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What? Feds Propose 49 New Endangered Species for Hawaii

From Federal Register September 30, 2016 (actually published Sept 29, 2016) AGENCY:  Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior. ACTION:  Proposed rule. SUMMARY:  We, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), propose to list 10 animal species, including the band-rumped storm-petrel (Oceanodroma castro), the orangeblack Hawaiian damselfly (Megalagrion xanthomelas), the anchialine pool shrimp (Procaris hawaiana), and seven […]

Hawaii: Democrat Vice Chair Resigns—’Party Less Transparent, More Dictatorial’

The Following Message Was Sent to Oahu County Democratic Party Officers… September 14, 2016 Please accept this email as notification of resignation of my position as vice chair of the Oahu County Committee. I want to thank the Oahu County Democratic Party and OCC for the rewarding and enriching experience. Twelve years ago Jimmy Toyama […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Saluted Hawaii Statehood on September 17, 1959

EDITORS NOTE: As Hawaii this week celebrates its statehood, it’s worth remembering that the archipelago was once staunchly Republican territory.  In fact, it was southern Senate Democrats who blocked its statehood for decades over fears that the minority-majority state would elect two senators who would tip the balance in the civil rights debate. Therefore, Hawaii’s prospects […]

Feds to Hit Corrupt Hawaii Democratic Party with ‘Biggest Fine Ever’

SA: …State Democrats are bracing for what is expected to be the largest fine ever imposed on the Hawaii party by the Federal Elections Commission for a series of alleged violations of federal campaign regulations during the 2012 election cycle. Party officials declined to discuss details of the case because it is ongoing, but a […]

Hawaii: Obama’s favorite Democrat run state ranks 50th in Cost of Doing Business

CNBC: America’s Top States for Business 2016 49. Hawaii Quality of life in the Aloha State can’t be beat. But neither can costs, which are the highest in the nation. Category Score 2016 Rank 2015 Rank Workforce 165 48 46 Cost of Doing Business 45 50 50 Infrastructure 116 46 49 Economy 181 25 42 […]

Gender Ideology Harms Children: Human sexuality an objective biological trait!

From American College of Pediatricians, March, 2016 The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality. 1. Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: “XY” […]

Elected Criminals to be Reelected by Incarcerated Criminals

Hawaii lawmakers are expected to make a decision on House Bill 2773 on Thursday.  The bill would allow prisoners to retain their right to vote, even while incarcerated. (Airhead) Representative Kaniela Ing introduced the bill.  He says denying convicts voting rights undermines democratic ideals.  Ing believes the process helps inmates learn about the system and […]

Former Cocaine Dealer Pulling Strings to Get Marijuana License?

State Democratic Majority Leader J. Kalani English, (a former cocaine dealer), is raising eyebrows at the state Capitol after he helped to pass the law to create medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii and then joined in a group that applied for one of the potentially lucrative dispensary licenses. State employees and lawmakers are prohibited from […]

Hawaii Poll: Clinton, Trump Lead Races for Nomination by Andrew Walden

This is what democracy looks like? The Star-Advertiser/Ward Poll released Sunday January 17, 2016 gives Hawaii a glimpse of what the presidential horse-race might look like if Hawaii conducted a State-run Presidential Primary as many other states do. But Hawaii doesn’t.  Instead voters are invited to cast their ballots in the caucuses organized by the […]

1959: Martin Luther King, Jr. Salutes Hawaii Statehood

The following remarks were made by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Thursday, September 17, 1959 at the Hawaii House of Representatives 1959 First Special Session: “Mr. Speaker, distinguished members of the House of Representatives of this great new state in our Union, ladies and gentlemen: It is certainly a delightful privilege and pleasure for […]

Hawaii Democratic Presidential Caucus Date Changed to Help Clinton beat Sanders

ILind: Apparently the change in the date for the Democratic presidential poll to Saturday March 26, part of the Democrat’s precinct caucuses, was anything but routine, according to a very interesting analysis in a comment posted on the website, TalkLeft.com. … “Our state’s caucuses are also being held on a Saturday afternoon for the very […]

A Short History of Islam in Hawaii by Andrew Walden

A short history of Islam in Hawaii…. On the trail to Hawaii Islam Day: Saudi money, Libyan assassins, Palestinian Jihad, London bombers, Malaysian sodomy, and laughing Islamists Brookings: Muslims expel reformer from Manoa mosque, claim Arabs discovered Hawaii One stop from Baghdad: Saddam Hussein’s 1982 Honolulu attack FBI Warrant: Honolulu Muslim busted allegedly trying to […]

Zombie Pension paid to Dead Man for 20 years by Andrew Walden

Millions worth of taxpayer dollars have been shelled out in the form of payments and benefits to people who aren’t even alive, and few agencies are taking advantage of a low-to-no-cost system that could stop those over-payments sooner. From pensions to property tax exemptions, even parking placards, payments and benefits that should stop when someone […]

Clean Energy Fail: Hawaii CO2 Emissions Rise Since ’08 by Andrew Walden

Did you actually believe the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) was designed to reduce the state’s CO2 emissions? Sucker. With the Clean Energy Initiative directing energy policies, Hawaii electric rates have gone up sharply.  Now a report from the environmental group Ceres.org shows that Hawaii is one of the very few states where CO2 emissions […]