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PODCAST: Hit or Myth? Dems Call Riots Fake News

You have to give the Democrats credit. They’ve found a way to justify their silence on the riots: refusing to admit they exist! Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) tried that when he ran into a citizen who asked him if he disavowed the Antifa violence in Portland. “That’s a myth,” he insisted, “being spread only in […]

Church Attacks Explode With ‘an Unbridled, Roaring Fury’

One of the last times people saw flames in France’s Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul church was during the Allied bombing in 1944. What’s happening now isn’t World War III, but it certainly feels like it, as things get increasingly violent on every continent. While believers around the world pray for an end to the chaos, arsonists, knife-wielders, and vandals […]

PODCAST: Sick of Watching People Ruin Monuments? So Is Allen West.

Does anyone remember George Floyd? Allen West wonders, because his death is being lost in all of the noise of the protests, Antifa, mob riots, and this new war against American history. No one is having the conversation this country should be having. Hear what the former congressman and military vet has to say in my […]

PODCAST: The Annex Best Thing for Israel by Caroline Glick

President Trump has already done more than any administration in modern history for Israel. But this week, he and his White House team are weighing a move that could change the status quo of America’s ally forever.It’s a conversation that’s been going on since President Trump moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem in 2018. With […]

Trump Administration Accomplishments on Life, Family, and Religious Freedom

To date, the administration of President Donald Trump has taken significant action on issues of concern to social conservatives — life, family, and religious liberty: 2017 On January 23, President Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, which blocks funding for international organizations that perform or promote abortion. This new program is known as Protecting […]

PODCAST: This Equality’s All an Act

After Monday’s wildly off-base decision, most liberals should have been out celebrating. But despite being handed a judicial gift — an LGBT victory they’d have never managed democratically — Democrats didn’t stop to party. They were already back on the Senate floor, demanding more. Now that they’ve got the Supreme Court taking a match to […]

PODCAST: Libs Handcuff Police with Defund Cry

The fringe Left: Great at making slogans. Terrible at considering consequences. Maybe “DEFUND THE POLICE” makes an edgy statement slathered in yellow letters on D.C.’s 16th Street — but putting it on paper, like Democratic lawmakers are threatening to do, would be one of the worst policy mistakes in history. And it’s not just Republicans who […]

PODCAST: ‘We’ve Got to Go Beyond Tolerance, to Love’

The sign said, “All Are Welcome.” But apparently, “all” doesn’t include Donald Trump. Any other leader visiting a church in the middle of a nationwide street war would have been praised for his solemnity, his search for healing. Not this president. His visit to St. John’s, which had been engulfed in flames the night before, […]

PODCAST: Hack to the Future — China’s Online War

What could be worse than not finding a vaccine? Having it stolen. And right now, in the race to find a coronavirus treatment, that might be the biggest threat of all. That’s why China isn’t just putting its best scientists on the job — it’s unleashing an army of cyberthieves to break into U.S. files and steal […]

PODCAST: Fear Factor — What Our Virus Concerns Say about the Two Parties

Nobody is thrilled to be stuck inside, but a lot of pollsters have been surprised by just how popular The Great Lockdown has been. Despite the state protests and rallies, there’s been a lot of support for the stay-at-home orders that have canceled schools and disrupted life as we know it. “Worth it” said 80 percent in […]