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FLORIDA: New Radio Station For and By Seniors

COMING MONDAY JANUARY 31ST, 2022! For seniors, by seniors – the only radio show specifically targeting seniors, the largest voting block in Florida. MONDAYS – 4:00 PM – Tan Talk Radio 1340-AM 106.1-FM – Clearwater, FL, USA or Stream the Live Broadcast: http://www.tantalk1340.com/ FEATURING AS CO-HOSTS: Columnist TIM BRYCE, and Financial Advisor BERKLY BADGER WHAT WILL WE […]

PODCAST: 2021 Year-end Wrap-up

 This is my last column for the year as I prepare to enjoy the holidays and rest up for 2022. As has become customary, I’m using this opportunity to review my top essays from the past year. As you know, I write on a variety of subjects, such as management, systems, technology, social issues, […]

PODCAST: The Meaning of Christmas

 NOTE: I originally wrote this piece back in 2013. I was pleased with its reception. I think it makes an important point about Christmas. I also believe it would make a great TV show for the season. Let me know what you think. – TB He arose in the morning groggy and disoriented. He didn’t […]

PODCAST: Thanksgiving & The Loves of Our Lives

Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine and I have written about it on numerous occasions (see below). It’s more than just the food, it’s about being around friends and family. It’s the telling of a joke or story, a fond memory, and a glass of cheer. All of this reflects on the love we have […]

PODCAST: Send In The Military…

 We’re hearing a lot about a massive supply chain problem whereby we do not have enough port workers and truck drivers to unload and ship materials throughout the country. Imports are radically up, and exports lag woefully behind, a telltale sign of problems with trade and the economy. Experts claim this supply chain problem […]

PODCAST: Who Is Running The Show?

It is not much of a secret that President Biden’s approval ratings are tanking. His policies on the economy, immigration, and foreign affairs has led to his decline. In front of the press, he shows all of the signs of an old man in his dotage, e.g., lost, confused, lethargic, etc. His cognitive ability is […]

PODCAST: Glimmers of Hope

 The spirit of the country has changed since the 20th century, and not necessarily for the better. Gallup tells us Americans continue to believe our morality is in decline. The country is politically polarized, our discourse is visceral, common courtesy has become uncommon, and our social skills are diminishing. It is hard to remain optimistic under […]

PODCAST: The America Psychosis

 As I talk to friends and contacts around the country, I sense a general malaise in the land, and, No, I do not believe the weather has anything to do with it. It’s been building for some time now, rivaling the level of angst in last year’s “Summer of Hate.” According to recent polls, […]

PODCAST: Avoiding Political Censorship

So you are a conservative and want to write a political OpEd piece, eh? And you want publishers to print it and social media to promote it. The reality is that it is easier said than done. I do not care how well you write or the importance of your message, it is necessary to […]