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FL Democrat Reps. Wasserman-Schultz and Alan Grayson blocking Iran sanctions

Debbie Wasserman Schultz an influential Democrat Congresswoman from a Jewish section of Florida breaks with Democrats supporting Iran Sanctions legislation and throws her support to Obama and the Iranians against Israel and many voters in her district by working behind the scenes to block the sanctions legislation. One can only wonder what the Obama White […]

A Year End Recap of Obama’s Foreign Policy

Obama has turned U.S. foreign policy on its head. It is hard to avoid the conclusion Obama thinks U.S. enemies (particularly Islamists) are friends and friends are enemies. Obama threatens to veto a Congressional sanctions bill if Iran fails to end its nuclear program and Obama sides with Iran on the issue even though Iran […]

Obama’s effort to transform America has soured the American public

The following is a partial review on how Obama is “fundamentally transforming America.” Health Care Obama knowingly lied when he said ‘You can keep your health insurance,period; or that you could keep your doctor. The Administration’s incompetence may leave millions of people without healthcare insurance as of January. While Obama is touting the benefits of […]