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Trump Is Delivering Economic Wins for Rural America

Following the Great Recession in 2008, many economists and liberal thinkers argued that rural America would never again be an engine for economic growth. While more folks today reside in metropolitan areas, I can tell you from firsthand experience that rural communities continue to play an integral role in job creation and our national economy. […]

Liberals Setting the Stage to Claim 2020 Election Results Illegitimate

In the lead-up to the 2016 election, Democrats fretted openly about the possibility that Donald Trump, being a rather poor sport, might refuse to acknowledge an election loss. To be fair, Trump refused to state that he would accept election results, depending on the circumstances: “I’ll keep you in suspense,” he stated in his Oct. 19, 2016, […]

Marriage and Pregnancy Reduce Crime

There’s a general assumption in public policy discourse that economic policy and social policy are separate universes. When economic policy is the topic, we think about taxes, government spending, business, jobs, etc. When social policy is the topic, we think about marriage, family, children, abortion, etc. But, in reality, the line between economic policy and […]

IG’s Report Reveals 4 Spurious Allegations as Basis for FBI Spying on Trump Campaign Aide

A shocking report by the Justice Department’s inspector general lays bare the FBI’s “serious performance failures” in conducting a counterintelligence operation in 2016 against the Trump campaign. Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s 434-page report details numerous mistakes, errors, and omissions by FBI personnel in four applications for special warrants to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page under […]

Why Capitalism Is Morally Superior to Other Systems

Richard Ebeling, professor of economics at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, and my longtime friend and colleague, has written an important article, “Business Ethics and Morality of the Marketplace,” appearing in the American Institute for Economic Research. Its importance and timeliness is enhanced by so many of America’s youth, led by academic […]

Clinton Prosecutor Sees Weak Impeachment Case Against Trump

House Democrats, legal analysts, and pundits suggested in recent weeks that President Donald Trump committed various impeachable crimes in his July phone call to Ukraine’s president. But on Tuesday, the charge House Democrats came up with was a broad “abuse of power” claim, alleging that Trump solicited foreign interference in the 2020 election. The second and last […]

Students’ Test Scores Unchanged After Decades of Federal Intervention in Education

  Federal “Highly Qualified Teacher” mandates. Adequate Yearly Progress requirements. Smaller learning communities. Improving Teacher Quality State Grants. Reading First. Early Reading First. The dozens of other federal programs authorized via No Child Left Behind. School Improvement Grants. Race to the Top. Common Core. All of that has been just since 2000. Over those past […]

Not All Findings of Religious Freedom Index Are Encouraging

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a leading nonprofit law firm defending religious freedom, is taking an innovative approach to evaluate the current state of religious freedom in America. Most assessments in this area focus on government actions such as laws, regulations, or court decisions that affect religious freedom. Becket’s first-ever Religious Freedom Index instead focuses on […]

6 Takeaways From the IG Report on FBI’s Spying on Trump Campaign

The Justice Department’s in-house watchdog released a 476-page report Monday that criticizes some of the FBI’s actions in beginning an investigation of the Trump campaign’s connection with Russian election meddling, but does not concludes that political bias drove the agency’s probe. Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report does answer many questions and verifies some suspicions about the initial […]

More Evidence Emerges That Federal Government Is Funding Worthless College Degrees

Americans have long suspected that, for many, a college degree simply isn’t worth the price. American taxpayers—two-thirds of whom do not have a college degree—are likewise increasingly skeptical of the notion that they should pay off loans that someone else made the decision to take out. With recently published College Scorecard data, American students and […]

These 2 Cases Show Why Trans ‘Rights’ Could Upend the Rights of All

The battle over the rights of “transgender” and “cisgender” people continues to escalate in one of the most influential arenas: our nation’s schools. The Chicago Tribune reported this month that after a four-year battle, a school board in Palatine, Illinois, has granted transgender students “unrestricted access to locker rooms based on gender identity.” Just a few days […]

Impeachment Crusade Is Bound to Backfire on the Left

As the impeachment season drones on, and Democrats continue down the path of self-destruction, one wonders if there is an exit ramp for them. Before Donald Trump was even the Republican nominee for president, people in positions of power started their malevolent acts against him and his campaign, mostly in private. Democrats and the left […]

VIDEO: What Americans Have in Common With Conservatives Across the Globe

Are Americans alone in their fight against big government, extreme sex ed, and more? Or are other people across the world similarly fighting? In this episode of “The Bill Walton Show,” Matt and Mercedes Schlapp join Bill Walton to discuss. Former White House director of strategic communications Mercedes Schlapp grew up as the daughter of […]

49 Conservative Leaders Urge Chick-Fil-A to ‘Reverse Course’ on Pro-Family Charities

Leaders of pro-family, pro-life, and other conservative organizations have sent a letter to Chick-fil-A asking the fast-food chicken company to reconsider its decision to no longer financially support the Salvation Army. “We are tremendously disappointed at your company’s complicity in defaming the mission and intent of the Salvation Army, one of America’s oldest and most […]

VIDEO: In a Blue State, Parents Beat Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed Push

Worcester, the second largest city in solidly blue Massachusetts, was the scene of a sex ed showdown between Planned Parenthood and concerned parents and church leaders. Last February, more than 75 of those parents and church leaders stood up alongside the Massachusetts Family Institute to outnumber pro-Planned Parenthood voices at a meeting of a local school committee. […]