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DAVID BLACKMON: Having Biden Declare A Climate Emergency Is A Crazy Idea

I recorded a podcast this week in which the host told me I am an “outlier” for being willing to write the truth about the destructive nature of the Biden administration’s energy policies. It was one of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me, frankly.

So, I guess I will be an outlier again when I write that the idea being considered again by White House officials of having President Biden declare a climate emergency so he can implement a draconian crackdown on the domestic oil and gas industry is frankly crazy. That’s the truth.

Bloomberg reported Thursday that unnamed officials inside the White House said the idea of declaring a climate emergency, first considered in 2021 and again in 2022, is once again under consideration. The only “emergency,” of course, is the president’s flagging approval ratings among impressionable young voters that threaten to derail his re-election chances. Declaring a climate emergency would arm the president with dictatorial powers to hamstring the domestic industry more than his regulators and hundreds of executive orders have already managed to do.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, actions being considered would include suspending offshore drilling, restricting exports of oil and LNG, and “throttling” the industry’s ability to transport its production via pipelines and rail. Given the industry’s crucial nature, it all sounds like a recipe for massive economic disaster.

“The average American is certainly not demanding a climate emergency declaration. It’s the losing team of left-wing Democrat activists and the shrinking base of elites who are,” U.S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim Stewart told me in an interview. “It’s not about climate, it’s about control: Control over the entire U.S. economy, control of production, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption. If you control energy, you control all these things. Which means you have control of the people.”

Stewart notes that the use of emergency powers in this instance would represent the same playbook used by federal, state, and local governments to restrict citizens’ freedoms and choices during COVID pandemic. But for the president, it would also be a means of shoring up support among the billionaire class that funds both the climate alarmist movement and so many Democrat Party campaigns, including his own campaign for re-election.

That angle was echoed by Tom Pyle, president of the D.C.-based think tank, the Institute for Energy Research. “By now, we have gotten used to incredibly damaging and stupid decisions from the Biden administration, but the idea of declaring a ‘climate emergency’ is in a class by itself,” Pyle told me. “Like the freeze on new LNG permits, the only emergency President Biden is seeking to address with this latest threat is his slippage in the polls among young voters.”

Others with whom I spoke on the matter were skeptical that the White House would really take such an extreme step in the middle of a re-election effort, but that outlook seems naïve, really. After all, who would have predicted last December that the administration would halt all permitting of new LNG export facilities purely for political reasons? Who would have predicted in late 2021 that the president would order the draining of 40% of the nation’s wartime Strategic Petroleum Reserve for no reason other than a pure political calculation designed to try to influence the 2022 midterm election?

Anyone thinking such a move would be made out of a real, good faith effort to somehow impact climate change needs to consider this: Demand for oil and natural gas is a global phenomenon that will not be reduced just because Biden cracks down on the U.S. domestic industry. Such a crackdown would inevitably create the flight of billions of dollars in capital to other parts of the world where environmental regulations are far less stringent than in the United States.

The climate alarmists advocating for this crazy policy action like to ignore the reality that the Earth has only one atmosphere which everyone shares. The U.S. oil and gas industry has dramatically cut emissions of both methane and CO2 even as it has achieved new records in production. No other nation on Earth can make a similar claim.

This is indeed a crazy idea, but it would be a mistake to assume it is not being seriously considered, and for all the wrong reasons.



David Blackmon is an energy writer and consultant based in Texas. He spent 40 years in the oil and gas business, where he specialized in public policy and communications.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller News Foundation.


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Biden Moves To Grant Amnesty, Hand Out Green Cards To Illegals: REPORT

President Joe Biden is currently considering granting amnesty to illegal migrants in a bid to act on the worsening immigration crisis, according to Politico.

Biden and his administration are weighing several ideas to take a tougher stance on the southern border crisis and illegal immigration amid criticisms he has thus far failed to act on either. The administration could start dolling out green cards to illegal immigrants who have long stayed inside the United States, thereby giving them amnesty to stay in the country, three people familiar with the planning told Politico.

President Joe Biden is currently considering granting amnesty to illegal migrants in a bid to act on the worsening immigration crisis, according to Politico.

Biden and his administration are weighing several ideas to take a tougher stance on the southern border crisis and illegal immigration amid criticisms he has thus far failed to act on either. The administration could start dolling out green cards to illegal immigrants who have long stayed inside the United States, thereby giving them amnesty to stay in the country, three people familiar with the planning told Politico.

The plan would grant migrants who have been in the country for more than 10 years access to the cancellation of removal program provided that they have relatives who would suffer if they were deported, according to Politico. Migrants could then receive a green card — a permanent residency grant —  if they meet the cancellation of removal requirements and an immigration judge rules in their favor.

It would represent a larger effort by Biden to take action on behalf of illegal immigrants who have long stayed inside the U.S., the three officials told Politico. The Obama administration took similar action in 2012 with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which delayed the deportation of illegal migrants who came to the U.S. when they were minors.

The plan would grant migrants who have been in the country for more than 10 years access to the cancellation of removal program provided that they have relatives who would suffer if they were deported, according to Politico. Migrants could then receive a green card — a permanent residency grant —  if they meet the cancellation of removal requirements and an immigration judge rules in their favor.

It would represent a larger effort by Biden to take action on behalf of illegal immigrants who have long stayed inside the U.S., the three officials told Politico. The Obama administration took similar action in 2012 with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which delayed the deportation of illegal migrants who came to the U.S. when they were minors.

One idea the administration has mused is increasing support to states and cities that have taken in a high number of illegal immigrants, such as Denver, Colorado and New York City. Biden also previously considered using executive authority to make it harder to claim asylum at the southern border by raising the standards for a migrant to claim “credible fear” of being deported to their home country.

Biden previously claimed he was unable to act on the southern border crisis or illegal immigration unless Congress gave him approval to do so, going so far as to blame Republican lawmakers for stonewalling him.

“I’ve done all I can do. Just give me the power. I’ve asked from the very day I got into office,” Biden said during a press gaggle on Jan. 30.

Illegal immigration has skyrocketed under the Biden administration. Roughly 2 million migrant encounters were recorded by Border Patrol at the southern border in fiscal year 2023, up from approximately 1.7 million in fiscal year 2021, according to Customs and Border Protection. Migrant apprehensions at the southern border never crossed more than one million under the former Trump administration.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.





Immigration Overtakes Inflation As Top Voter Concern In 2024: POLL

‘ASSURED FAILURE’: Trump’s Then White House Lawyer Admits to Engineering Plot To Prevent Investigating 2020 Election Fraud, Swamp Ran Deep


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Could Joe Biden Deliver A MAGA Tidal Wave 8 Years In The Making?

Republicans have a not-so-secret weapon going into the 2024 election for the first time of the Trump era: a presidential nominee running circles around his opponent in the polls.

At the top of March, Trump posted his largest lead over Biden to date in either a New York Time/Siena or New York Times/CBS poll. He continues to trounce Biden in hypothetical matchups across most swing states. The 81-year-old president battles a low approval rating and growing concerns about his age.

All signs point to a major opportunity for Republicans, and GOP strategists told the Daily Caller the road could lead to a long-anticipated red wave in November.

“I think that’s absolutely true that his low job approval is helping the Republicans, it’s no question about it. And in fact, more than that, his low job approval is causing Americans to look back on the Trump presidency with some nostalgia,” a longtime GOP adviser in Kentucky and veteran of numerous campaigns, Scott Jennings, told the Daily Caller.

Though Jennings said Republicans are certainly benefitting from Biden’s low approval rating, he added that he thought it was too early to confidently predict a red wave.

“But the conditions are right. I guess it’s the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. Tornado warning means a tornado has been spotted,” Jennings said. “A tornado watch is the conditions are right. And I think the conditions are right. So I’d say that’d put us in watch territory.”

Mark R. Weaver, a GOP strategist, told the Daily Caller that the 2024 election contains several parallels to the 1980 election, when former President Ronald Reagan won a staggering 44 states.

“History tells us that Jimmy Carter was in the White House. He had been elected, promising a different kind of presidency, after Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. But he was so inept at the job that Americans were very frustrated with his administration,” Weaver explained. “Inflation was high. Food prices were high. Gas Pump prices were high and actually rationed. They were American hostages being held in the Middle East and we couldn’t get them back. We were not respected around the world.”

Weaver added that Reagan asked voters ahead of the election if they were better off today than they were four years ago — a line, he added, that could help Trump propel himself over the finish line.

“So there’s some parallels here. I always like to say Donald Trump is not Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan is once in every three or four generation quality candidate,” Weaver continued. “So Donald Trump has far more weaknesses than Ronald Reagan did. Having said that, Joe Biden’s a lot like Jimmy Carter, because people are frustrated with how inept his administration is, and they are ready for a change and in this case, the change would be back to the future.”

“Trump will use that line and he’ll be referring to a time when he was president. And that could produce a red wave,” he concluded.

Republicans have been anticipating a red wave for the last eight years, but have instead been the victims of mirages. In 2016, though Trump beat out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the presidency, and Republicans clinched both a Senate and House majority, the party lost seats in both chambers.

Even with the majority, the makeup of congress wasn’t particularly favorable to Trump. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell endorsed Trump after he secured the nomination in 2016, but is definitionally establishment. In fact, McConnell at the time said he didn’t believe Trump would change the GOP, but that Republicans would change Trump.

On the House side,  Speaker Paul Ryan said he would vote for Trump in 2016, but added that “it’s no secret that he and I have our differences.”

In addition to skeptical leadership, Trump entered the 2016 election as an insurgent force within the Republican Party, lacking much of the institutional control he has now. In 2024, his campaign is increasingly influential over the RNC, and he plays a kingmaker role in GOP primaries.

In 2018, with Trump in office, Republicans ceded ground to Democrats, who won a House majority. And in 2020, Biden led Trump in the polls as election day inched closer, eventually defeating him for the White House. Meanwhile, Democrats retained control of the House and gained several seats to win a 50-50 split in the Senate.

Two years into Biden’s presidency, Republicans believed they would finally get their red wave, but in many ways fell short. Though they won back the House, another underperformance resulted in Democrats holding the Senate by a 51-49 margin.

“The vaunted red wave never hit the shore in midterm elections,” a Washington Post headline read.

“The red wave that wasn’t: 5 takeaways from a disappointing night for the GOP,” a Politico headline said.

“GOP Pollster: Republicans Failed to Secure Red Wave in 2022 Midterms for Four Key Reasons,” the National Review wrote.

But now, down-ballot candidates across the country, particularly those with a “MAGA” agenda and endorsed by Trump, are predicting a red wave and crediting Biden for the help.

“President Trump is going to win the White House and Republicans are going to take back the Senate Majority. Joe Biden and Ruben Gallego’s policies have crushed hardworking Arizonans with crippling inflation: high prices at the gas pump, grocery store, and even when buying a home,” Republican Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake, a long-time Trump supporter, told the Daily Caller in a statement.

Republican Texas state Rep. Steve Toth, also endorsed by Trump, told the Daily Caller that a red wave has already begun to take Texas and he pointed to Biden’s handling of the economy and the southern border as reasons why.

“But when things get bad, not only do [Republicans] turn out, but it awakens the independents that are right leaning but yet haven’t decided what they want to be when they grow up. And I think we’re all feeling the effects right now of a really crappy economy and open borders in a tremendous way. It’s straining the economy. It’s straining the workforce. It’s straining everything. I mean we’re really coming apart at the seams right now. I think people feel it,” Toth told the Daily Caller.

Both Lake and Toth have been endorsed by Trump and have similar priorities to the former president. Both politicians told the Daily Caller that Republicans should prioritize building a border wall, which did not get done during Trump’s first term.

The signature legislative accomplishment of Trump’s first term was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a law that was championed by Reaganite Republicans and perfectly in-line with longstanding beliefs in the party. Analysts at the time wrote that the prioritization of tax cuts over immigration may have been pushed by Congressional leadership.

“That means the president is going to have to decide, very soon, how he wants the fall policy debate to play out. Does he want Congress to spend the next few months battling over the budget and funding a border wall? Or does he want lawmakers to try to pass a tax cut? If he does not develop and sell a coherent policy choice to Congress when it returns to Washington in a couple of weeks, it is likely that the congressional GOP leadership will choose for him,” Tax Policy Center’s Howard Gleckman wrote in 2017.

“In some ways, it may already have. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), whose relationship with Trump has turned icy, has made no secret that he wants to clear the legislative decks to make room for a tax bill.”

“My first action as a Republican Senator would be to introduce legislation that: 1. Secures the border by finishing the wall 2. Baby bonuses for parents and extending the child tax credit 3. Extending President Trump’s tax cuts. President Trump and Senate Republicans will get America back on track,” Lake added.

Republican Texas state Rep. candidate David Covey, also endorsed by Trump, told the Daily Caller in a statement that his priority on securing the nation’s southern border helped him secure the support of the former president.

“My opponent, House Speaker Dade Phelan, was the only Republican in the Texas Legislature not to vote for SB4. His lack of leadership on border security is one of the many reasons why former President Donald Trump endorsed me in the race for Texas House District 21. Securing the border and protecting Texas families is my number one priority,” Covey told the Daily Caller.

Texas’ State Bill four [SB4] would allow local police to arrest migrants who cross into the state illegally. The law has been the subject of a lengthy legal battle. The Supreme Court recently made the decision to allow the local police to move forward with arresting migrants who cross into the state illegally.

Immigration is at the top of Americans’ priorities heading into the 2024 election while “government” and “economy in general” take second and third place, according to a February Gallup poll. And while Americans keep immigration and economy at the top of their concerns, a majority disapprove of how the president has handled those very issues.

Sixty-nine percent of Americans disapprove of how Biden has handled immigration while 68 percent disapprove of how the president has addressed inflation, a December Monmouth University poll shows.

“The Biden administration keeps touting their infrastructure investments and a host of positive economic indicators,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, previously said in a press release coupled with the poll. “Those data points may be factual, but most Americans are still smarting from higher prices caused by post-pandemic inflation. This seems to be what’s driving public opinion. There is political danger in pushing a message that basically tells people their take on their own situation is wrong.”

In addition to Biden’s low polling, the former president’s team is confident that is “America First” messaging will help propel Trump to victory in November.

“Americans are suffering from the failed policies of Crooked Joe Biden, and congressional Democrats are stifling Republicans’ attempts to deliver relief through legislation like the Lower Energy Costs Act and Secure the Border Act. Voters are ready for a change, and President Trump’s America First message will bring a rising tide that will lift all boats this November,” Trump campaign spokeswoman Danielle Alvarez told the Daily Caller.

Despite optimism from some on the right and from the former president’s supporters, some continue to hold their breath.

“With respect to the campaign for president, if the election were held tomorrow morning, Mr. Trump would probably win. Please keep in mind that, as we have noted before, the race will be very close (likely decided by fewer than 500,000 votes spread across seven States and, if you like specificity, about 40 counties in those seven States),” Mike McKenna, a former Trump advisor and longtime Republican operative, wrote in a memo provided to the Daily Caller.

“The race will also be volatile. So, it is entirely possible that a month from now or six months from now, Mr. Biden may have the upper hand,” McKenna added.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.


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Hunter Biden Ex-Business Partners To Go Scorched Earth On Bidens, House Democrats In Testimony

Several of Hunter Biden’s ex-business partners are planning to go scorched earth on the first son and his father, President Joe Biden and House Democrats during a congressional hearing on Wednesday, according to opening statements obtained by the Daily Caller.

As a part of the the House Oversight and Accountability committee’s investigation into President Biden’s potential involvement into Hunter’s foreign business, Tony Bobulinski and Jason Galanis will appear for a testimony on Tuesday. Bobulinski blasted those who have criticized his character through his testimonials and Galanis detailed the value the Biden name brought to business deals, according to opening statements obtained by the Daily Caller.

“The Biden defenders’ outrageous dishonesty and vile attempts at assassinating my character are as predictable as they are disgusting,” Bobulinski wrote. “As a former Naval officer, I do not understand this world of partisan outrage and insanity; I struggle to process it, and I despise it.”

Bobulinski went on to detail his previous business career and military experience while stressing the importance of the hearing for the American people, the opening statement says. Hunter Biden’s former business partner claimed President Biden was the “brand” being sold, the testimony says.

“I want to be crystal clear: from my direct personal experience and what I have subsequently come to learn, it is clear to me that Joe Biden was ‘the Brand’ being sold by the Biden family,” Bobulinski added. “His family’s foreign influence peddling operation — from China to Ukraine and elsewhere — sold out to foreign actors who were seeking to gain influence and access to Joe Biden and the United States government.”

Galanis, who is currently in federal prison on unrelated fraud charges, echoed Bobulinski’s remarks, detailing the value he thought then Vice-President Joe Biden brought to the business world, the opening statement says.

“The entire value-add of Hunter Biden to our business was his family name and his access to his father, Vice President Joe Biden. Because of this access, I agreed to contribute equity ownership to them — Hunter and Devon — for no out-of-pocket cost from them in exchange for their ‘relationship capital,’” Galanis said in an opening statement.

Hunter Biden was also invited to the Wednesday hearing, though he turned down the opportunity despite previously asking for a public testimony. The first son originally testified in front of Congress in a closed-door deposition.

The first son was originally subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee in November in an effort to get Hunter Biden to appear at a closed-door deposition so he could be interrogated on his foreign business dealings. Rather than attending the briefing, Hunter Biden marched to the Capitol and held a press conference outside of the building on Dec. 13, the day of the scheduled closed-door deposition. 

During his press conference, the first son noted that he would testify publicly, an offer his lawyer previously made the committee. Hunter Biden went on to blast Republicans for bringing an impeachment inquiry against his father while denying that President Biden was ever involved in his business dealings. 

When turning down the committee’s invitation for a public hearing, David Lowell, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, called it a “blatant planned-for-media event.”

“Your blatant planned-for-media event is not a proper proceeding but an obvious attempt to throw a Hail Mary pass after the game has ended. Let me remind you of a statement you made about how witnesses—and specifically Mr. Biden—could satisfy your prior requests,” Lowell wrote in the letter obtained by the Daily Caller.

“At your press conference after the January 10, 2024, Committee hearing to hold Mr. Biden in contempt, you stated: ‘All we need are people to come in for the depositions and then we’ll be finished. We just need people to show up to the depositions and we’ll wrap this up. Nobody wants to wrap this up more than I do.’ Mr. Biden did just as you asked and, as you did when you announced that witnesses could choose depositions, you want to ignore what you said,” Lowell continued.

During his closed-door deposition, Hunter Biden frequently stated, at least 29 times, that he “did not recall” certain details about his foreign business dealings. What the the first son could recall was one key detail: that his father was not involved.

“I am here today to provide the committees with the one uncontestable fact that should end the false premise of this inquiry: I did not involve my father in my business, not while I was a practicing lawyer, not in my investments or transactions, domestic or international, not as a board member, and not as an artist, never,” Hunter Biden said in his opening remarks during his testimony.




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EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Roots of Global Instability—Russia’s Fascist Regime

If you still have illusions about Russia, you would never be able to understand a global war against Western civilization and American capitalism, waged by the Terrorist State of Russia since the 20th century. The economic wellbeing of America depends on our knowledge of the danger of global instability, because today, we are copying the Europe of 1939. Yes, the Europe of Hitler’s Germany began WWII to expand FASCISM globally. We won WWII, losing millions of young men and women.  We should prevent the next war by all possible ways. It is a Must!

Germany took the process of Denazification very seriously; Russia has missed it. Denazification is the term used to describe the process of removing Nazis and Nazism from public life in Germany and across occupied Europe following the fall of the Third Reich after WWII. The Russian KGB, which Russian people called the Soviet Gestapo, is alive, well, and flourishing in the Russian Federation today.

As a former Soviet defense attorney, I dedicated my life to tell you the truth that you don’t know to save our beloved America the Beautiful. I am writing and warning you about our Chief enemy for the last forty-three years. My major subject is Stalinism and its Intelligence Apparatus. The reason is simple—Stalinist Socialist agenda and objectives have been a destruction of Western civilization and American Capitalism to spread globally his ideology and system of Soviet Socialism, which I called  Soviet Fascism. Stalin assigned his Intel to manage the task globally. And his Intel has been very successful by spreading the ideology of Soviet Fascism globally.

In my writing I use the term the KGB, a predecessor of the current FSB as a representative of the entire Russian Intel. Watching it for forty-three years, its activities and tremendous success globally, it was growing up accordingly and becoming the KGB’s Mafia/Army—the Evil Doer. Due to the rise of anti-Semitism globally, I also was driven to use the term, the new “Axis of Evil” –the countries under the Russian umbrella, overturned to the ideology of Soviet Fascism. History has given us a list of countries inverted to Soviet Socialism in the 20th century: Mongolia, North Korea, China, Cuba, Syria, and some Central America’s countries, and Turkey are on the way there. That process has been developed by Putin with double force, speed, and a new strategy for oil: Venezuela and Iran had been added to the new “Axis of Evil ” in 21st century.

​Americans have a hundred questions and nobody in the leadership is answering any of them. They don’t know the truth or cover it up. Americans see that the world has dramatically changed, but they don’t know why. They don’t know that the team of Biden’s Socialists of the White House in cahoots with Putin implements the system of Soviet Socialism in America. I have published a book Socialist Revolution in America, XLIBRIS, 2021. But no one on TV, radio or print is discussing it. Nobody in America knows it, knows Russian History, Vladimir Putin and his Intel Apparatus that successfully waged that revolution. Yet, knowledge of all these is the answer to global instability and a current chaos in America.

The first requirement is the awareness of Stalinist Military Doctrine and two his postulates for the generations. The first is Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication and fraud. Watch Biden’s team, they are all using Socialist modus operandi, deceiving you. The second is ““Never admit a crime committed, instead accuse your opponent of that exact crime.”  Putin is a devoted disciple of the Stalin/Andropov ideology that is alive and well and Stalin is the major hero in Russia. Please, recall the recent eight years of the Dem’s fiasco accusing Trump collusion with Russia. They did it to cover up that exact crime they had committed before and used Stalinist recommendations to cover it up. Watch Democrats in February 2024, they will repeat again accusations of Trump’s collusion with Russia, not having any other arguments, but—Russian election interference…

What an irony of life! Russian election interference has been existing in reality. Actually, Russian election interference was taking place on behalf of Biden’s Democrats since 2018, 2020, and 2022. Yes, and this is the reason I am writing and warning you about the KGB’s Mafia/Army for forty-three years, showing identical patterns. The Evil Doer has successfully pierced the White House, like it did to all other countries of the new “Axis of Evil,” which means Vladimir Putin runs America. Knowing the KGB’s Mafia/Army intent, I’ve told you that the Afghanistan surrender has been designed by Putin and executed by Biden’s White House in 2021.Then in 2021, I had known about Putin/Biden collusion and wrote several columns about their collaboration in suffocating the young Ukrainian democracy in 2014-2015.

Now eight years later, we have more evidence of their collusion. Let’s start with the International Invasion of American soil. First, Mexico is a failed State, infiltrated by Stalin in the 20th century. It was a skillfully concocted operation to provide for the future infiltration to Mexico by the Russian Intel. Read the story of the Spanish orthents brought to Russia after the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 and trained by the KGB for decades. It is not Mexican Cartels, but Russian Cartels in Mexico, that are directing the army of different gangs, like MS-13 to commit crime in America. I was discussing the story for years, the latest column is following: The Putin/Biden Plot Against America’s Constitutional Republic — Part II January 22, 2024

Yes, this is the Putin/Biden Plot Against America’s Constitutional Republic. The plot has a clear same intent for both sides. As of January 25, 2024, President Joe Biden (D) had signed 128 executive orders, 166 presidential memoranda, 552 proclamations, and 109 notices. Watching and listening to Biden, please, think about it. What objectives does the White House pursue by all mentioned above actions? The answer is clear,  Biden demolished American capitalism for the last three years plus the crisis on the border with millions of migrants entering America every day. Isn’t it a clear intent to complete the task of destruction of American capitalism with help of the KGB’s Mafia/Army? Yes, it is! Moreover, be ready for a new danger and outrage—“Migrant Crime,” different gangs like MS-13, a part of the Russian Cartels system of organized crime.

Knowing the new “Axis of Evil” and its activities, we now can confirm a complete identity and unity of both sides. It was a direct duty of the FBI and CIA to expose the actions against the American political system. They failed us. Can you now perceive a negative impact of the Democrats’ foreign policy on the U.S. national security? The Democrat’s collusion with the Russian Intel has a global implication and started decades ago. The KGB’s Mafia/Army is a managing mechanism of the new “Axis of Evil.” The international invasion from 120 countries is also organized by the KGB. As I stated before, the KGB is a Russian terrorist agency, a global terrorist agency and now it is involving the Democrat’s, Biden’s America in its orbit, influencing both foreign and domestic American policies.

Let me give you an example of Stalinist influence on our domestic affairs. “We have been subjected to so many lies, deceptions, disinformation and fraud by agitators and provocateurs for years that most people are disoriented and puzzled. Who is doing that to us? The answer is America’s Socialist Party through its Socialist Charlatans. They are preaching hate to cover-up the crime they have committed for several decades.

Stalinist Political Correctness is a mechanism of preventing the Truth from getting out. It is aimed at hiding or masking the Truth. Political Correctness is a monumental weapon to destroy successful capitalism and the political system left to us by the Founding Fathers. America’s Socialist Party (Democrats) has used PC against the American Republic and conservative Republicans for decades…

The issue of Abortion has a long history which grew as a snowball to the gigantic cultural fraud due to PC. The premise is clear—prevention of pregnancy. Be attentive to the premise—prevention of pregnancy. The Charlatans just moved the time span one bit further and the Republicans, as usual, swallowed the fraudulent hook.

The real pregnancy comes to life by the sexual act and the actual choice is the prevention of that sexual act. The partners, especially a woman, have a choice before a sexual act. It is action taken before the sexual act that prevents pregnancy and not actions after the fact. Using Stalinist PC, Democrat-Charlatans just reprogrammed the human mind, moving the time span and making the choice after the sexual act, which is a fraud. The abortion issue has become a tool for the Democrats to undermine our traditional culture, and our set of values. Just count the disproportional murder of black fetuses and fatherless black families to see the enormous cultural implications of this leftist fraud. Unfortunately, this fraud has affected all ethnic groups in America. “ Abortion and Other Socialist Plans to Destroy America October 3, 2020

I hope Republicans read this column and some of them will awake from hibernation and learn the truth. They should read all my columns to grasp the environment of Socialist Mafia in America. Yes, Socialist Mafia established by the KGB’s Mafia/Army within the Democrat party. I disagree with @NYPOST, it is not a “Nursing home reunion,” but a dangerous creation of Socialist Mafia in America, a-la the Soviet Mafia in Russia.


Biden, Pelosi clutch hands as they gingerly walk across San Francisco tarmac: ‘Nursing home reunion’.

Please, read my column: The Democrat Party: America’s Socialist Mafia February 6, 2024.

Biden, Pelosi, and other Dems leaders, Socialist Charlatans of the party are responsible for all troubles America has experienced today. In short: Pelosi as a Speaker of the House saw Biden running for President in 2019 and 2020. She heard his gaffs and saw him mentally unable to focus on the issues and his memory loss. Yet, Socialist Mafia and its Socialist Charlatans have been using the Evil Doer help to make a senile Socialist Biden the U. S. President, who deceives you every day reading a prompter written by his Socialist staff. My columns remind you how Socialist Charlatans were dismantling America’s Law and Order and setting up Soviet Fascism’s system of lawlessness under the supervision of the KGB’s Mafia/Army. Overwhelming heinous crime and a “Migrant Crime” are changing the face of America.

The connection with the past is all over today and Russia is much stronger than fifty years ago. Personal trafficking started by the KGB in Russia under the Warsaw Pact in East Europe, where blond Slovak,  Polish, and Czech girls had been sold to the Islamic countries—the friendship with Islam started then, when Stalin married Islam and Communist ideology. Don’t be surprised by the same trafficking on our Southern border, where Russian Cartels attacking America with different trafficking’s—the same patterns. Easer Arafat was recruited by the KGB in 1957. The same Soviet past comes to mind when we recall the Cuban ship Mariel boatlift with criminals and mentally ill people heading to America in October 1980. It was an intentionally designed criminal invasion. Today we have the same, but the intent has changed. The Putin/Biden collusion prepared for a war today that is why we see on the border a lot of young single men from the countries of the “Axis of Evil,” trained for war.

I am warning you again: read my columns or books, learn information you don’t know and be ready for war. War is a very threatening word, but we are now at three wars: Russia on Ukraine, Hamas-Israel war, and Democrats war against Republicans. However, knowing Russian history and its Intel, we can partially solve the problem. Yes, only partially, but it is a beginning to the right direction to solution. In fact, those three wars are inextricably connected to each other, because they are waged against Western civilization by the same aggressor—Soviet Fascism. There is, in fact, one war with the same target—the free world and American capitalism waged by the Socialist/Communist “Axis of Evil” under Russia’s umbrella for years. Read my column: The KGB’s Roots and Pedigrees October 19, 2017, p. 10

Hamas is a terrorist organization. By reading my columns or books, you will learn Stalin’s testament to the world Communists to start a friendship with Muslims of Iran and spread it to the entire Middle East. All Russian leaders have followed his will. Terrorist gangs of Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and  others had been infiltrated by the Russian Intel and supervised by Russia for 60-70 years. Russia has established ISIS and other terror groups in the 21st century. The Hamas-Israel War is the Russian war against Western civilization. For your information: the term “Two States” for Israel and Palestine had been designed by the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov. Biden’s current policy for cease-fire betraying Israel and helping Hamas and Russia. Listen to Gen Keith Kellogg, he is giving an objective, professional opinion on this war.

The Russia War on Ukraine is a complete repetition of Hamas-Israel War, the Democrat’s policy colluding with Russia. My heart is with Ukraine, but…it will never win the war against Russia. Negotiation, and the sooner the better. Reading my columns, you will learn how the KGB was infiltrating the Dem’s party with the help of the “Squad’ and turning it toward Socialism. We are dealing with the Party of Socialist Charlatans today. Some of them had colluded with Russia personally like the CIA Director, John Brennan, who helped Russia to manage al-Qaeda terrorist group, while Biden gives us the theatrical performances of “climate change,” reading a prompter with the information from Putin. To grasp the Ballot Factor, pleas, read my column: Russian/Chinese Intel: Carousel and COVID-19 in America, December 21, 2020

Dr. Phil is right. Covid has devastated our children, depriving them of schooling for two years. Yes, it has happened in the 21st century, when China joined Russia and Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism, had spread across the globe, threatening freedom and democracy. Today is the end of February  2024. It was a spectacular month. We could read my columns and see alive Socialist Charlatans. The parade started with the interview of the Globalist—Socialist Charlatan, Vladimir Putin in Moscow. He propagandized a world community using Socialist modus operandi and presented himself as a savior of the world and Ukraine as a Fascist State. Then, the stage had been taken by Socialist Charlatans of New York, Washington D.C. and Georgia. You saw all of them, their arrogance and condescension deceiving you. There was the entire Prosecutor Office on trial in Georgia. American Patriots hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will stop the American Chaos. I hope, too, despite the information that two Supreme Court Justices have ties with the KGB and their name is not Sotomayor.

My Fellow Americans!

When you hear a name Russia—think Oil, Terror and Fascism.

When you hear a name Putin—think the KGB, Murders, and Assassinations.

When you hear the name Ukraine—think about a largest  country in Europe, without which, there will never be the Great Russian Empire.

When you hear the term of a new “Axis of Evil” — think WWIII.

You need those four suggestions to grasp the events happening globally in February 2024. They are all connected, calculated, and determine our future. The economic wellbeing of America depends on our knowledge of the danger of global instability.

To be continued www.simonapipko and at www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/

©2024. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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Arizona Election Law May Enable Non-Citizens To Vote In 2024 Presidential Election, Experts Warn

One of the most important states in the 2024 presidential election has a loophole in its election procedures that could allow non-citizens to cast federal election ballots, experts told the Daily Caller.

Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes crafted the state’s Election Procedures Manual (EPM) to permit individuals whose citizenship cannot be verified to register as a “federal-only” voter and cast ballots in upcoming elections.


“An otherwise eligible registrant who does not submit DPOC (proof of citizenship) and whose U.S. citizenship cannot be verified via AZMVD records or other record in the statewide voter registration database is registered as a ‘federal-only’ voter. A ‘federal-only’ voter is eligible to vote solely in races for federal office in Arizona (including the Presidential Preference Election (PPE)),” the EPM says on page three of its first chapter.

Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, told the Daily Caller he believes Arizona’s two-tiered voter registration system could enable illegal migrants to vote in the upcoming elections.

“I think it’s absolutely a possibility because if you aren’t requiring proof of citizenship, you’re simply going on people’s word that oh yeah I’m a U.S. citizen, you’re going to get aliens who register and who vote,” von Spakovsky told the Caller.

“The Justice Department, they don’t prosecute these cases, even though it’s a felony under federal law for an alien to register and vote,” he continued. “Aliens have an incentive, a voter registration card, which you get when you register, that’s a gateway for getting other kinds of ID.”

He referenced the I-9 form employers are mandated by the federal government to fill out and the fact that it allows individuals to use a voter registration card to establish their identity.

Ken Cuccinelli, a former top official at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and national chairman of the Election Transparency Initiative (ETI) expressed similar concerns in a statement to the Caller.

“Adrian Fontes could have used his elections procedures manual to help close the decade-old loophole regarding non-citizen voting in Arizona elections. Instead, he made it even worse — allowing non-citizens and individuals who have failed to prove their U.S. citizenship to vote in the Presidential Preference Election in 2024,” Cuccinelli said.

“Meaning, the same illegal aliens who have flooded across our open border at unprecedented levels in recent years could help decide the winner of the state’s Republican presidential primary in March. Because the manual is exempt from legislative review, we should expect nothing less from the most radical, far-left administration in the history of Arizona state government.”

The EPM cites the 2013 Supreme Court ruling in Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, a case brought by left-wing organizations challenging Arizona’s law requiring verification of citizenship in order to register to vote. The justices ruled in a 7-2 decision that the National Voter Registration Act preempted Arizona’s citizenship verification law, leading to the creation of the state’s two-tiered voting system.

“The National Voter Registration Act requires that States ‘accept and use’ voter registration forms created by the federal government. The federal form has a question about citizenship, but it only requires that a voter applicant swear under penalty of perjury that he is a citizen. It does not require the person to provide any documentary proof. Arizona law does require documentary proof of citizenship to register to vote. The Supreme Court has held that, for federal races, Arizona is required to accept the federal voter registration form and cannot impose any additional requirements, such as asking for proof of citizenship,” America First Legal (AFL) Senior Counsel James Rogers told the Caller.

“For state and local races, however, Arizona still has the power to require proof of citizenship. The result is that, in Arizona, voters have two options for registering to vote. Their first option is to fill out the state voter registration form, provide proof of citizenship, and then be able to cast a vote in federal, state, and local races. Their second option is that they can fill out the federal form, avoid providing proof of citizenship, and then only be able to cast a vote in federal races. This bifurcated system is unique to Arizona. More than 20,000 voters in Arizona have chosen to submit federal-only forms. These 20,000 people have thus avoided the requirement to prove their citizenship, but also given up the chance to vote in state or local races. It would be interesting to understand why these people have chosen to file federal-only forms, but it does not appear that anyone has ever investigated why,” he added.

Individuals will be registered as “federal only” voters if they submit a federal voter registration form and do not have the documentation required for verifying citizenship. Without verifying citizenship, a person cannot become registered for Arizona’s state-level elections.

If the County Recorder conducts a background check and cannot verify the registrant’s citizenship, the registrant “is entitled to be registered as a ‘federal-only’ voter based on the registrant’s sworn statement on the registration form that the registrant is a U.S. citizen. An otherwise valid voter registration form submitted to the County Recorder, but without accompanying DPOC, shall be accepted, entered into the database, and registered for federal elections,” the EPM states on page eight.

If the Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Department (AZMVD) records do not show the individual has a non-citizen authorized presence designation, such as an “F-Type” driver’s license, the person will be registered if they submit a sworn statement.

Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs and Attorney General Kris Mayes approved Fontes’ new EPM for Arizona’s elections in December. The EPM was last updated in 2019 when Hobbs was secretary of state and contained similar provisions about the “federal-only” voters.

In the 2022 midterm elections, Hobbs defeated Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake 50.3% to 49.7%, a margin of roughly 17,000 votes. Fontes became secretary of state after winning 52.4% to 47.6% over Republican candidate Mark Finchem in the most recent midterm elections.

In the 2020 presidential election, President Joe Biden defeated former President Donald Trump 49.36% to 49.06% in Arizona, a roughly 10,000 vote margin.

Trump is expected to be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee and run against Biden again in the November election. General election polls conducted in December show Trump leading Biden in the state, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Arizona’s illegal immigrant population peaked at an estimated 560,000 in 2008 before dropping by approximately 230,000 due to legislative measures designed to crack down on illegal migration, the Arizona Republic reported. The Migration Policy Institute estimated Arizona’s undocumented population to be 273,000 based on 2019 data.

An average of more than 1,300 migrants are crossing the state’s border each day as the Biden administration oversees record numbers of illegal migrants entering the U.S., NBC News reported in August.

Hobbs deployed the state’s national guard to the border in December to assist with stopping human trafficking and fentanyl smuggling after she requested reinforcements from the Biden administration and did not receive assistance. The federal government temporarily closed the Lukeville, Arizona, port of entry in December because of the illegal immigration surge and re-opened it in January, the Arizona Republic reported.

Border Patrol apprehended an estimated 18,900 migrants during the week of Dec. 8, the Border Patrol’s Tucson, Arizona, section chief said. Border Patrol agents from across the country were brought in to help process migrants “virtually” crossing Arizona’s border due to the migration spike, the Daily Caller News Foundation first reported.

Encounters at the southern border topped 2 million over the past two fiscal years, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data shows.

“Non-citizens should not be registering and voting in American elections, period. Laws that require proof of citizenship to register and vote protect the integrity of elections. Unfortunately, liberal politicians and left-wing activists routinely attack the laws and safeguards that help states identify and stop non-citizen voting,” Honest Elections Project Executive Director Jason Snead told the Caller.

The Daily Caller reached out to Fontes’ office to ask for clarity on the loophole and whether or not it would enable non-citizens to vote in Arizona. They did not respond.



Investigative reporter. James Lynch can be reached on Twitter @jameslynch32.


Democrats Shouted That MAGA Secretaries Of State Would Rig Elections — Then Maine Happened

EXCLUSIVE: Terrorist Caught Illegally Crossing The Border Was Allowed To Roam Free For Nearly A Year, Memo Says

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Department Of Justice Acknowledges Hunter Biden Laptop Content Is Legitimate For First Time

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has acknowledged the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop data for the first time in a new court filing.

In a Tuesday court filing from DOJ prosecutors, which came in response to Biden’s request to have his federal firearm charges dismissed, investigators acknowledge the legitimacy of data found on Biden’s laptop prior to the 2020 election. The court filings described how IRS and FBI investigators had obtained a search warrant for tax violations on Biden, leading them to “various” backup data accounts.

The documents additionally note that investigators later came into “possession” of the laptop that Biden had previously “left at a computer store,” emphasizing that investigators had “already obtained” a large portion of the data from Apple.

“In August 2019, IRS and FBI investigators obtained a search warrant for tax violations for the defendant’s Apple iCloud account. In response to that warrant, in September 2019, Apple produced backups of data from various of the defendant’s electronic devices that he had backed up to his iCloud account,” the court documents stated.

“Investigators also later came into possession of the defendant’s Apple MacBook Pro, which he had left at a computer store. A search warrant was also obtained for his laptop and the results of the search were largely duplicative of information investigators had already obtained from Apple.”

Following the initial report on Biden’s laptop from the New York Post, backlash from Democratic officials, various media outlets and social media platforms ensued. Democratic operatives and their allies attempted to cast the findings from the laptop as “Russian disinformation” and alleged that reporting on it was a form of pro-Trump election interference.

A letter was soon released by 51 former intelligence officials who falsely claimed that the content on Biden’s laptop was a “Russian information operation.”

The “Russian disinformation” narrative pushed by officials then led to both Facebook and Twitter censoring the NY Post’s reporting, with sites like Politico claiming the story was false by using the former intel officials’ letter. President Joe Biden called the laptop contents “Russia disinformation” during his 2020 campaign, also using the intelligence officials’ letter as support.

However, while the rumors of Russia interference circled, the FBI reportedly knew that the contents within Biden’s laptop were real due to an interview with Biden’s former business associate, Tony Bobulinski. The  agency had previously interviewed Bobulinski on Oct. 23, 2020, after the report broke, in which he confirmed the authenticity of the laptop’s contents, noting that he had additional records on multiple cell phones.

The DOJ and FBI have since shied away from Biden’s laptop contents, with IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley confirming the authenticity of the laptop during testimony to Congress in June 2023, according to the New York Post.

The new filings come as a response to Biden’s investigation for gun charges which his legal team attempted to argue in December should be dismissed. Biden was indicted in September of 2023 on three federal gun charges after he had allegedly illegally purchased a revolver as he was battling a drug addiction.

While Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to the charges in October of 2023, he could potentially face up to 25 years in prison.



General assignment reporter.


FBI Investigators Found Cocaine On Firearm Pouch Hunter Biden Used, Prosecutors Say

‘Global’ Gave Hunter Biden Equity Stake For Introductions To Chinese And Indian Contacts, Indictment Shows


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Hunter Biden Caves To House Republicans, Agrees To Sit For Deposition If Lawmakers Issue New Subpoena

Hunter Biden caved to House Republican pressure Friday and told lawmakers he will sit for a deposition behind closed doors after all.

His defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, wrote a letter Friday to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan informing lawmakers that Biden will comply with a new subpoena to sit for a deposition.


“Consequently, the November 8 and 9, 2023, deposition subpoenas to Mr. Biden and the contempt resolutions approved by your committees on January 10, 2024, based on those subpoenas were and are legally invalid. You have not explained why you are not interested in transparency and having the American people witness the full and complete testimony of Mr. Biden at a public hearing,” Lowell’s letter concludes.

“If you issue a new proper subpoena, now that there is a duly authorized impeachment inquiry, Mr. Biden will comply for a hearing or deposition. We will accept such a subpoena on Mr. Biden’s behalf.”

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise announced Friday morning the chamber will hold a floor vote next week on holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for dodging subpoenas to appear for a closed-door deposition on Dec. 13. It’s unclear if House Republicans will proceed with holding Hunter Biden in contempt in the wake of Lowell’s letter.

Biden and Lowell previously offered to have him testify publicly and skip the closed-door session. Republican lawmakers rejected Biden’s proposal and told him to appear for the private session before testifying publicly.

Hunter Biden made a surprise appearance Wednesday at the House Oversight Committee’s markup hearing on a resolution and accompanying report to hold him in contempt. He sat in the crowd with Lowell and his financier, Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, for a few minutes before dashing out when Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene began her line of questioning.

After he stormed the hearing, Hunter Biden flew back to Los Angeles, California, where he pleaded not guilty Thursday to nine federal tax related charges at an arraignment. He faces up to 17 years in prison for the tax charges.

House Republicans voted on Dec. 13 to officially authorize the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden after Hunter staged a press conference on Capitol Hill instead of attending the scheduled deposition.

The impeachment inquiry began in September without a floor vote to formalize it.

Henry Rodgers contributed to this report



Investigative reporter. James Lynch can be reached on Twitter @jameslynch32.


Hunter Biden Flees Committee Hearing After Making Surprise Appearance

They’re Lying To You, Yet Again. The Reasons For A Hunter Biden Deposition Couldn’t Be Clearer

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Left-Wing Attempt To Tie Trump To Foreign Influence Money Doesn’t Add Up, Records Show

House Oversight Committee Democrats released a report Thursday attempting to connect former President Donald Trump to a pay-for-play foreign influence scheme, but the evidence fell far short of a smoking gun.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, released a report revealing that Trump’s business entities raked in at least $7.8 million from 20 foreign governments and their subsidiaries during the first two years of his presidency, including from China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Malaysia. A majority of that money, however, came from one business that began renting office space from Trump Tower in 2008 and concluded its partnership in 2019, during his administration, the report shows.

“The difference between Trump’s foreign income and Biden’s foreign income is that Trump had legitimate goods and services to sell and was tough on China while the Bidens did not have any legitimate business and Joe has been weak on China,” Seamus Bruner, director of research at the Government Accountability Institute, told the Daily Caller in a statement.

Of the $7.8 million Trump’s businesses made from foreign governments during the two years in question, $5.5 million that was paid to Trump-owned properties was from the Chinese government and state-owned enterprises, the records show. Of that, the committee estimates that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, a Chinese state-owned business, paid Trump-owned properties $5.3 million between February 2017 and October 2019.

The Chinese company had entered a contract with Trump Tower for commercial office space in 2008, the report shows. The contract was concluded on Oct. 31, 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic began and with nearly a year-and-a-half still remaining in Trump’s first term in office.

Throughout his presidency, Trump made being harsh on China a key part of his foreign policy and took steps to do that by instituting unprecedented tariffs, including an additional 15% tariff on $300 billion of Chinese goods. The tariff was originally set at 10% and compelled China to increase American imports.

Additionally, nine of the countries cited in the report paid less than $10,000 to Trump businesses, according to the report. Cyprus, one of the countries listed, paid just $590.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, India and Malaysia each spent more than $200,000 at Trump’s businesses, the report shows, but a spokesperson for the Trump Organization noted to NPR that all profits from foreign governments were given away.

Profits for Trump’s businesses from foreign governments “were donated in full to the United States Treasury for patronage at our properties while President Trump was in office,” Kimberly Benza told NPR. Benza made note of a $450,000 donation Trump made.

Raskin accused House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of colluding with Trump’s attorneys to try to block the committee from gaining additional records about the former president’s foreign payments.

“While the figures and constitutional violations in this report are shocking, we still don’t know the extent of the foreign payments that Donald Trump received —or even the total number of countries that paid him and his businesses while he was President—because Committee Chairman James Comer and House Republicans buried any further evidence of the Trump family’s staggering corruption,” Raskin said in a statement.

The House Democrats’ report comes as Republicans move forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden over his family’s foreign business dealings. From 2014-2019, Biden’s family and its business associates collected more than $24 million from Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania and Kazakhstan, according to a September memo from House Republicans. The figure is nearly 15 million more than Trump is reported to have received by House Democrats.

“It’s beyond parody that Democrats continue their obsession with former President Trump. Former President Trump has legitimate businesses but the Bidens do not. The Bidens and their associates made over $24 million by cashing in on the Biden name in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania. No goods or services were provided other than access to Joe Biden and the Biden network,” Comer told the Daily Caller.

Biden’s son Hunter played a large role in obtaining the funds. Throughout the Trump presidency, after his father left office, Hunter Biden made numerous business deals with foreign entities. CEFC, a Chinese firm, sent a business associate of Hunter’s $3 million through its State Energy HK account, bank records previously released by the Oversight Committee show.

Hunter Biden’s federal tax indictment in California clarified that he received about $1 million of the funds sent to the State Energy HK account. He made additional income in 2017 and 2018 from Hudson West III, a business entity he formed with CEFC associates. Hunter Biden’s relationship began in 2015 when his father was still vice president, his California indictment shows.

In November, Comer detailed through a series of bank records how the funds from China made it through multiple Biden family accounts, ending in a $40,000 check to Joe Biden in September 2017.

“Democrats like Jamie Raskin are trying to deflect from the fact that the Biden family bagged at least $30 million from foreign individuals linked to the highest levels of the Chinese military and intelligence apparatus—perhaps the greatest presidential scandal in American history,” Bruner told the Daily Caller.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.


IRS Whistleblowers Unable To ‘Verify’ Loans White House Claims Joe Biden Sent To Family Members, Testimony Shows

TSA director arrested by US Customs and Border Protection

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House Committee Has Identified ‘Six New Biden Family Members’ Involved In ‘Shady’ Transactions, Rep. Comer Says

Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky said Monday that investigators with the House Oversight Committee identified six more members of the Biden family involved in what he called “shady” transactions.

“I have had staff there over the past two weeks. There are thousands of pages of documents relating to financial transactions,” Comer told Fox Business host and former Trump administration official Larry Kudlow. “Let me be very clear, this isn’t just about the president’s son or the president’s brother.”

“We’ve identified six new Biden family members involved in shady foreign transactions, that we believe were a direct result of influence peddling that brings the number of Biden family members now to nine that were involved in the Biden family influence peddling,” Comer continued.


Comer said many of the deals were tied to Hunter Biden, whose abandoned laptop was the subject of an October 2020 report by the New York Post that was censored by social media companies in the weeks before the 2020 election.

Documents from the laptop were previously authenticated by the Daily Caller in October 2020, while the Washington Post and New York Times confirmed the authenticity of the data in March 2022.

“I have already issued six subpoenas to banks, I already have those bank records in hand,” Comer told Kudlow. “Now we’re looking at additional banks because we learned of new accounts and new LLCs we didn’t know existed.”

A spokesperson for Comer referred the Daily Caller News Foundation to a statement released by the House Oversight Committee. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the DCNF.




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Inflation Reduction? Dems’ Climate Spending Spree Could Cost $1.2 Trillion, Analysts Say

Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) could cost roughly $1.2 trillion in green energy subsidies, more than four times an initial government forecast of outlays, Bloomberg reported Thursday, citing analysts from Goldman Sachs.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) initially forecast that the law, a cornerstone of President Joe Biden’s efforts to decarbonize the U.S. economy, would cost the government $370 billion to boost investments in green technology, according to Bloomberg. Goldman Sachs’ findings mirror those of analytics firm Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, which reported in February that the estimated cost of battery manufacturing tax breaks would be roughly $136 billion over the next 10 years, more than four times the $30.6 billion estimated by the CBO.

“Early analysis of the IRA relied on unrealistic expectations to keep cost estimates down,” Heritage Foundation economist E.J. Antoni told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement. “As time has progressed and those rosy forecasts are pushed outside the realm of possibility, the real cost is becoming increasingly clear.”

Goldman analysts estimate that private companies, spurred by government benefits, will invest an additional $3 trillion, Bloomberg reported. Biden specifically called out “every single” Republican for siding with “special interests” over the American people in opposing the bill, in remarks made after he signed it into law in August.

The IRA offers a variety of tax credits and subsidies to wind, solar and battery production and encourages U.S.-based mining by linking battery subsidies to a requirement that at least 40% of all minerals are mined domestically or from certain allies. The bill also expanded a federal  loan program to support research and development of advanced batteries to be used in vehicles.

The massive climate bill would have an effect on inflation that was “statistically indistinguishable from zero,” according to a preliminary estimate made by the University of Pennsylvania Penn Wharton Budget Model made in July. President Joe Biden last August touted a letter signed by 120 economists, including some Nobel prize winners, which alleged that the bill would put “downward pressure” on inflation, based on a CBO estimate that the bill would cut government spending by $300 billion over 10 years, the Associated Press reported contemporaneously.

Then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy argued at the time that the bill would spend “half-a-trillion of your money,” building on “trillions in wasteful spending that caused runaway inflation” in an August debate on the bill.

“Passing this bill today means more expensive bills for Americans tomorrow. And anyone who says otherwise isn’t telling the truth,” McCarthy said. “Your pocketbook is their plan to fund more inflationary spending.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a DCNF request for comment.




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SCOTUS Rules Biden Admin Must Keep Trump-Era Border Policy In Place

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in favor of Republican states asking to keep Title 42, a Trump-era policy used to expel certain illegal immigrants to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in place.

In a 5-4 decision, the high court forced the Biden administration to keep Title 42 amid record surges of illegal immigration at the southern border. Federal authorities encountered more than 2.3 million migrants in fiscal year 2022.

The Biden administration believed that ending the policy would bring roughly 14,000 illegal immigrants a day, according to Axios.

A federal judge previously ruled that the policy must end Dec. 21. Republican states asked the Supreme Court to intervene a day before the policy would expire, arguing that the recent decision would lead to a harmful surge in illegal immigration.

The Supreme Court justices will hear arguments in February to consider whether to fully scrap the policy beyond the pause. Until then, the Biden administration must continue to expel a number of illegal immigrants based on their country of origin.

Venezuelans coming to the U.S. illegally were the latest group of migrants to be expelled under the policy, which has resulted in the expulsion of over 2 million illegal immigrants, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).



Investigative reporter.


Hundreds of Migrants Climb a Wall to Get to Arizona, With Help from Smugglers

Migrants Seeking Asylum Wait Years For Their Day In Court As Backlog Reaches New Record Under Biden


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The Biden Perpetual Emergency Coup

What does a president do when he can’t get Congress to pass anything?

  1. Sign executive orders
  2. Go on a foreign trip
  3. Give speeches
  4. Declare an emergency

Lefties are pressuring Biden to declare “emergencies” over abortion and the environment. Trying to sideline two of the branches of government with emergency decrees is a hallmark of tyranny. Biden tried to get his policies through both branches and failed. Seizing emergency powers when you fail legislatively is a coup.

So far we’ve got a “National Climate Emergency” and an abortion “National Health Emergency”.

The only emergency here is the one Dems and their media keep pushing, an “attack on democracy” or, more accurately, the Republic.

We have a Constitution and three branches of government with checks and balances. Biden is a particularly poor fit to play Caesar. If the American voters want a legislature that will turn abortion into law or force them to pay twice as much for gas and energy, they can vote one in. And they’ll shortly have the chance to do so.

(And considering how badly some Senate GOP celebrity nominees like Oz, Walker, Vance, are performing and the risk of another Thiel Facebook pick, Blake Masters in Arizona, they may get the chance.)

But the Democrats don’t want to risk elections. They want to seize and wield power through one man. And then everything becomes an emergency.

Want to pass higher taxes, declare an emergency. Want to mandate bike lanes everywhere? Declare a National Bike Emergency.

That’s a coup emergency.


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REPORT: Biden Poised To Declare Climate Emergency To Ram Through Green Agenda

President Joe Biden could declare a climate emergency as soon as this week, according to The Washington Post, in a bid to implement elements of his environmental agenda as climate legislation has stalled in Congress.

Leading Biden administration officials are debating ways to advance the president’s agenda, and the president is prepared to announce a number of new initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reported the Post, citing three people familiar with the matter. The internal discussions come after Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia told party leaders last week that he opposes the plans to advance this month’s significant economic package that includes billions of dollars toward slashing carbon emissions and promoting green energy.

White House Economic Adviser Jared Bernstein told reporters at a press briefing Monday that Biden would work “aggressively to attack climate change.”

“Realistically there is a lot he can do and there is a lot he will do,” Bernstein stated.

“Unilaterally declaring a climate emergency will not reduce emissions by one molecule,” American Exploration & Production Council CEO, Anne Bradbury said on Twitter Tuesday. “In fact, many of the policies that could follow from declaring a climate emergency would increase emissions while driving up costs for American families.”

Democratic lawmakers are also calling on Biden to use his powers to enact further climate policies amid failed legislative action and the Supreme Court’s recent decision to limit the regulatory abilities of the Environmental Protection Agency.

On Monday, Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon said it was time for Biden to take massive, unilateral executive actions on climate change, even if the Supreme Court rules them unconstitutional.

“There is probably nothing more important for our nation and our world than for the United States to drive a bold, energetic transition in its energy economy from fossil fuels to renewable energy,” Merkley told reporters on Monday, according to the Post.

“This also unchains the president from waiting for Congress to act,” Merkley said, referencing the recent legislative impasse.

Meanwhile, Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, said that lawmakers should continue to pursue legislation in a statement on Monday.

“While I strongly support additional executive action by President Biden, we know a flood of Republican lawsuits will follow,” Wyden said, according to the Post.

“Legislation continues to be the best option here,” he added.





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FACT CHECK: Biden Lies About Guns Killing More Kids Than Cars

I had already debunked this completely misleading claim from the CDC even before it spread widely and before Biden incorporated it into his gun control speech.

After the Uvalde school shooting, the CDC and the media are pushing a misleading claim that, “firearms were the leading cause of death for kids one and older for the first time in 2020.”

There’s no statistical reason for the CDC to group infants and teenagers together into the same category except to push a gun control agenda. 1-year-olds and 19-year-olds don’t have much in common when it comes to gun violence. And when the numbers are broken down, teenagers have catastrophically high murder and suicide rates, while babies are much less affected.

The CDC’s letter to the New England Journal of Medicine claims that “in 2020, firearm-related injuries became the leading cause of death” for “persons 1 to 19 years of age”.

The CDC buries the salient data in its appendix. It claims that the “increase was seen across most demographic characteristics”. Its own data however shows a massive increase among black teens and a fairly limited one among most other groups.

Nevertheless, in his gun control address, Biden pushed an even worse version of the same claim.

“According to new data just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, guns are the number one killer of children in the United States of America.  The number one killer.  More than car accidents.”

Fairly few children are actually killed by guns.

Any statistical category that tops out at 19 years old obviously can’t be characterized as “children”. The majority of deaths in that category involve teenagers and gang activity.

NBC News’ fairly nuanced fact check makes the same point.

While gun and motor vehicle deaths increased substantially in 2020, the latest year final numbers were available, claims that more children and teens die due to guns than motor vehicles only hold up when 18- to 19-year-olds are included, a group that accounts for nearly as many gun deaths as  1 to 17-year-olds combined do, according to an NBC News analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The gap between vehicular deaths and firearm deaths is narrowing among 1 to 17-year-olds, and may close entirely, according to the CDC’s provisional and incomplete 2021 data…

Provisional data from 2021 shows a gap of 9 deaths separating vehicle fatalities from firearm deaths among children.

A key difference though is that while gun deaths are heavily concentrated among black teens in inner cities, car accidents are widely dispersed. This is the same issue as the mischaracterization of widespread AIDS risk in the eighties. The school shootings are the Ryan White of risk assessment. The data here is skewed by a very high rate of fatalities among a very narrow demographic.

The Johns Hopkins report on gun deaths in 2020 put out last month was much more revealing.

It had the numbers that should have been front and center at the CDC, such as, “In 2020, one out of every 1,000 young Black males (15–34) was shot and killed.”

Even though young black males only make up “2% of the total population”, they account for  “38% of all gun homicide fatalities” with a gun homicide rate “almost 21 times higher than white males of the same age group.”

“More than half of all black teens (15–19) who died in 2020—a staggering 52%—were killed by gun violence,” it shockingly observes.

So you have a very high death rate among 2% of the population that’s being narrative laundered to make it seem as if all of America’s kids are at risk.

Guns are the number one killer of black teens. But then again black men are unique in that they’re the only group for whom murder is the top cause of death.

Homicide doesn’t even make the CDC’s top 10 causes of death for men in America, but it’s number four for black men. In 2017, it caused 5% of the deaths of black men, more than strokes, diabetes, or most diseases. The only things more likely to kill black men than black-on-black crime are heart disease, cancer, and accidents.

Among black men under the age of 20, homicide is the leading cause of death at 35.3%.

It’s also the leading cause of death for black men from 20-44 years old at 27.6%.

Only at the age of 65 does homicide drop out of the top 10 causes of death for black men.

So all that the number Biden is quoting really tell us is that a population with high crime rates now has such a high death rate among teens that when combined with the general population, it distorts those numbers dramatically.

Children, thank G-d, do have fairly low death rates in America. And so that data set is the most vulnerable to statistical distortion which I’m sure the gun control advocates at the CDC knew when they decided to push these dishonest statistics.

This is also a reminder of why Republicans were right to block the CDC from doing any gun violence research. The CDC can’t be trusted and any gun violence research inevitably becomes dishonest advocacy for gun control.



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