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Why I am still rescuing women and families from ISIS

A couple of people have questioned my ministry of RESCUING women and families directly from ISIS, simply because of President Trump declaring his victory over ISIS and their defeat. In one partial way he is correct, they are partially defeated structurally and area control-wise, yes. But not totally defeated!  With all due respect to our beloved president, […]

Clinton Family Matters

Hillary Clinton’s take from speaking after leaving the State Department totals $21,667,000. This does not include any donations to the Clinton Foundation.  This “Candidate of the People” has put in her pockets nearly 22 million dollars since leaving the State Department!  This figure only represents April 18, 2013 through March 13, 2015.  This is from official […]

What Christmas is all about, especially for Iraqi and Syrian Christian Refugees

Over 4,000 Iraqi Christian and Syrian refugee children (normally ages 6 – 12, receiving no church assistance, but who have registered through a church) and their entire families are being given a genuine Christmas, in spite of their shocking circumstances.  The Christmas for Refugees program is about encouraging and strengthening the faith of Christian families. […]

Christmas will never, ever be the same with the Yazidis — the Forgotten people

No one could ever forget the horrendous images on television news in August of 2014 when ISIS cornered and entire Iraqi tribe on a mountaintop called Mount Sinjar.  This forgotten people are called the Yazidis. Over 5,000 men, women and children were slaughtered by the terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS)!  Since it was such […]

Despite the Horror, Syrian and Iraqi Christian Refugee Children (And Their Parents) Experience Christmas

Florida based Love-Link Ministries partnered with Christmas for Refugees to bring Christmas to the refugee-riddled Middle East. Rev. Bob Armstrong joined William J. Murray in bringing true joy to the war-ravaged lands. Bill is the author of seven books including his bestselling autobiography, “My Life Without God,” which detailed his childhood in the dysfunctional home of […]