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VIDEO: The Best Mat — Mat Best 11X

Author of “Thank You for My Service” and Co-Founder @blckriflecoffee stops by for pie and conversation. Just like the good ol days. 

WATCH: The Best Mat — Mat Best

Next week Mat will release a brand new video “Train Like You Fight” on his Youtube channel. He has reverted back to the original Mbest11x style format and believe me when I say this one is a banger!

HOT: An inside look at the U.S./Mexican border through the eyes of former U.S. Border Patrol agent, Vincent Vargas, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment and currently stars on the hit FX Show, Mayans MC. Check out his new book “BORDERLINE: Protecting the Home Front.”

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Range 15: A movie featuring Real Combat Veterans now a reality

A group of combat veterans got together and decided that Hollywood was not telling the real story about our military and combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. They decided to do something about it. They decided to raise the needed funding for a film titled “Range 15” using the IndieGoGo crowd funding website. To date they have raised over $700,000 from over 6,200 supporters, enough to begin production.

According to the Range 15 team, “This movie is so hardcore military it makes Hollywood wet itself and run home crying to mommy.” Range 15 was spawned from the veterans that make up Ranger Up and Article 15, the two largest military lifestyle brands on the planet. They recruited Ross Patterson to direct the film. Patterson is an actor and writer, known for the films: $50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story (2014), Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury (2011) and 7-10 Split (2007).

Here’s the 11-man team that put this amazing project together and who will appear in the film :

range 15 team

Not shown in those supporting Range 15 is Marcus Luttrell author of “Lone Survivor“. Watch this video of Marcus endorsing the film.

The Range 15 team states, “We’re making the military movie you’ve always wanted someone to make… we’re nine veterans who got out of the military and believe in the American Dream that anything is possible if you work your ass off. Six of us are regular dudes that served in the infantry and special operations.  One of us (Tim Kennedy) fights in the UFC.  Two of us (Dakota Meyer and Leroy Petry) were awarded the Medal of Honor for extraordinary valor.  They also make a fine quiche.”

Click here to donate and make this film the best ever film about the U.S. military by those who honorably served.


Veterans Fundraiser for Veterans: ‘Relinquish UR Fate’ Campaign

I am a fan of Art15 Clothing and the combat veterans, Mat, JT and Rocco, who founded it. Well this team of veterans has decided, like most veterans do, to support three veterans organizations as part of the “Relinquish UR Fate” campaign. Here are the details and a video on their effort to raise $15,000.

To donate to the “Relinquish UR Fate” Campaign CLICK HERE.

“Relinquish UR Fate” Veteran Charity Fundraiser video:

About the Relinquish UR Fate campaign:

After getting back from Shot Show, the Article 15 crew has decided to kick off 2015 by giving back to some of the great Veteran causes and Foundations that have been helping our guys along the way.  Mat, JT, and Rocco have each chosen a non-profit of their choice, and all funds raised will be split equally among those three.  The charities chosen are as follows:

1. The Gallant Few
2. The Raider Project
3. All in All the Time

The goal is set at $15,000 and if the goal is met by March 1st, 2015 the trio has agreed to the following terms:

1. Mat Best will shave his beard into a “Dale Comstock” mustache.
2. JT will be tazed by an X-26 Tazer.
3. Rocco will receive a Ranger Up tattoo.

First Christmas Video: Special Operators vs. The Grinch

I love the guys at Art 15 Clothing for doing this video, the first of the Christmas season, released on Black Friday. Get it Black Ops on Black Friday. As former U.S. Army Ranger MBest11X notes, “Santa knows who to hire to take care of business.”

A message from Mat Best the President of Art 15 Clothing:

Black Friday is known as the day of discounts. What we want this day to be known as a second day of thanks. As the President of Article 15 Clothing, I want to thank you all for your continuing support of our brand. Nothing makes us more happy than knowing we have such a broad spectrum of supporters. From Actively Serving Military Members, to avid female firearm enthusiasts, thank you. In our quest to bring laughter and support to a culture that so desperately needs it, you are the ones making us successful. So yet again, thank you.

For Black Friday, we are offering 20% off of our entire store. We truly hope you support our business, but at the very least please enjoy our latest video. Thank you!

In this video Santa needs a little help from his special operator friends to stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas. Watch and enjoy (warning some rough language from some rough men with beards):

To purchase some really cool clothing for that man in your life visit: http://www.art15clothing.com
Mat Best FB: http://www.facebook.com/mbest11x