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Saudi Arabia on Religious Freedom: Butt out. Stay out. Keep out. Got it?

Saudi Arabia shows its jaw-dropping hypocrisy as it moves to impose “anti-blasphemy” laws on the non-Muslim world. That’s the message from Saudi Arabia. Do not meddle in their internal affairs. If they want to lop off heads, leave them alone. If they want to flog their apostates, what’s that to you? And if they want […]

The Left Loves Lying Labels by Alec Rooney

Using the phrase “anti-immigration” when you mean “anti-illegal-immigration” is just as dishonest as portraying those who don’t embrace homosexuality as having a “phobia.” The phrase “anti-immigrant” is loose in media land, being used to describe politicians and everyday Americans alike. How can anyone be “anti-immigrant?” Immigrants are hard workers! We are a nation of immigrants! […]

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Three decades after the ‘Moral Majority’ revolution, after fighting numerous battles for our culture, we can claim victory on, well … hardly anything. The world is going mad. And it’s not just political madness. It’s madness everywhere. Are we really selling aborted baby body parts? It’s madness. Are we really joining two people of the […]

What do Brigitte Bardot and an Irish Pastor Have in Common?

Call them blasphemy laws. Call them public ordinances against religious insults. Call them out-of-control bureaucrats. Or call it employer revenge against out-spoken critics of Islam. There’s a movement afoot in the western world to demonize, criminalize and punish those who speak out against Islam – even if they are simply telling the truth. Just this […]