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Britain’s last Guantanamo Detainee: The real story behind Shaker Aamer

HJS looks at the al-Qaeda suspect who may be eligible for a payout thought to be worth approximately £1,000,000,  and for whom even the Prime Minister is campaigning. Last Sunday, for the second week in a row, The Henry Jackson Society has been featured prominently in The Sunday Telegraph. After our initial, front-page success in highlighting the number of terrorists […]

Human Rights Act helps 28 Terrorists to stay in Great Britian

On Sunday The Henry Jackson Society’s Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism’s (CRT) work was once again featured in an agenda-setting piece in the media, running under the headline ‘Human Rights Act helps 28 terrorists to stay in Britain’ on the front page of The Sunday Telegraph.The piece was entirely inspired by and conceived on the basis of CRT […]

Crunch-Time for the Coalition

What has Japan done?  Most of us can agree that for years Western European and North American democracies have received a considerable degree of criticism – and applied a considerable degree of self-criticism – based on our recent and far-distant historical actions. In Britain and France the carving up of the Ottoman empire keeps coming […]

VIDEOS: Our Response to the Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Between 7 and 9 January, Paris witnessed a brutal and drawn-out terrorist attack which left 17 dead and sparked widespread debate on questions of security and freedom of speech. Though shocking, the attack is just one in a string of radical Islamic terrorist atrocities targeting civilians as well as the democratic and security institutions of Western nations. As […]

‘A Lesson in Politics’

The mid-term elections in America have gone the way that most pundits predicted: a Republican rout in the mid-terms. The discussion immediately went on to the next question: what does this mean? In some ways the answer is ‘not very much’. The mid-terms are the only real opportunity American voters get to voice their dissatisfaction […]

UK Home Secretary’s renewed commitment to fighting extremists welcome news [+Video]

In 2010, HJS Associate Director Douglas Murray wrote an article summing up our objections to the problematic components of the government’s Prevent strategy – its flagship anti-terror policy, as it was then.  Writing in theTelegraph he said: ‘Barking Mosque received more than £5,000 to provide rap “workshops” and lunches. Something called “Bedford: Faith in Queens Park” received […]

UK Based Henry Jackson Society Launches Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism

The Henry Jackson Society is proud to announce the launch of its new research centre, The Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism (CRT). This first-of-its-kind institute ties together HJS experts’ extensive knowledge and the organisation’s unique reach to provide top-quality, in-depth research coupled with the proactive execution and implementation of targeted, tangible and […]

“Shock and Flaw”

Not a week goes by without our work at HJS turning out to be ever more prescient and ever more disconcertingly necessary. Sometimes it is our work on Russia and other autocratic states. Sometimes – and never more so than in recent months – it is our work on Islamic extremism, its causes, proponents and […]