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PODCAST: Interview with Dr. Raji Srouji from Nazareth, Israel

Dr. Raji Srouji works at the Nazareth Municipality as the Sports Department Director.  He is a Board member of the Nazareth Fund, and member at the Nazareth Academic Institute (NAI). Dr. Srouji (pictured right) is a prominent figure in the local government in Nazareth, the capital and the largest city in the Northern District in Israel. […]

Justice Scalia Had Secret Texas Meeting With Obama Just Hours Before His Death

The EU Times reports: A stunning report prepared for the Office of the President (OP) by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) examining the letter sent to President Putin by American billionaire Donald Trump last week that appeared to predict the murder of US Supreme Court JusticeAntonin Scalia suggests that just hours before this esteemed jurists […]

Are we faced with a Nightmare Scenario Regarding the Future of the Supreme Court?

By Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo – Now that Justice Antonin Scalia has been found dead with a “pillow over his head,” the showdown is set between the administration of Barack Hussein Obama and the GOP-controlled Senate.  Who will Obama nominate, and will he or she be approved by the Senate? Consider the history of […]

Will the Farsi Island incident turn out to be a Cover-up like Benghazi?

By Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo —  Since Tuesday’s capture of U.S. Navy sailors by the Iranians, many questions have emerged that call into question the official story of events.  Knowing the history of the Obama administration, including the Arab Spring and the infamous attack and cover-up Benghazi “incident,” is it fair to assume that […]

‘Le Grand Guignol’ Comes to Town – Political Corruption

By Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo Over the last several years, the American people have witnessed one perplexing political shenanigan after another – a never-ending story.  Instead of standing up for principles, for democracy itself, our elected leaders routinely sell-out the same country to which they swore an oath to protect. The most recent enormous sell-out […]

For the Confused Media: A Dummy’s Guide to Immigration and Refugee Problems

By Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo —  With the Syrian (so-called) refugee crisis ubiquitous in the headlines, the media has found itself dealing with immigration issues on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, extreme confusion abounds.  The media’s total inability to draw basic distinctions regarding immigration to the United States, both legal and illegal is harming the […]

Le sang à la une (Blood on Page One) – How the Media Encourages Copycats – All this has to STOP!

Written by Wallace Bruschweiler and William Palumbo. It hadn’t even been a week since Wednesday’s terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA killed fourteen people at a Christmas party, yet by Saturday at lunch we already learned of another shooting crisis in Neenah, Wisconsin.  A hostage situation was fortunately resolved, but as a result one person […]

A Practical Scenario for the GOP Nominee – Name Key Cabinet Officials!

The United States and the West are in a very precarious situation due to Islamic extremist inspired terrorism. Obama’s administration has proved disastrous in many ways, but especially in their acquiescence to Islamic terror and its state sponsors (e.g. Iran). To reduce the risk of another failed presidency, the Republican nominee should name key Cabinet officials some time […]

How Many More Unanswered Questions Are We Willing To Accept?

In the exchange of five Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay Naval Base did we exchange them for a prisoner of war (POW), deserter, or traitor? Did the Administration realize their Bergdahl decision makes every active duty soldier and American civilian at large a future added value target for abduction and rapid exchange for Guantanamo prisoners? […]