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Medical School Professor: ‘Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live’ [VIDEO]

A Medical School professor reviews Hillary Clinton’s physical appearance and provides a startling set of findings with a tentative diagnosis that “Hillary Clinton has 1 year to live, and knows this!”  The doctor’s report along with video describing the condition and likely pathway of deterioration are presented below. Very serious consequences for America if she […]

U.S. Border Patrol Arrests Mexican bringing $3 Million of ‘Drug Money’ into California

Two men were arrested Tuesday, August 23rd, in North San Diego County, California (Escondido) with verified $3 million in illicit American currency. Various aspects of the arrests strongly suggest the currency was drug money being transported north in two vehicles. The actual information release from Border Patrol is mentioned below my signature line. Any security […]

Hillary likely has Parkinson’s Disease

I received the below information from an unnamed source in the law enforcement community. Under today’s date, I received additional information stating a major announcement is forthcoming from the Clinton Campaign on Hillary Clinton’s health matters which have now become of major interest to citizens across the country. Further released information today from a law […]

Wikileaks releases Clinton emails — Guilty? You be the judge!

Hillary Clinton cares more about Hillary Clinton than the safety and security of the United States. Since setting foot on the public stage back in her Arkansas days, Hillary Clinton has placed Hillary Clinton first and foremost – in everything! Times may change but Hillary does not. Her use of unauthorized servers and hand-held devices […]

Mexican judge’s parents not American Citizens

Donald Trump once again was blasted by all segments in the political arena, including so-called conservative leaders like House Speaker Paul Ryan, Arizona Senator John McCain, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for calling out the Federal Judge in the Trump University Law Suit. Trump stated how Judge Curiel has been and remains a strong supporter […]

Disinformation…lies…more lies: Orlando Killer’s Father Held Meetings at the White House

Disinformation…lies…more lies…ignoring terrorist events or incidents and then minimizing the official response. Here is a video of President Obama defending his policy not to use the term “radical Islam”: Deliberately weakening National Security through a variety of means; including, but not limited to: rewritten policy prohibiting aggressive screening, intelligence collection, apprehension, budgetary reductions to agencies […]

He has Risen!

Jesus Christ died. He died quivering on a cross, after receiving a horrific public thrashing that would have killed any other human. He died after carrying His own instrument of death, the top part of the cross, to Golgotha where He was brutally and efficiently nailed to the beam He carried. He died after hanging […]