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PODCAST: Glimmers of Hope

 The spirit of the country has changed since the 20th century, and not necessarily for the better. Gallup tells us Americans continue to believe our morality is in decline. The country is politically polarized, our discourse is visceral, common courtesy has become uncommon, and our social skills are diminishing. It is hard to remain optimistic under […]

PODCAST: Teaching Racism in the Classroom

 We have had suspicions about what academia is teaching our youth for some time now. For example, are they espousing liberal dogma as opposed to math, science, languages, literature, or even physical fitness? Recently, I came across some rather hard proof of their intentions in an 80 page PDF document titled, “Racial Justice in Education,” as […]

PODCAST: Trojan Horses of Islamic Supremacy — Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah

 This September marks the twentieth anniversary of the 9-11 disaster, an orchestrated attack by Islamic Supremacists to terrorize the United States. Since that time, we have invaded and conquered Iraq, took out the mastermind of 9-11, Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, eliminated ISIS from the region and much more. Interestingly, in spite of our […]

PODCAST: What’s Not To Understand? Honest Journalism is Dead!

 I find it fascinating most Americans do not seem to grasp the correlation between the recent rise of the Covid-19 virus and our problem with illegal immigration. They simply cannot fathom one directly affects the other. To illustrate, despite the Biden Administration’s attempts to cajole people to wear masks and take the vaccine, new cases […]

PODCAST: Time To Clean Up The GOP

 I am always surprised when Republican politicians act subserviently to the Democrats. Whether it is acquiescing to calling for investigations, such as the Russian Hoax and the January 6th hearings, or the abuse in investigating government officials, such as Justice Kavanaugh. I don’t know why this is unless possibly the Democrats have a library […]

PODCAST: Why Trump Must Run Again

 The state of California represents a microcosm of the Utopian world Democrats envision for the United States. It is essentially a two class society featuring the elites and working class. The middle class is fleeing the state in droves and taking their money with them, representing the economic engine businesses and government depend on […]

PODCAST: Is Joe Going to Make It?

 I have studied Winston Churchill for many years and consider him the most fascinating man of the 20th century. I have read several books regarding Britain’s former Prime Minister (P.M.) and visited his home in Chartwell, but I recently read, “Churchill Taken from the Diaries of Lord Moran,” aka Dr. Charles McMoran Wilson, Churchill’s personal physician […]

PODCAST: Voter Suppression vs. Election Integrity

 Arguably the two biggest issues facing the American people today deals with illegal immigration and voting. Interestingly, I believe the two are related. However, there are sharp differences in interpretation between liberals and conservatives and reflects a deep divide between the two groups. As to illegal immigration, liberals do not believe in national borders […]