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IIhan Omar & Co. Were Elected Because of Their Racism, Not In Spite Of It.

If you are wondering why the leadership in the Democrat Party have given Ilhan Omar and Rashids Tlaib important committee assignments in the House of Representatives; or why all of the Democrats running for president are silent in the face of the Antisemitic and even anti American statements of these two Congresswomen; or why they […]

Why Do American Jews Vote Against Their Interests?

Congresswoman IIhan Omar, a Radical Islamist and ardent anti Semite, accuses the Jews in America of paying Congress to support Israel. She particularly accuses AIPAC (American-Israel Affairs Committee) of paying Congressional members money, which is untrue.  The reason Omar is an anti Semite is obvious. She is a Radical Islamist.  The question is why have the […]

Antisemitism Rears its Head in Congress

Congresswoman Omar accuses the Jews in America of paying Congress to support Israel. She particularly accuses AIPAC (American-Israel Affairs Committee) of paying Congressional members money. Not only is this an attack on Jews but it is an attack on all Congressmen, Congresswomen and and Senators who support Israel America’s only ally and Democracy in the […]

Dennis Prager: ‘The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should be Ignored’

While I believe Judge Kavanaugh is being attacked in error or for political reasons do Judge Kavanaugh’s detractors believe a possible unproven act by a seventeen year old whether drunk or sober should be punished for the rest of his life even though he has led an exemplary life over 35 years since the alleged […]

The Anti-Israel Effort Increases in Politics and on Campus

Antisemitism is being aggressively promoted in Britain and on American Campuses. Jewish students in American colleges face ostracism or worse. Quote—“The growing advocacy of BDS and anti-Zionist activists has contributed to a continued deterioration of conditions for Jewish students. A report from John Jay College noted that BDS leaders actively orchestrated the ostracizing of Jewish […]

Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing

Massive dereliction of duty in a major city In America. The failure of the Portland’s Democrat left wing mayor and his police department’s decision to withhold protection for innocent citizens from lawless violent offenders for political reasons is reminiscent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts attacks on Jews in Germany in the 1930’s while police watched. Dereliction […]

Democrats Electoral Strategy: Open Borders and Let Non-Citizens Vote

Democrats are leading the way to open borders by allowing non-citizens to vote first in school districts and then will seek the same in Federal elections. This dovetails with California’s Sanctuary City State policy. While the media obsesses about Russian interference in U.S. elections California Democrats have figured out a way to undermine our entire […]

U.S. Allies Plotting to Skirt U.S. Sanctions Against Iran

The European Union particularly Great Britain, France and Germany are at best ‘fair weather allies’. As long as the U.S. picked up the tab for their protection against Russia’s possible aggression they were U.S. allies. When President Trump insisted that they pay what they were supposed to ( their NATO contribution) their friendship and support […]

Iran backed Hamas has fired more rockets into Israel in the last 24-hours than during the past 3-years

As of 8:00 PM, May 29, 2018 over 114  mortars and rockets have been launched by Hamas and Jihad both Iranian proxies into civilian areas in Israel. A kindergarten was targeted but fortunately the children had not yet arrived in school when it hit the play area. The Western media wasn’t reluctant to blame Israel while protecting […]

Hitler Returns to France and Europe to Support Islam: The Horror Returns

It is unfortunate for Europe and the World that so many countries have decided to support antisemitism and ‘Judenrein‘ and are substituting their Jewish population for a Muslim population. Israel is the only ‘safe harbor’ for Jews in a sea of rising antisemitism. The last time Hitler, Nazi Germany and Europe exploded with antisemitism it […]

NY Times: Trump’s Immigration Remarks Outrage Many, But Many Others Quietly Agree

President Trump is trying to prevent America from the destabilizing immigration mistakes Europe made that they are now trying to correct. President Trump Is Not A Racist. One can not say the same about a number of his critics who seek to impeach him. While President Trump’s immigration remarks outrage many, many others quietly agree. […]