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Truth about Race-Based Nationalism

Any political movement based upon ethnic race alone is a “racist” movement. Only those who benefit from our endless list of engineered divisions, political beasts, are well served by the divisions they create and perpetuate. Everyone else loses… If it is wrong for someone to be a “White Nationalist,” then it is equally wrong for […]

Repeal and Replace Congress 2018

In the 2018 mid-term elections, all 435 U.S. House members are up for reelection and in the U.S. Senate, 25 democrats and 9 republicans are running for reelection. Not one of them has kept their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, “so […]

President Trumps Next Move MUST Count

President Donald Trump is one of Americas most intelligent and successful business moguls and he has no doubt survived many assaults on his family and businesses in the highly competitive and sometimes cut-throat world of business. But the kind of evil he entered upon accepting the Oval Office in his effort to “Make America Great […]

Trumped 2.0 — 2018

2016 marketed the point at which American voters had had enough and were determined to make a real change in the voting booth. A new American revolution that started with millions of discontented voters on both sides of the political aisle, resulted in the presidential election of the only true D.C. outsider in the race, […]

What Article V Actually Says

Increasing frustration with Federal overreaches and abuses of governmental power has resulted in many Americans returning to the Foundations of the United States to find solutions. It was known from the start that all governments are essentially a necessary evil – that in time, no matter how bound by supreme laws of the land, governments […]

Dear 0 for 4 Democrats

During the unconstitutional eight-year reign of Barack Obama, your party lost over a thousand governmental seats nationwide. You lost numerous governorships and state legislatures, some for the first time since the Civil War. You lost the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate and the White House… You also lost the trust of average working stiff Americans […]

Comey’s Revenge

On June 8, 2017, former FBI Director James Comey once again testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee, somewhat of a contradiction in terms itself. The swamps massive PSYOP to remove President Trump from office by any means necessary, takes center stage again in Senate hearings. At the start of this circus, Obama CIA Director Brennen […]

How Trump should solve the Fake News problem

The ongoing character assassination of President Trump in the American fake news media is a political massacre the likes of which we have never witnessed before in history. There is a coordinated media effort to crucify Trump on the basis of fake accusations based on non-existent evidence and spread through a network of anti-American propaganda […]

Is President Trump’s National Security Team Trustworthy?

President Trump’s recent foray into regime change and nation building in Syria has shaken some of his campaign supporters to the core and rattled their broad-based (almost unconditional) confidence. His Tomahawk attack on Syria represents a 180-degree reversal from his campaign rhetoric criticizing Obama era incursions into unilateral regime change across the Middle East over […]