climate panic.

Lupa Systems, Murdoch’s venture capital fund, also has some investments in environmental startups. The AP might have mentioned this to its readers before writing an article congratulating itself for taking cash to promote Murdoch’s views. But it’s not just Murdoch.

The Rockefeller Foundation, which is another of the Big 5 funding AP’s climate propaganda, put $500 million into green energy abroad. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, another of the AP’s climate sugar daddies, has numerous climate initiatives, and these include the Climate Finance Fund. The Foundation refuses to invest in companies that drill for gas or oil.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, set up by the eccentric tycoon as a tax shelter, was quickly hijacked after his death. Delaware, where it was incorporated, appointed a board that sold off Hughes Aircraft to GM. But HMMI’s original emphasis on medical research has more recently declined into wokeness. Last year, HMMI announced a $2 billion investment to increase “diversity” in science. HMI appears to be a major investor in Kreido Biofuels,

And finally there’s the fifth of the AP’s big five climate funders: the Walton Family Foundation.

The foundation of the Walmart heirs has four board members. Lukas Walton, Sam Walton’s grandson, also serves as its Environment Program Committee Chair. Lukas’ $4 billion Builders Version organization directs 90% of its investments into ESG. S2G Ventures, its capital fund, declares that its mission is “investing in a humane and healthy planet.” It has an extensive portfolio of ‘green’ companies including Bluestar Energy Capital, a green energy investment company, Common Energy, a solar power company, Electric Hydrogen, and Carbon America which focuses on carbon capture.

Those investments seem likely to do better if Mr. and Mrs. America, or at least the CEOs and financiers who take the media seriously, keep reading about the threat of “climate change”.

The AP is taking money from organizations heavily leveraged in green investments to promote the need for green investments. And it fails to disclose the financial interests that its funders have in promoting global warming hysteria.

The closest that it gets to addressing the inherent conflict of interest comes when Brian Carovillano, AP’s vice president for grants, concedes that, “this is a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

The AP’s benefit is obvious. What’s the benefit to the donors?

Instead of answering that question, the AP story simply notes that Brian Carovillano had to “get used to the idea that funders weren’t just being generous; they had their own goals to achieve.”

The AP echoes Carovillano’s insistence that the money comes “without strings attached; the funders have no influence on the stories that are done”. Except that the whole point of the grant is for the service to produce stories on the topic that the funders are interested in. Since the AP is not about to report that there are more polar bears than at any time since the 1960s or that climate doomers keep changing the date when everyone will die every few years, the content is predictable. The AP would like to benefit from repeat business from these massive foundations, so it’s going to produce the kinds of stories that will bring more money flowing its way.

That’s the way to maintain the “mutually beneficial arrangement” aimed at helping the Associated Press pay the bills while helping its generous donors fulfill their “goals”.

In recent years, Democrats and the media have targeted conservative groups like the Heartland Institute claiming that they act as “fronts” for oil companies. The AP promoted documents stolen from the Heartland Institute about its funders and has spent years running hit pieces on Heartland without revealing that the wire service is a paid shill for green special interests.

The AP’s arrangement sheds light on the media’s financial agenda in promoting green programs that would destroy the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of Americans. While the media has its biases, these are not wholly organic. The ability of special interests to capture the media at the source by targeting wire services like the AP shows how what we read about the environment is being manipulated by networks of special interests with billions at stake.

The next time you see an AP story about “climate change”, you know who’s paying for it.

Democrats have proposed an investigation of Heartland and the oil companies. It may be time for an investigation of the AP and the financial interests funding its global warming propaganda.


EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Video Compilation: Hamas-linked CAIR’s TV Attacks for 2022

2022 was an off-year for the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

It had several subpar months, and was only on TV 313 times in 2022.

However, the severity of its TV attacks continues to increase.

2022 saw 30 attacks from CAIR on TV. Which is a seven percent increase over 2021’s 28 TV attacks. Which, in turn, was a 100% increase from the 15 TV attacks in 2018.

Also in 2022, someone finally sued CAIR for defamation, in New Jersey. And 2022 saw CAIR adding Hindu-Americans to their list of targets for harassment.

Finally, there are compelling indications that CAIR helped inspire the terror incident in Colleyville, Texas.

By every measure, the continued presence of CAIR on TV is a growing problem.



In Iran, Crowds Chanting ‘Death to the IRGC, Death to the Entire System’ Honor the Dead 40 Days After They Were Killed

Germany: Migrants turn Berlin into war zone on New Year’s Eve, cops, firefighters, ambulance workers targeted

Nigeria: Muslims invade Enugu community, murder dozens in new jihad massacre

India: Muslims check IDs to ensure their targets are Hindu, gun down four people

EU top dog who said six million more migrants were needed for Europe caught up in Qatar bribery scandal

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IRAN: Freedom fighters defy Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps ultimatum to cease protests

Note how Reuters once again refers to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as the “Revolutionary Guards.” Why won’t these “journalists” call the group by its correct name?

Security forces tear gas students defying Iran protest ultimatum

by Parisa Hafezi, Reuters, October 30, 2022:DUBAI (Reuters) -Protests in Iran entered a more violent phase on Sunday as students, who defied an ultimatum by the Revolutionary Guards and a warning from the president, were met with tear gas and gunfire from security forces, social media videos showed.

The confrontations at dozens of universities prompted the threat of a tougher crackdown in a seventh week of demonstrations sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after she was arrested by the morality police for attire deemed inappropriate.

“Security is the red line of the Islamic Republic, and we will not allow the enemy to implement in any way its plans to undermine this valuable national asset,” hardline President Ebrahim Raisi said, according to state media.

Iranians from all walks of life have taken to the streets since Amini’s death in protests that the clerical rulers said were endangering the Islamic Republic’s security.

Authorities have accused Islamic Iran’s arch-enemies the United States and Israel and their local agents of being behind the unrest to destabilise the country.

What began as outrage over Amini’s death on Sept. 16 has evolved into one of the toughest challenges to clerical rulers since the 1979 revolution, with some protesters calling for the death of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards told protesters that Saturday would be their last day of taking to the streets, the harshest warning yet by Iranian authorities.

Nevertheless, videos on social media, unverifiable by Reuters, showed confrontations between students and riot police and Basij forces on Sunday at universities all over Iran.

One video showed a member of Basij forces firing a gun at close range at students protesting at a branch of Azad University in Tehran. Gunshots were also heard in a video shared by rights group HENGAW from protests at the University of Kurdistan in Sanandaj.

Videos from universities in some other cities also showed Basij forces opening fire at students.

Across the country, security forces tried to block students inside university buildings, firing tear gas and beating protesters with sticks. The students, who appeared to be unarmed, pushed back, with some chanting “dishonoured Basij get lost” and “Death to Khamenei”….



Iran: Protesters destroy monument to the symbol of the Islamic Republic

Iran: After IRGC top dog says Saturday would be ‘last day’ of protests, authorities clamp down hard on universities

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