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Government Begins At Home

For those Americans paying attention to the news, most are consumed by politics at the federal level. There is nothing wrong with this, but as I like to remind young Americans, “Government begins at home.” By this I mean government affects us first and foremost at the municipal and county levels. If you have a […]

Trump Is Beating The Swamp

Despite resistance from the Congress, President Trump has made considerable progress in his first term; he has reshaped the federal courts to enforce the Constitution, he has moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem (something other presidents promised to do, but failed to deliver), he has rebuilt our military and is assisting veterans, illegal […]

What If Hillary Jumps Back In?

Secretary Hillary Clinton has been flirting with the idea of running for president again. If she does, this will be her third try, having lost to President Obama in 2008 and President Trump in 2016. She drops strong hints everywhere she goes, be it on the speaking circuit or on the radio with Howard Stern. […]

The Swamp War

When Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D CA-12) made a formal request for articles of impeachment against President Trump on December 5th, it was tantamount to a declaration of war with the Republicans. As if the division between Democrats and Republicans wasn’t already bad enough, Speaker Pelosi drove a spike between the two sides that may never […]

The Graying of Florida. Voters are getting older.

Not surprising, Florida is a preferred destination for tourists in winter and retirement. We offer plenty of warm sunshine, sports and attractions, golf and tennis, boating and fishing, fine restaurants, comfortable living, no state income tax, southern charm, and aside from the occasional tropical storm, a safe and comfortable environment. People are coming to Florida […]

The Whistle-Blower Rule is Wrong

The impeachment inquiry of President Trump has taken center stage in the political campaign of 2020, even to the point of overshadowing press coverage of the Democrat presidential candidates. The inquiry focuses on a statement from an alleged whistle-blower who expressed concern regarding a telephone call the President had with the incoming President of the […]

The House Democrats Rule — Impeach him! Impeach him! Impeach him!

Twelve more people were shot in Chicago today, what shall we do? “Nonsense! Nonsense! Impeach him! Impeach him!” the House Democrats rule. The fires are burning out of control in California, what should we do? “Nonsense! Nonsense! Impeach him! Impeach him!” the House Democrats rule. Our cities are decaying and facing financial collapse, what can we do? […]

Stuck Between Two Ideologies

I recently engaged in a discussion with two Democrat friends about the deep political divide separating America. It began when I chided them they didn’t believe President Trump didn’t act “presidential” enough for their tastes. It was my argument the country had suffered from people acting too “presidential,” as opposed to moving the country forward, […]

The Political Money Game

The donations received by political candidates is a strong indicator of their popularity. The more the candidate receives, the stronger their position becomes as it will be used for promotional purposes. The numbers for the last reporting quarter (3rd) to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) was recently concluded with some interesting results. In the case of the […]

Republican Women Get Active

For a long time, the Democrats have been trying to intimidate women voters, just as they have done with minority groups. Their message is clear, “Only a fool would vote Republican; any woman with half a brain should vote Democrat.” They simply cannot imagine anyone, particularly women, supporting President Trump or Republican candidates. This has been […]

New Book: “Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism.” by Cathi Chamberlain

I recently attended a political meeting where I met the speaker for the evening, Cathi Chamberlain, who authored an interesting new book titled, “Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism.” This is essentially a refutation of Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals Paperback.” Alinsky, of course, is the well known Socialist […]