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PODCAST: Politicians – Are We Asking The Right Questions?

 I’ve been making the rounds through local political meetings lately and have met a lot of candidates for the November elections, everything from congressman, to county commissioner, to school board representative, to dog catcher. There’s a lot of new faces running for office, probably because they realize the citizens are fed up with the […]

PODCAST: Capitalism versus Socialism — Do You Know the Difference?

 I originally wrote this piece in March 2019 and was pleasantly surprised by the flurry of questions I received regarding the differences between Capitalism and Socialism.  High Schools simply do not teach the differences between these two important subjects, hence the interest in my article. So much so, I produced a free mini-poster to […]

PODCAST: American Cities, Home to ‘Unfriendly’ Fire

 To say Independence Day was unusual this year is an understatement. There were few home town parades celebrating it, fewer firework displays, and more protesting from the far-Left. Americans were particularly appalled by the gun violence in our major cities, most notably: New York – 44 shootings, 63 victims, 11 fatalities Chicago – 47 […]