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‘Don’t Be Weak And Gay’: 25-Year-Old GOP Candidate Valentina Gomez Goes Viral For Hilarious Video

For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous.” — Samuel Adams

A 25-year-old GOP candidate for Missouri Secretary of State is going viral for a recent video in which she implored Americans not to be “weak and gay. ”

“In America, you can be anything you want, so don’t be weak and gay,” Valentina Gomez, a real estate investor and former D1 swimmer at Tulane University, said in a Sunday Twitter video.

“President Trump and I are leading the charge to take our country back from the weak and gay Biden-Harris administration that has destroyed our nation,” Gomez told the Daily Caller. “I look forward to accepting his endorsement so I can ensure a free and fair election to the people of Missouri, where dead people and illegals will never be voting. All of these cases against President Trump are baseless and if he is facing jail time for defending our freedoms and constitution, I am ready to speak the truth and defend him from this unconstitutional gag order from a compromised judge in the biggest election interference case in history.”

Gomez, a self-described MAGA candidate is “running so [she] can give the people their freedoms back,” she told the Daily Caller.

When asked to give some examples of people being weak and gay, Gomez responded “Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Zelenskyy, George Bush.”

Gomez, who also went viral in February for taking a flamethrower to a pile of LGBTQ books, gave her recommendations on how to not be weak and gay.

“Put God First, Pray, workout, and I do recommend listening to Dr. Jordan B Peterson as well as Andrew & Tristan Tate. Also, get your testosterone levels up,” she told the Daily Caller.

Gomez faces a wide field of eight opponents in her August 6 GOP primary. She was polling at 10 percent, just behind field leader Denny Hoskins at 12 percent in a February Remington Research poll though over half of the poll’s respondents noted they were still undecided.

Gomez’s camp maintains they run their own polls and that she’s ahead in all of them, they told the Daily Caller.





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Military Could Hit Troops With Courts-Martial For Refusing To Use Preferred Pronouns, Experts Say

The military could seek to formally punish service members for refusing to use another service member’s preferred pronouns under existing policy, according to military experts.

A 2020 Equal Opportunity law opened the door for commanders to subject someone who refuses to affirm a transgender servicemember’s so-called gender identity to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for charges related to harassment, Capt. Thomas Wheatley, an assistant professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Such a move would likely infringe on a servicemember’s constitutional rights to uphold their conscience, but it might not prevent leaders from employing more subtle ways of disciplining service members.

Military experts told the DCNF Congress should step in before it’s too late.

The military “is right to want to protect the rights and welfare of its transgender service members. But it owes the same protection to those who share a different perspective on the issue, especially when that perspective is a deep-seated expression of personal conscience,” Wheatley told the DCNF.

None of the military’s rules explicitly prohibit so-called “misgendering,” when someone uses pronouns to describe a transgender person which do not correspond to the person’s new gender identity, Wheatley explained. However, existing guidance implies that using pronouns rejected by another person violates Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) regulations against sex-based harassment and discrimination.

The UCMJ enforces those regulations.

Service members could conceivably be court-martialed for “refusing to use another person’s self-identified pronouns, even when their refusal stems from principled religious conviction,” Wheatley told the DCNF. “This law applies to service members at all times and in all locations, even when they’re off duty and in the privacy of their off-post residence.”

The UCMJ also prohibits “conduct unbecoming of an officer” under Article 133 and activity that could be seen to discredit the military institution under Article 134 — the same article the military uses to prosecute child pornographers and other acts of sexual deviance, he explained.

“Is it now ‘unbecoming’ and incompatible with service as a commissioned officer to openly hold sincere religious convictions surrounding the act of creation and the nature of human sex?” Wheatley asked.

Wheatley said his interest in the issue was sparked four years ago, when the Army updated its MEO policy stating “violations of MEO and Harassment Prevention and Response policies may result in disciplinary action under the UCMJ.”

The possibility of levying a criminal trial on a servicemember for perceived harassment if that person “misgendered” another service member troubled Wheatley, he said. The Supreme Court had just ruled on Bostock v. Clayton County in favor of the gay and transgender plaintiffs alleging their employers fired them on the basis of their self-described sexual orientation, or gender identity. Conservative justices warned the case could have far-reaching consequences for organizations operating based on religious belief and free exercise of religion in the workplace.

“I knew, given the cultural gap between the civilian world and the military, the issue would be overlooked as it concerned service members. So, I got to work,” he told the DCNF.

In a peer reviewed article recently published in the Texas Review of Law and Politics, Wheatley argued that, despite the existing EO policy, Articles 133 and 134 of the UCMJ are not strong enough to prosecute troops for spurning another’s preferred pronouns.

Under a legal doctrine that “obligates military courts to avoid interpreting the UCMJ in a way that brings it into conflict with the Constitution if possible, that would normally be the end of the analysis,” he wrote. But, the national security imperatives inbuilt with military service often justify curtailing a servicemember’s constitutional rights — for example, the UCMJ’s Article 134 “indecent language.”

Wheatley countered in the article that the military’s special mission can inform judicial analysis but does not require a separate standard.

“A court that applies a standard lower than strict scrutiny would be placing not just a thumb on the scale in the government’s favor, but an anvil — one which virtually guarantees victory for the government in every case where a service member asserts his or her First Amendment rights,” he wrote. It would be “tough” for the military to prove it had a strong enough mission-related argument to mandate gender-pronoun usage.

Arguments that might be considered, such as preserving harmony within military units and safeguarding transgender troops’ emotional and psychological well-being, are certainly important, he wrote. But the former relies too heavily on the vicissitudes of individual interpretation to survive judicial review, while the latter does not take into account the health of the servicemember seeking to live out their religious convictions.

“Preserving unit cohesion and safeguarding the mental and emotional health of transgender service members, though compelling government interests, do not justify the sweeping prior restraints on speech,” made possible in the Army policy, Wheatley wrote.

Previous case law shows that even in military contexts, the standard for what may be prohibited compelled speech is strong, he found.

Looking at previous cases of public employment law governing speech, where free speech has been more frequently challenged than in military-specific case law, he likewise found no strong case for mandating pronoun use.

“The use of one pronoun over another reflects the speaker’s private views on human sex and gender” and isn’t conditioned on the person’s employment, Wheatley argued.

The Pentagon referred the DCNF to the services, which did not respond to requests for comment by deadline.

Wheatley’s research highlights ongoing concerns about the military’s respect for matters of conscience.

Pentagon leaders have pushed diversity and inclusion as an indispensable component of warfighting effectiveness. Opponents say the focus focus on race, gender and sexual identity has distracted the military from more important issues and unfairly privileged minorities. DEI priorities have now overtaken matters of conscience in multiple domains. 

In lawsuits over the slow-rolling of religious waivers to the COVID-19 vaccine, for example, victims argued the services issued blanket denials rather than considering each request individually, as they are legally required to do.

Defense Department documents, including the 2022 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Plan, discuss the freedom to “speak candidly” about issues as a “readiness imperative,” ensuring troops feel included as part of a whole.

“The military policy and legal infrastructure clearly exist to wage war on Americans with deeply-held traditional beliefs about man and woman,” William Thibeau, director of the Claremont Institute’s American Military Project, told the DCNF. Wheatley’s article “should be a red flag to policy makers and elected officials to end this tyranny of liberalism before it is formally levied against American Soldiers preferring to live in reality.”

Experts were not aware of any incidents where a branch of the armed services had attempted to use the UCMJ to punish a servicemember for refusing preferred pronouns.

Commanders do have a wide berth to discipline servicemembers in ways that do not involve a criminal trial but can still have serious implications for a servicemember’s career, possibly including separation from the military under less than honorable circumstances, Wheatley said. Such measures resolve more quickly, have a lower burden of proof than “are almost always shielded from public scrutiny.”

Instead of leaving it to chance, Congress could force the military to establish a servicemember’s “unqualified” right to use pronouns consistent with their religious convictions, a one-pager provided by Claremont suggested. The experts advocated stronger measures too, including decriminalizing unspecified MEO violations and to narrow its scope so that it only applies to activities a servicemember performs while on normal duty hours or contributing to an official military mission.

Congress should develop a public record of incidents in the military where religious freedom is seen to come under threat, the document stated.

Claremont suggested the military conduct regular training on the importance of religious freedom throughout the armed forces and study ways to strengthen protections on service members’ religious expression.

Wheatley also said service chiefs could consider demands for a service member to speak in violation of his or her religious convictions as harassment.



Investigative reporter, defense.


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EXCLUSIVE: Red State Supreme Court Helped Coordinate Event Featuring ‘Gender Identity’ Training From Trans Activists

The Ohio Supreme Court coordinated a conference where an activist group held a training for judges that claimed children have a “stable sense” of their gender identity by the age of four.

The presentation, titled “The Judicial System & LGBTQ+ Families: A Cultural Humility Approach,” was given by a local activist group, Equality Ohio, during the Ohio Association of Magistrates (OAM) Fall 2023 conference. The presentation featured the “gender unicorn” — a graphic portraying gender identity and expression as spectrums — and encouraged “affirming” youth transgender identities by “respecting their pronouns and allowing them to change legal documents,” according to the slideshow obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation via a public records request.

“Research suggests that children who assert a gender-diverse identity know their gender as clearly and consistently as their developmentally matched peers,” one slide states after explaining most children have a “stable sense” of their gender identity by age four.

A representative for the court confirmed that it helped coordinate the event.

“While the Judicial College office of the Supreme Court of Ohio assists in the coordination of the events related to these presentations, the associations themselves bear the costs associated with hosting the events and providing the materials,” a representative for the court stated in response to the records request.

Ohio Supreme Court Public Information Director Lyn Tolan told the Daily Caller News Foundation the presentation was an example of the court assisting “judicial or court related associations on education provided to the association members at a conference.”

“In these situations, Judicial College staff work with the association’s leaders to identify the educational topics they wish to present at the conference,” Tolan said. “If a topic is identified and not the faculty, Judicial College staff will work with the association to identify potential faculty for the association’s approval.”

OAM’s website states that the association “works very closely with the Supreme Court’s Ohio Judicial College in developing Judicial College CLE [continuing legal education] for Magistrates and Judges for both our Fall and Spring Conferences as well as for CLE’s throughout the year.”

Magistrate Thomas Freeman serves on the Judicial College board as OAM’s representative, according to the website.

While the training on LGBTQ+ issues was not mandatory, Ohio judges are required to complete 40 hours of continuing legal education every two years, including ten hours offered by the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College, according to the educational requirements.

The presentation claims that “affirming transgender and nonbinary youth by respecting their pronouns and allowing them to change legal documents is associated with lower rates of attempting suicide.”

Multiple studies have challenged the assertion that allowing children to undergo a social transition promotes better mental health outcomes.

Equality Ohio vocally opposed a state bill banning sex-change surgeries for minors and condemned the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland for a policy stating that no person can “publicly advocate or celebrate” sexual orientation in a manner contrary to the church’s teaching.

The organization also supported liberal candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court in 2022, urging voters to make their decision based on the candidate’s willingness to “uphold LGBTQ+ civil rights.” The group gave current Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Sharon Kennedy an “F” rating because she indicated an unborn child is “biologically human at every stage of his or her biological development” and was “endorsed by organizations that oppose LGBTQ+ equality.”

Equality Ohio’s presentation is one of at least eight trainings involving LGBT and gender issues that the Ohio Supreme Court has had a role in coordinating over the past two years, according to a list obtained by the DCNF via public records.

During a 2023 with Ohio Associations of Probate, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judges (OAPJDR) Summer Conference the court helped coordinate, there was a training about “LGBTQ+ Legal Rights and Custody Issues.” The presentation included a slide on “polysexuals and alternative partnerships.”

The Ohio Supreme Court also coordinated with OAM at its Spring 2022 Conference that included a training titled “LGBTQ+: Shaping an Inclusive Judicial System,” according to the list.

In November 2022, Todd Brower, director of the Judicial Education Program at the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute Judicial Education Program, taught a webinar for court personnel titled, “Sexual Identity and Gender Identity in the Courts.” Brower offers similar presentations to “courts and administrative agencies across the U.S. and internationally,” according to the Williams Institute website.

Brower taught a course on incorporating pronoun usage and an awareness of gender identity into the courtroom at the Nevada Supreme Court in July 2023, the DCNF previously reported.

Equality Ohio did not respond to a request for comment.




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Teachers Ran LGBT Education Program At Dallas School Without Approval: REPORT

An LGBTQ program that partnered Dallas Independent School Districts (ISD) teachers with a local transgender care-providing clinic was never approved by Dallas ISD officials, documents obtained in a public records request by the Dallas Express showed.

The Out for Safe Schools program reportedly partnered the district with a transgender-affirming clinic called the Resource Center, which allegedly provides transgender patients with hormones. The program educated teachers on how they could be “allies” to the LGBTQ cause, according to the outlet.

This partnership agreement was allegedly signed by the Resource Center, but not by any Dallas ISD officials, according to the Dallas Express.

“The department said there was no executed agreement,” JoAnna Talley, public information coordinator for Dallas ISD, told the Dallas Express.

Despite this apparent lack of support on behalf of the district, the program was reportedly operating anyway, the outlet reported. Further documents obtained by the Dallas Express allegedly show that the program was struggling to recruit teachers.

“Update. We still only have one person signed up for today,” Mahoganie Gaston, the LGBTQ youth support services coordinator for Dallas ISD, said in an April 2021 email, according to the outlet.

“Ok. Let’s go ahead and cancel today & ask today’s participant to attend in May. Hopefully, the trustees can push out the training in the areas they represent & attendance will be higher for the final two sessions,” Rafael McDonnell, an employee of the Resource Center, responded, according to the outlet.

Mentions of the Out for Safe Schools program were allegedly taken off the websites of Dallas ISD and the Resource Center after the Dallas Express exposed the program previously, according to the outlet.

The Dallas ISD LQBTQ support center did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Recently, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office permitted Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to refuse to hand over documents in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) pertaining to the $90,000 they paid to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago since 2021, as reported by the DCNF.

The payment was reportedly for a series of training sessions from the hospital’s Sexuality Education Program, which includes “age-appropriate” lessons on anal sex and “gender-affirming” sexual communication, according to the hospital’s website. The denial was made on the grounds that Illinois law protects “course materials” from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, according to the DCNF.




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Explaining “Everything Leftism”

It’s a simple question: How can “Queers for Palestine,” the slogan on protest signs of pro-Palestinian (or anti-anti-Hamas) protesters, be a thing? (Homosexuality is stigmatized and criminalized in the Palestinian territories, while in Israel it is legal, and in secular spaces not stigmatized. As a practical matter, one would much rather be queer in Tel Aviv than Khan Yunis.)

To answer the question, one must consider the operating ideology of left-wing activism, which for lack of a better term might be called “Everything Leftism.”

An Ideology and a Structure

Everything Leftism operates on two levels, as an ideology and as an institutional structure. As an ideology, it is a corruption of or derivative from intersectionality. As intersectionality views all oppressed identities as linked in compounding dimensions, Everything Leftism views all left-of-center issues as linked in compounding dimensions.

Thus, for the Everything Leftist all issues are mutually dependent. In this view, the interests of 2SLGBTQI+ people in the United States depend on Palestinian sovereignty, which depends on radical decarbonization of the economy, which depends on widespread access to taxpayer-funded abortion, which depends on de facto open borders, which depends on every other issue in the progressive playbook.

As an institutional structure, Everything Leftism operationalizes this ideology in the philanthropic and governmental spaces. Charitable organizations and advocacy groups seeking support from left-wing institutional Big Philanthropy will be pressured to align with Everything Leftism not only on any single issue but on all issues, or at least to silence themselves on issues on which they do not align. Meanwhile, where and when administrations aligned with Big Philanthropy hold power, they will use their discretion in government grantmaking, regulatory policy, and prosecutorial decision making to carry out the tenets of Everything Leftism. The Biden administration has announced and carried out a series of “whole of government” schemes related to Everything Leftism, most notably regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and climate change.

Everything Leftism in Practice

Everything Leftism is much easier to see than to define. Groups associated with left-of-center causes sometimes just “tweet it out,” with graphics in the typical corporate-liberal pastel-style demonstrating how all issues are mutually dependent.

Consider the following image from the Drug Policy Alliance, a drug legalization group tied to George Soros and funded by him and numerous other prominent liberal institutional funders:

Sometimes the issue lists of supposedly single-issue groups show the depths of Everything Leftism. The Sunrise Movement is ostensibly a campaign group for an immediate severe cut in carbon emissions to stop the supposed “climate crisis.” But its list of “our demands” includes “union jobs for all,” “abolish the police,” and “ensuring that indigenous communities are well resourced and safe.” Sunrise Movement claims that these Everything Leftist positions are inherent to its environmental mission, but in reality they are extraneous.

In the labor-union space, this is why the United Auto Workers (UAW), driven to strike in part due to the consequences of the shift to electric vehicle production driven by the American and international governments’ war on cars, supports the “just transition” away from conventional fuels. Labor unions in many ways pioneered Everything Leftism with “social justice unionism.” After John Sweeney, a Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) member aligned with government-worker unions and unionism’s radical Left, replaced the George Meany-Lane Kirkland center-left Truman-LBJ regime at the AFL-CIO in the 1990s, they turned their dues-funded treasuries into general-purpose piggy banks for left-wing economic and social movements.

In a sense, the Everything Leftist intersectional politics of the DSA replaced the old industrial-class politics of Meany, Kirkland, and their turn-of-the-20th-century predecessor Samuel Gompers. Those industrial-class politics may have been left-of-center—they gave America the capital-P Progressive Movement, the New Deal, and the Great Society, which all had many political-economic problems. But they were also patriotic and recognizably American in their liberalism, as evidenced by Gompers’s resistance to European socialisms of his day and the Meany-Kirkland regime’s work against international Communism during the Cold War. But in the new post-Sweeney era, Big Labor has joined the Everything Leftists, backing causes further left than the liberalism of the Biden administration, and so the UAW demands Israel not defeat Hamas in battle.

Concluding Thoughts

Once the concept of Everything Leftism is introduced, it is easy to find examples. Blaming school choice on “racism, homophobia, and xenophobia”? Everything Leftism. Calling everything “x justice” – “racial justice,” “environmental justice,” “economic justice,” “algorithmic justice”? Everything Leftism. California offering government-funded sex changes to illegal immigrants? Everything Leftism.

Knowledge of Everything Leftism, like knowledge of the related social justice unionism, should teach that there is no prospect of long-term alignment with the Left for moderate concession on a single issue. For a real-world example, ask the Republican and conservative groups that allied with liberals for moderate relaxation of criminal justice policies whether they expected their erstwhile partners to jump headlong into defunding police and de facto legalizing mass criminality in the name of “racial justice.”

But the Permanent Revolution is the demand of the Everything Leftist, so the move to abolish the police was inevitable. That was the ultimate objective for many of the left-wing groups, and it was published in the New York Times as such.

So to answer the opening question, how can “Queers for Palestine” be a thing? Everything Leftists saw an opportunity to combine two or more supposedly oppressed identities into a novel intersectional combination and took it. This happens often and across issues.

Let any conservative seeking to work with (or worse, appease) a left-wing faction beware.


Michael Watson

Michael is Research Director for Capital Research Center and serves as the managing editor for InfluenceWatch. A graduate of the College of William and Mary, he previously worked for a Washington, D.C. public relations firm.


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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Look To Investigate Gender Clinic’s Use Of Taxpayer Dollars On Trans Training

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services gave the Gender and Sexuality Development Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) nearly $177,000 through three years to host workshops for mental health providers on how to “affirm” transgender and gender expansive clients. 
  • Several Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers are criticizing taxpayer dollars being spent on the gender clinic and are planning to discuss the use of the funds with the state Appropriations Committee, they told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • “It’s so outrageous and it’s just another smack in the face for taxpayers to know that they were footing the bill for some of this,” Republican state Rep. Dawn Keefer told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers are calling out a gender clinic that used thousands of taxpayer dollars to train mental health providers on how to “affirm” transgender and gender expansive clients.

Over three years, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) granted the Gender and Sexuality Development Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) more than $176,000 to create a series of webinars and in-person trainings for mental health providers called the “Transgender Therapy Training Workshops,” the Daily Caller News Foundation revealed. Diverting taxpayer dollars towards the gender clinic and its transgender trainings for mental health providers is “outrageous” and must be investigated, Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers told the DCNF.

“I’m going to look into this personally and to talk to our appropriations chair,” Republican state Rep. Dawn Keefer told the DCNF. “I’m not on the Appropriations Committee, so I didn’t participate in any of the hearings for appropriations, but this absolutely has to be discussed as we’re appropriating dollars, again, for human services and an agency, who always comes to us for more money. They’re looking for money for services that they are required to cover. It’s just irresponsible that they’re digressing into everything outside of their scope.”

The seminars included in the “Transgender Therapy Training Workshops” teach mental health providers that children learn their gender identity after having “access to more resources and can use new language to describe their gender.” Someone’s transgender status is “confidential” and should not be disclosed unless the individual gives permission to do so, according to the CHOP trainings.

CHOP’s gender clinic provides medical transitioning interventions to children, prescribing puberty blockers to kids as young as eight. The  clinic has referred kids as young as 14-years-old for cross-sex surgeries such as mastectomies or breast construction.

The gender clinic’s employees have promoted such procedures, in addition to hormones and puberty blockers for children.

“[Republican state] Senator [Scott] Martin is adamantly opposed to the use of taxpayer dollars to support extremist gender identity policies for children – something he has been fighting in the General Assembly for quite some time,” Jason Thompson, Martin’s spokesman, told the DCNF. “Even though the grants in question are fully funded by the federal government, the state should not play a role in supporting a program that encourages kids to move forward with life-altering decisions like gender reassignment surgery when they are too young to make that kind of choice.”

In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, CHOP was awarded $45,283 through the state’s “Community Mental Health Services Block Grant” for the workshops, which in total trained 821 mental health providers.

In the second year of the program, the state gave CHOP $51,966 to hold the workshops and to pay the partial salaries for two of the gender clinic employees. Through the 2019-2020 fiscal year, CHOP suggested to DHS that the workshops focus on several topics including “legal transition, medical transition, working with couples, working with schools, individuals in addiction and co-occurring Autism.”

In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, CHOP was granted $79,446 which resulted in 520 mental health providers being trained.

“It’s so outrageous and it’s just another smack in the face for taxpayers to know that they were footing the bill for some of this,” Keefer told the DCNF.

CHOP has provided at least 33 trainings in 15 schools since 2017; CHOP provided a training to Southern Lehigh School District in 2021 which advised educators to allow students “room for exploration” of their gender. In 2022, a Pennsylvania school district donated $1,200 to CHOP to provide professional development sessions which taught K-12 educators how to create “gender inclusive and affirming educational environments.”

“I can speak from my district and my feelings for the state in these issues, taxpayers do not want to fund this type of, as they term it, health care,” Republican state Rep. Barbra Gleim told the DCNF. “I will also be opposing any type of appropriations to this type of mental health care. We just need to make [the taxpayer] aware that their tax dollars are going towards gender reaffirmation or gender transitioning, and if that’s not okay with them, they need to let everybody know, so that we can legislate properly.”

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and Gender and Sexuality Development Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.





EXCLUSIVE: ‘Genderqueer Shapeshifter’ Provided School District’s Professional Development Training For Teachers

Bud Light Marketing Exec Who Slammed ‘Fratty’ Culture On Leave Of Absence Amid Company Shakeup

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High School’s Policy Tells Girls To Leave Their Locker Room If Uncomfortable With Trans Students

An Arizona high school has a policy allowing transgender students to change in their preferred locker rooms and telling female students to use alternative facilities if they are uncomfortable, according to emails obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Students and parents at Catalina Foothills High School (CFHS) in Tucson, Arizona, found out about the new policy after Bart Pemberton, a parent of a female student from CFHS, spoke with radio host Garrett Lewis about an “unwritten policy” that another parent had told him about. The policy not only allows transgender students in the bathroom or locker room of their choice but also tells students who are uncomfortable with the policy to request an accommodation to use different changing facilities, according to emails obtained by the DCNF.

Pemberton told the DCNF that when he heard about the policy he set up a meeting with the school’s principal Jody Brase for Feb. 21.

“According to [Brase] it is an unwritten and unadvertised policy for the past 10 years,” Pemberton said. “It’s basically whatever they (the school administration) want it to be since it isn’t ‘official.’ Her rationale was that this is a small number of kids, the other kids know who they are, the kids almost always don’t fully undress, most of the kids won’t use the locker rooms, etc.”

Eileen Jackson, president of the Catalina Foothills School District (CFS) governing board, told Pemberton in an email obtained by the DCNF that the district’s Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity policy covers such matters and “guide[s] our administrators in their daily decisions that arise in the operation of our schools.”

“Similarly, any student who is uncomfortable sharing multiple-occupancy facilities with others has the ability to request an accommodation,” Jackson said. “Our district administrators respond to their needs and find alternatives for those students. In this way, we treat all students in the same manner. Further, our administrators do not require any student to be singled out or isolated based on any of the protected statuses identified in our policy.”

Pemberton told Jackson that her statement directly contradicted what Brase had told him and asked that the school board talk about the policies at the district’s March 28 meeting.

Pemberton told Brase his concerns were based on what had happened at other schools like in Loudoun County, Virginia, when a male student, claiming to be transgender, allegedly sexually assaulted two girls in two different school bathrooms. Brase allegedly told Pemberton that she was “aware” of what had happened in Virginia but was “confident it wouldn’t happen here.”

Genon Thomas, a female student at Catalina, told the DCNF that the school had failed to inform her that she would have to share the bathroom or locker room with biologically male students, calling the policy the “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I found out through my family members sending the news to me since they found out,” Thomas said. “I shouldn’t have to share a bathroom or locker room with people who were not born the same gender as me. I just would not feel comfortable.”

Chandler Thomas, Genon’s older brother, and his cousin Dylan Thomas told the DCNF that they concerned about safety and potential discrimination against female students.

“By enforcing the policy to allow non-biological females to use the women’s bathroom, they directly force two options on biological females: 1) Use the same bathroom uncomfortably around these individuals or 2) choose to use another bathroom to feel comfortable,” Chandler Thomas, an alum of CFHS, said. “Simply put, this is discrimination caused by hate for discrimination, very reminiscent of the force driving Marxist ideology. This policy discriminates against biological females as well as any information opposing the ideology that manifested this policy.”

Dylan Thomas said he wanted “a definitive answer” about how the school will keep its students “safe, protected and comfortable.” Thomas also objected to his siblings and other students being subjected to “this delusion” and wondered how the school could claim it was preventing discrimination when it would force girls to leave their own locker room.

A spokesperson from CFSD district told the DCNF that no students are “singled out or isolated based on any of the protected statuses identified in our policy.”

“The CFSD Governing Board’s policy, unanimously adopted in 2015, states that our district is committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ethnicity, religion, creed, age or disability,” the spokesperson said.

The district did acknowledge that any students who are “uncomfortable sharing multiple-occupancy facilities (e.g., restrooms, locker rooms)” can “request an accommodation,” noting that administrators “find alternatives for those students.”

Jennifer Pershing, a mother of four with one student at CFHS, told the DCNF the school is embracing a “dangerous social contagion” and “discriminating against the truth.” Perishing said she has “compassion for children suffering from gender dysphoria” but argued that it was not going to help anyone to “pretend it is normal.”

Pershing said some parents have tried to ignore what is going on because it feels like a losing battle, but she said that the “transgender ideology is a lie” and will “ultimately fail.”

Dylan Thomas noted that parents he has spoken to are looking for ways to take their kids out of high school either by transferring or homeschooling.

“Parents, teachers, and siblings that I have talked to couldn’t believe it, no one thought this delusional reality would come this far and seep into our own backyard,” Thomas said.

CFHS and Brase did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.




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RELATED VIDEO: Governor DeSantis speaks at ‘Exposing the Book Ban Hoax’ presser in Tampa, Florida

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Here Are The Sexually Explicit Books Florida Is Working To Remove From Public Schools

  • Florida public school districts have removed over 100 books for containing content that is pornographic, violent or not age-appropriate, the Daily Caller News Foundation learned.
  • The books included “This Book is Gay,” “Gender Queer,” “Let’s Talk About It” and “It’s Perfectly Normal,” all of which include graphic references to sex.
  • Florida law requires librarians and media specialists to undergo training before selecting material that is age-appropriate, and it has a law prohibiting the distribution of pornographic material to minors.

Florida schools have removed more than 100 books that contain pornographic material during the 2022-2023 academic year in order to comply with state law, the Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

A survey of local school districts found that 153 of 175 books were removed the the district for including pornographic, violent or age-inappropriate content, according to a document obtained by the DCNF. The removed books included “This Book is Gay,” “Gender Queer,” “Let’s Talk About It” and “It’s Perfectly Normal,” all of which contain sexually explicit depictions according to snippets shared by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration.

“This Book Is Gay” is described as an informational book about growing up in the LGBTQ+ community and includes a section about the “ins and outs of gay sex,” according to Sourcebooks. Taryn Feske, DeSantis’ communication director, shared a page from the book that defines sex terminology including “rimming,” “scat,” “scissor sisters” and “strap-on.”

Feske also shared pages from “Gender Queer,” an autobiography from author Maia Kobabe who uses e/em/eir pronouns, that depict two characters attempting oral sex by using a strap-on. The book also depicts the characters sexting, masturbating and tasting themselves.

“Maia’s intensely cathartic autobiography charts eir journey of self-identity, which includes the mortification and confusion of adolescent crushes, grappling with how to come out to family and society, bonding with friends over erotic gay fanfiction, and facing the trauma and fundamental violation of pap smears,” the book description reads.

Let’s Talk About It” includes an image of two people engaging in anal sex and a diagram of an anus, according to pages of the book shared to Twitter.

“When it comes to reproducing, the penis and the vagina can fit together to form the ultimate baby-making machine. Let’s take a peek right now and see how —” the book reads.

It also explains that “your genitals exist to let you feel pleasure with yourself or others (no matter which genitals they may have)” and promotes hookup culture.

“Sexual intimacy is a powerful way to feel good and bond with another person, whether it’s for a night or a lifetime,” the book reportedly reads.

It’s Perfectly Normal,” advertised for children ages 10 and older, includes sections on masturbation, heterosexual and gay sex and all gender restrooms.

Only 23 districts out of 56 reported to remove books from the schools and a majority of books were removed from the schools’ media center and not classrooms. The number of books removed for having inappropriate content may be higher because 13% of reports did not include a specific reason for removal.

DeSantis signed legislation in March 2022 that requires school districts to be “transparent” about the material being taught in public schools. House Bill 1467 required those involved in selecting school library books to undergo training prepared by the state Department of Education beginning in January 2023 before selecting age-appropriate materials.

Florida law also prohibits distributing pornographic materials to minors under section 847.012, which reads that a person cannot distribute on school property “any picture, photograph, drawing, sculpture, motion picture film, videocassette, or similar visual representation or image of a person or portion of the human body which depicts nudity or sexual conduct” to minors.

Videos circulating on social media appeared to show empty book shelves at a Duval County public school, according to First Coast News. DeSantis challenged this video on Tuesday and said it was a “fake narrative.”

“That was not true,” DeSantis reportedly said, according to First Coast News. “This is trying to create some narrative as if that they hadn’t even put the books out yet to begin with. So there’s no need for all of that stuff. What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to act like somehow, you know, we don’t want books.”

Eighty-four percent of books removed from Duval County schools contained pornographic, violent or inappropriate content, according to data provided to the DCNF.

Tracy Pierce, Duval County Public Schools chief of marketing and public relations, confirmed to the DCNF the video was fake.

“Yes, this video is an outstanding example of deceptive and false narrative,” Pierce said. “The videographer took great care only to show a portion of the media center where books were removed. At that time, an extensive array of non-fiction books, biographies and reference materials remained in stock and accessible. In fact, well over half of the books in the library were still available to students.”





Alaskan School Board Attempts to Silence Dad Shining Light on Sexually Graphic Books

MAO-STYLE CULTURAL REVOLUTION: Roald Dahl Children’s Books Rewritten to Delete References to ‘Fat’ Characters, Add ‘Inclusive’ Gender Terms

‘Gender Queer’ and ‘The V-Word’: Republican AG Releases Report On ‘Sexually Explicit’ Children’s Books In Libraries

Is The University Of California System Becoming A Safe Space For Antisemitism?

School District Enlists ‘Black Lives Matter Task Force’ To Help Teach 7th Graders How They’re Implicitly Biased

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Here’s What’s In The ‘Obscene’ Books Being Removed From Schools Across The Country

Through 2022, parents across the country have fought to have books deemed “age inappropriate” and “pornographic” removed from schools.

Across 5,000 schools, more than 1,600 book titles were removed in the 2021-2022 school year, according to NBC News. The books most commonly removed from schools, including “Gender Queer: A Memoir” and “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” contain images of masturbation and explicit descriptions of sexual encounters.

“Parents across the country have organically risen to fight the obviously age-inappropriate material that has crept into public schools,” Brooke Stephens, a member of Utah Parents United, a group focused on parental rights in education, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Once they see it, they know it’s wrong and they won’t give up until it’s gone.”

“Gender Queer” the most challenged book in schools, is about a character with “e/em/eir” pronouns navigating being queer. The book contains cartoon images of a boy masturbating and performing oral sex on another man.

All Boys Aren’t Blue,” a memoir about the experience of a black queer boy growing up, does not contain graphic images but describes graphic sexual encounters.

“He reached his hand down and pulled out my dick,” “All Boys Aren’t Blue” states. “He quickly went to giving me head. I just sat back and enjoyed it as I could tell he was, too.”

School districts in Missouri have removed more than 300 books from school libraries to follow a state law that prohibits sexually explicit content from the classroom, according Education Week. In Utah, about 280 book complaints were filed in nine of the state’s 41 school districts since May.

Alpine School District, Utah’s largest school district, removed 52 books for “inappropriate content” including “Gender Queer” and “All Boys Aren’t Blue.”

Other books removed from school districts for their sexually explicit content included “This Book Is Gay,” a book that has been described as a “how to” guide for the LGBTQ community. The book offers tips on anal sex, hand jobs and suggests dating apps to find LGBTQ partners.

“A GOOD HANDIE is all about the wrist action. Rub the head of his cock back and forth with your hand,” “This Book Is Gay” stated. “Try different speeds and pressures until he responds positively.”

The book “Flamer,” a story about a gay boy, has also been challenged in several school districts as it explicitly describes sexual interactions.

Books such as “Gender Queer” are being removed because they are being deemed obscene, which is different from being considered “sexually explicit,” PEN America, an organization working to keep books in schools, stated on their website.

“The term ‘obscenity’ is being stretched in unrecognizable ways because the concept itself is widely accepted as grounds for limiting access to content,” PEN America stated. “But many of the materials now being removed under the guise of obscenity bear no relation to the sexually explicit, deliberately evocative content that the term has historically connoted.”

“We not only applaud the schools that have taken their time to look at these books and have decided to remove them from their media center shelves because they contain no literary value and are obscene in nature; but we also agree that for those books that are not being completely removed, control is given to the parents,” Xiomara Castro, a chapter leader of No Left Turn In Education, a group focused on parental rights in education, told the DCNF. “Let the parents decide what their kids can and cannot read.”

Alpine School District and PEN America did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.




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What Some Schools Are Teaching Kids Is So Obscene, Parental Rights Activists Can’t Even Read It On TV

  • Under federal guidelines, TV and radio stations cannot air obscene content, some which parental rights in education advocates say are in school curriculums.
  • “When my kids were younger or just in my earlier life, I can’t think of a time that I would be talking about a children’s book, and I couldn’t discuss it on the radio. This is a new phenomenon where you cannot discuss what is in a book used for children,” Erika Sanzi, Parents Defending Education director of outreach, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • Parental rights in education advocates have been told to avoid talking about different types of sex and images which appear in several school districts’ sexual education curriculums.

Parents and parental rights advocates seeking to shed light on what is being taught in schools say television stations won’t even broadcast what’s in their school curriculums because it’s too obscene.

It is against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines to describe sexual conduct or feature any “grossly offensive” language on a radio or television broadcast. Parental rights in education advocates told the Daily Caller News Foundation that television and radio stations do not allow them to talk about the obscene curriculums and books allowed in schools.

“When my kids were younger or just in my earlier life, I can’t think of a time that I would be talking about a children’s book, and I couldn’t discuss it on the radio,” Erika Sanzi, director of outreach at Parents Defending Education, told the DCNF. “This is a new phenomenon where you cannot discuss what is in a book used for children.”

Sanzi told the DCNF that a producer at a television station told her she could not discuss the different types of sex that 10-year-olds learn in the “Human Growth and Development” curriculum of a Wisconsin school district due to FCC regulations.

“There was anal sex, oral sex and vaginal sex,” Sanzi told the DCNF. “She was like, ‘oh, my God, like you can’t say that.’ The main thing that she was telling me was that I couldn’t use explicit terms for body parts and I couldn’t describe these different types of sex that that the kids learn about.”

Sanzi said other television stations and radio stations have made similar requests, citing FCC guidelines.

Schools around the country often feature sexually explicit content in their curriculums; the New Jersey Department of Education’s sexual education standards teaches fifth graders all the ways “pregnancy can be achieved” and introduces eighth graders to all the types of sex, including anal sex.

Some school districts feature books such as “Gender Queer,” which depicts illustrations of the main characters masturbating and receiving oral sex, and “This Book Is Gay,” which teaches “boy-on-boy sex” and is described as an instruction manual for LGBTQ students.

Scarlett Johnson, head of Ozaukee, Wisconsin’s Moms For Liberty chapter, was told by a cameraman for WISN 12 News that the station could not air footage of her signs featuring images and language used in a Wauwatosa School District’s sexual education curriculum because it was too obscene, she told the DCNF.

“He said ‘I am going to have to blur the images so much that no one will be able to tell what they’re looking at.’ The language on there, there was anal sex, there was erection, wet dreams,” Johnson told the DCNF. “There were the graphic images of the condoms and then the images of the vulva, vagina, penis. And they all came straight from the curriculum.”

Johnson said to that because she cannot talk about the graphic images and material in schools, she is forced to talk about different aspects of sexual education curriculums that do not give the entire picture.

“Because of that, we never talked about the real issues. I’m just getting upset about it and upset that it’s always ‘oh, you just don’t want to read some some kindergarten book about gay parents or princess boys,” Johnson told the DCNF. “It’s so much more than that.”

Under FCC guidelines, obscene content is always prohibited, while indecent and profane content is not allowed to be aired between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. when “there is a reasonable risk that children may be in the audience.” Sanzi said she understands parents who raise concerns that the content not appropriate for public broadcast is in school curriculums.

“I certainly can understand why a parent would say if you can’t say it on the radio, and you can’t say it on TV and you can’t read it in a public board meeting, perhaps it’s not appropriate for our eight-year-olds,” Sanzi told the DCNF.

The FCC, New Jersey Department of Education, Hillsborough School District, Wauwatosa School District and WISN 12 did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.





Idaho Library Director resigns after relentless pressure from local MassResistance citizens over graphic children’s books.

‘What Does Semen Taste Like?’: California School Uses Planned Parenthood Lesson To Teach Sexual Health

Drag Queens Take Center Stage In Midterm Battle Over Children’s Education

ADORNEY: The Woke Mob Is Like A Spoiled Child — It Won’t Stop Unless It’s Told “No!”

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Whitmer Administration To Hire ‘Sexual Orientation’ And ‘Expression’ Consultant For Foster Kids

The administration of Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposed a contract for a child foster care consultant on gender identity and sexual orientation, according to documents made public by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Children’s Services Agency, which “oversees all child welfare services for children,” is seeking a “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Consultant” as of Sept. 12, according to documents made public by the Washington Free Beacon. The consultant would be a part of the “Diversity Equity and Inclusion Unit” and would focus on determining the “needs and concerns of LGBTQ staff, families and children.”

The consultant would create resources such as handouts, books, trainings and videos based on the results of a survey given to the LGBTQ community, the proposed contract stated. Trainings may cover topics that affect the LGBTQ community such as “implicit bias” and “historical needs.”

Within in the five largest counties of the state, Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Kent and Genesee, a transgender youth service must be provided, the proposal contract read. The consultant will also focus on trainings and resources specifically aimed at the LGBTQ youth.

At the six-month mark of the job, the consultant will provide an update on the “successes and opportunities for growth” of the LGBTQ community, the proposal contract read. The goal of the position is to heighten “sensitivity” toward the LGBTQ community and issues surrounding the community.

In January, Whitmer’s Children’s Services Agency was called “just devastating” by a federal judge after a report showed that children were living in unsanitary conditions and were not monitored even after making threats of self-harm, according to the Detroit News. As a part of a settlement from a 2006 lawsuit over the dangers of the foster care system, the Children’s Services Agency agreed to make reforms to the system.

The Department of Health and Human Services did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.





CDC Allocated $85 Million For Grants Requiring Schools To Start Student-Led Clubs Supporting LGBT Youth

Parent Group Challenges School District’s Planned ‘Transgender Awareness Week’

American Classrooms Face A ‘Pandemic Of Antisemitic Rhetoric,’ Experts Say

New Poll Shows Democrats Losing Ground With Latino Voters

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Colorado School Board Proposes Toolkit Suggesting Educators Hide Student Transitions From Parents

A Colorado school board proposed a “gender expansive” toolkit that directs educators on how to address transgender and non-binary students, including keeping gender transitions a secret from parents, according to the Post Independent.

The Roaring Fork School Board in Carbondale, Colorado, heard public comment on Wednesday with plans to vote on the toolkit on Oct. 11, according to the Post Independent. The “Toolkit for Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive/Nonconforming Students” advises educators to keep a student’s gender identity a secret from their parents if the student wishes and to make changes to school records as they see fit.

“We previously affirmed students’ rights without yet specifying supporting practices,” Roaring Fork School District Chief Of Student And Family Services Anna Cole wrote in a memo to the board. “We have since learned the importance of providing clear guidance and programmatic support, and have heard requests from students and staff for more explicit procedures. The toolkit is our response to these requests.”

The toolkit suggests a “gender tree” to explain gender identity and calls the soil, “societal influence,” which is the way “social, cultural and institutional influence” shape “gendered individuals.” Included is “fluidity and history” as the “rings of the tree” to represent a person’s “deeply-felt sense of gender” that can expand beyond man and woman to “genderqueer and agender,” the toolkit showed.

Under the “toolkit,” educators are advised to allow students to use whichever restroom and locker room corresponds with their gender identity. On overnight trips, students should receive accommodations “on a case-by-case basis with the goals of maximizing the student’s social integration.”

“It’s one thing to identify as a gender, but quite another to compel others to use special pronouns, and to open bathrooms and locker rooms to transgender students or allow transgender students onto sports teams of the opposite sex,” a board meeting attendee said to the Post Independent. “The rights of those not identifying as transgendered are being trampled.”

In Florida, a school board implemented a sexual education curriculum that links to Planned Parenthood documents and teaches 12-year-olds “all the ways pregnancy can occur.” An Ohio school is allowing educators to wear LGBTQ badges, despite parental pushback, in an effort to show students they are allies to the community.

The Roaring Fork School Board and Roaring Fork School District did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.





Parent Group Challenges School District’s Planned ‘Transgender Awareness Week’

‘Aligned With Our Mission’: Seattle Children’s Promises To Keep Operating On Trans Children

Airline Shows Off ‘Inclusive’ Uniform Policy With Trans, Cross-Dressing Flight Attendants

‘All Options Are On The Table’: Dozens Of Tennessee Republicans Push Hospital To Halt Gender Surgeries For Kids

Teachers Refuse To Follow Trans Policy That Requires Them To Use Students’ Birth Names On Official Records

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‘Shame And Horror’: Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Mince Words Blasting Doctors Who Perform Sex Changes On Kids

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted doctors and universities involved in performing sex changes on children Wednesday evening.

“Never has American medicine been more transparently a racket than it is right now. With the most basic ethical guidelines gone, completely ignored, we should not be surprised to learn that some hospitals have decided to monetize the mental anguish of children,” Carlson said in reference to recent news stories on hospitals providing sex change treatments to children. “Consider the University of California at San Francisco hospital. Supposedly it’s one of the best in the world, UCSF, despite its august reputation, is not even trying to behave responsibly when it comes to children who have been convinced by TikTok they should change their sex.”

Carlson claimed that this meant that groups like the Human Rights Campaign and other activists supported such procedures, while hospitals viewed the procedures as moneymakers, playing a video from one administrator at Vanderbilt University shared by Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh that reportedly outlined how one procedure brought in $40,000.

Walsh posted a thread on Twitter featuring videos of officials at Vanderbilt University Tuesday. Walsh later tweeted that Vanderbilt took the page down after his initial thread on the social media site.


Republican Gov. Bill Lee and Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee called for an investigation into the practices at Vanderbilt in response to the reports. The university denied wrongdoing in a statement, according to Fox News.

“The truth is people who are horrified for this are not the bad actors. Vanderbilt is a bad actor. They just admitted on camera to castrating children as young as 13 years old,” Carlson said.

“Five years from now, we’re going to look back at this, like a lot of things we’ve done recently, like destroying public art and statues, and the Covid vaccine, so many of the things we done without thinking about it in an environment where no one is allowed to protest and we’re going to look back at shame and horror,” Carlson said.





Stacey Abrams Claims Six-Week Fetal Heartbeats ‘Manufactured’ To Help Men Control Women

Chicago Children’s Hospital Promotes Sex Toys And Gender Affirming Tools For Schools

Hospital Assigned ‘Trans Buddies’ To Pressure Doctors Into Affirming Children’s Gender Identity

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The Military Went Woke. Now It Can’t Find Recruits.

The transgender pronouns, diversity training, and lesbian wedding ads aren’t working. 

The military is facing the worst recruiting environment since the end of the Vietnam War.

The Army is at only 40% of its recruiting numbers for the fiscal year despite raising its maximum enlistment bonus from $40,000 to $50,000. It now offers new recruits up to $10,000 for showing up to basic training in 30 days. And is no longer even asking them for a high school diploma.

“We’ve never offered $50,000 to join the Army,”  Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, head of U.S. Army Recruiting Command, said.

While the Army runs anime lesbian wedding ads, it’s pushing away the recruits it needs, young patriotic men from traditional backgrounds. When the Biden administration’s brass decided to mandate vaccinations, they automatically rejected the 60% of potential recruits who aren’t.

By Obama’s second term, male Army ROTC cadets were being forced to march in women’s high heels. Under Biden, that escalated to mandatory transgender pronoun training while figuring out living arrangements for men who suddenly decide that they’re really women.

The Army has stopped worrying about winning wars and is instead working to establish the “Army as a global leader in DEI”. That’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Obama’s Army Secretary Eric Fanning’s had already ordered mandatory implicit bias training for “soldiers and employees in senior leadership and management positions”. The Army is now preparing for the prospect of accommodating men in women’s housing and deploying HIV positive men.

While the Army brass complains that it can’t find recruits, even with gay wedding ads, transgender housing and HIV positive deployment, it’s been kicking out unvaccinated soldiers.

In February, it reported that commanders had  “relieved a total of six Regular Army leaders, including two battalion commanders, and issued 3,073 general officer written reprimands to Soldiers for refusing the vaccination order.” As of June, 60,000 Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers are unvaccinated. That’s 12% of the Army Guard and 10% of the Army Reserve.

“Army readiness depends on soldiers who are prepared to train, deploy, fight and win our nation’s wars,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth claimed. “Unvaccinated soldiers present risk to the force and jeopardize readiness.”

HIV positive soldiers don’t present a risk or jeopardize readiness, but unvaccinated soldiers do.

Instead of spending $684 million on recruitment, and a $4 billion 10 year contract with Omnicom, one of whose subsidiaries worked on the Biden campaign, the Army could try to stop actively alienating and firing the young men actually willing to fight and die on the battlefield.

And maybe then the Army might be able to stop lowering standards and issuing moral waivers for criminal records. Or forcibly extending the assignments of recruiters and making them work on federal holidays in the hopes of recruiting 60,000 active duty soldiers.

A Quinnipiac poll earlier this year found that only 40% of Democrats would stay and fight if America were invaded, while 52% would run away. 68% of Republicans would stay and fight. 70% of men would stay and fight in contrast to, understandably, 40% of women, and 61% and 57% of Hispanic and white people would stay and fight, in contrast to only 38% of black people.

Polls like these provide obvious common sense guidelines as to whom to recruit. Instead the woke army, like the rest of the woke military, keeps trying to recruit the wokes who don’t want to fight for their country and don’t even think their country is worth fighting for.

While the Army is the most troubled of the military branches, the Air Force is 4,000 personnel underwater.

“We have warning lights flashing,”  Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas warned. “Our ‘qualified and waiting’ list is about half of what it has been historically.”

Good thing the Air Force, like other branches, is screening recruits for “extremism” and the unvaccinated, and focused above all else on increasing its diversity quotas. The Air Force is less interested in recruiting in the South and bemoans the fact that 86% of Air Force aviators are white men. And those are exactly the people whom the Air Force brass no longer want.

“As Airmen in the U.S. Air Force, it’s our duty to acknowledge our biases whether we realize they exist or not,” airmen who are accused of being racist because they’re white are being told.

No wonder there are warning lights flashing in recruitment.

Navy recruiters are focused on the popularity of Top Gun Maverick to bring in new recruits. But the hit Tom Cruise movie has little relationship to the reality of a woke Air Force whose racialist brass are obsessed with critical race theory and whose planes don’t actually fly.

In the movie, the pilots fly F/A-18s and no one screams at them about their pronouns and their unconscious racial biases. Or their vaccination status. In real life, F/A-18E/F’s have a 51% mission capable rate. And the Navy’s woke leadership is focused on fighting “systemic racism:”

The Navy is offering a $25,000 “quick ship” bonus to recruits. “The Navy is the only U.S. military branch currently offering this high of an enlistment bonus for any new enlistee,” it brags, and suggests that the “the enlistment bonus could be as high as $50,000.”

But the Navy, like the Army and other services, can’t buy its way out of a morale crisis.

The United States military is never going to win a bidding war against corporations. Amazon warehouse team members make more than starting recruits. And they’re generally less likely to die. The only real military recruiting edge is a patriotic commitment to defending your country.

Military recruiters blame a national manpower shortage and their advertising strategy follows the familiar one of corporations going woke, appealing to the perceived wokeness and narcissism of Gen Z. Major corporations are being roiled by the radical activists they have recruited this way who are demanding that corporate leaders adopt not only their values but their agenda. Or else.

The brass trying to dress up the military in woke colors to make it appear that it shares their values are writing a big blank check that no one, not even Gen. Milley, wants to cash.

The Obama and Biden administrations appointed brass who gutted the services and replaced patriotic and nationalistic values with woke virtue signaling and radical politics. Now they’re discovering that when jobs are going begging, no one wants to join a woke military.

Patriots don’t and wokes won’t either.

Wokes willing to die for a cause are a lot more likely to join riots than the military. Those who see the military as serving their cause are, like actual white supremacists, exactly the kinds of “dangerous extremists” who are just joining up to gain experience for domestic terrorism.

There is a solution to the recruiting crisis. It doesn’t involve spending hundreds of millions on ad campaigns or anime lesbian weddings. The place to start is with the reasons for serving.

In the aftermath of the disgraceful Afghanistan retreat and of a War on Terror that has been effaced by political correctness, military service appears more senseless to many than it did after Vietnam. And in a nation riven with division, the military has come to reflect those divisions, with its brass firmly putting their thumbs on the partisan scale and adopting the leftist ideas and woke cultural values that are hostile to the majority of the men under their command.

The military, like so many institutions, went woke, now it’s finding out that woke leads to broke.

Rebuilding morale begins with a renewed commitment to national values and patriotism, to serious warfighting and meritocratic striving, and to a culture built on teams, not racial divisions.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center’s pamphlets, “Disloyal: How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country” and “How Obama and Biden Destroyed the Greatest Military the World Has Ever Seen” charted the shape of the crisis. Our military can be rebuilt, but it will take cleaning out the brass who were put in charge to dismantle it and transform it into another failed leftist operation.

And while the woke brass stay, the recruits stay away.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

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BOOM: Exxon Prohibits LGBTQ, BLM Flags Outside Corporate Offices

The proof is the pudding or in this case, the numbers.

Report: Exxon Prohibits LGBTQ, BLM Flags Outside Corporate Offices

By Breitbart News, April 23, 222:

Exxon Mobil Corp. does not intend to fly an LGBTQ flag in front of corporate offices in June during pride month, according to a report.

Bloomberg News reports having seen a new Exxon company policy that prohibits “external position flags,” including the LGBTQ and Black Lives Matters flags, from being flown in front of corporate offices. “Instead, the rule permits a flag representing an LGBTQ employees’ group that does not prominently feature Exxon’s corporate logo,” according to the outlet.

The move has sparked outrage among the company’s PRIDE Houston Chapter, as members of the group are now declining to represent the company in the city’s June pride celebration, according to Bloomberg.

“Corporate leadership took exception to a rainbow flag being flown at our facilities” last year, stated employees in the group in an email. “PRIDE was informed the justification was centered on the need for the corporation to maintain ‘neutrality.’”

Exxon Vice President of Human Resources Tracey Gunnlaugsson provided Bloomberg News with a statement on the matter, which reads in part:

The updated flag protocol is intended to clarify the use of the ExxonMobil branded company flag and not intended to diminish our commitment to diversity and support for employee resource groups. We’re committed to keeping an open, honest, and inclusive workplace for all of our employees, and we’re saddened that any employee would think otherwise.

Of the company’s roughly 63,000 employees around the globe, 3,000 are part of Exxon’s pride employee resource group, according to Bloomberg News.

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