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Open Letter to Catholic Charities USA

Dear Catholic Charities, Many thanks for all the good work you do helping fellow Americans. Some questions. Are you still taking tax payer money from the U.S. State Department via the former President Jimmy Carter, Senators Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy created Refugee Act of 1980 to help Syrian refugees get established in the United States? […]

Dear Representative Lori Berman, (D-FL District 90), Communist Party of Florida

Representative Lori Berman, I thank you for sending me your email concerning Florida’s open carry bills. You stated that allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry openly their weapons in holsters on the streets and in public buildings gives you “great concern.” You say they “pose a threat” to our “safety” in the community and […]

ACLU accuses Florida Sheriff of writing too many seat belt tickets against blacks

I recently read an article in the Pensacola News Journal regarding how racist the Escambia County Sheriffs Office (ECSO) acts in regard to black folks getting more seat belt tickets than white folks. All this according to the American Civil Liberties Union Florida (ACLU-FL) after a massive investigation led by ACLU-FL cheer leader Sara Latshaw […]

Open Letter to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Fox News major Share holder

Dear Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, As the Fox News-parent company News Corp’s second-largest shareholder you will lose a ton of money tomorrow night when Mr. Trump raises money for wounded veterans instead of pandering to the Fox News CEO’s. Fox News has an agenda based on their biased reporting and support of GOPe (formerly […]

Florida: Who was the VIP Guest Speaker for Donald Trump at the Pensacola Rally?

On January 13th Mr. Donald Trump flew into Pensacola Florida in a trail of Constitutional leadership like old Glory flying majestically from the mast heads of a carrier battle group. His jet, setting down in Pensacola, an aviation city with the Blue Angels home base and formerly an aircraft carrier training platform on board the USS […]

Open Letter to the Greek Ambassador in Washington, D.C.

Dear Ambassador of Greece, Ελληνική Δημοκρατία The Honorable Christos P. Panagopoulos, and the people of the Hellenic Republic (Ελληνική Δημοκρατία, Elliniki Dimokratia) Greek Embassy Washington D.C. I understand that your brave fighter pilots in the Greek air force engaged the wanna-bees of the Turkish Air Force (the same group of miscreants that sucker punched a […]

Argentina starts flushing the Communists

In Buenos Aries, Argentina today the new capitalist freedom loving government is beginning the process of flushing the Marxists out to sea. They are opening the gates to the newly installed rotor rooter septic tank Communist removal system out to the Pacific Ocean. Meet the new Capitalist freedom loving President of Argentina.  Senor Mauricio Macri. He is the […]

The GOPe Rape of the American Tax Payer — A Political War is brewing!

The Republican Party establishment, a.k.a. GOPe, no longer represents “We the People”.  The GOPe has morphed into a conglomerate symbiotic amoeba joining with the Progressive forces on the radical left, a.k.a. the Democrat Party. Today there is no difference between the two.  We have one giant Progressive machine grinding down the American working class. There is ZERO Republican leadership in Congress […]

Freedom for Venezuela

On Sunday Venezuela completed its legislative  election for 2015.  Current Communist President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has acknowledged defeat from Sunday’s elections. This was the worst beating for the ruling “Chavismo” movement since Hugo Chavez took power in 1999. Somebody dropped a banana down his pants and let a monkey lose. The freedom forces on Sunday […]

France bombs the Islamic State — so what did that accomplish?

The French, in response to the 132 plus slaughtered French and foreign nationals killed by Muslims in Paris on Friday loaded up very expensive bombs under their beautifully washed and waxed fighter jets for retaliation today. Time for a feel good raid with no planning or mission objective. Just drop some bombs. The French in […]

Honoring the Last American to Walk on the Moon

I had the distinct pleasure of eating dinner with Captain Eugene Cernan U.S. Navy (Retired), his wife and some of his closest friends (including a former intelligence officer) that gave Captain Cernan his targets during his time as a fighter pilot, also a friend of mine. I then had the honor of escorting him and his […]

Florida: Pensacola Yacht Club Embraces former Cuban Communist Naval Officer

This week the Communist sympathizers from the Pensacola Yacht Club set sail from Pensacola, Florida (imagine that) to meet up with Commodore Jose M. Diaz Escrich, a former member of Fidel Castro’s Communist Navy and  leader in his Communist Maritime forces. The Pensacola News Journal on writing about this wonderful send off did not include the former Communist Navy Captains […]