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VIDEO: How to destroy women’s sports

In his book, “Make Anger Your Ally” , clinical psychologist Neil Clark Warren says that the initial anger response is a physiological reaction that involves a shot of adrenalin and a heightened state of awareness. He underscores with, “You are never more alert than when you are angry”. Warren goes on to explain that this physiological reaction occurs, almost […]

VIDEO: JEXIT, INC.’s Alexandra Levine is making a difference.

My friend and co-worker in the fight against the leftists, Alexandra Levine, is at the heart of “JEXIT” (Jews exiting the Democratic Party www.jexitusa.org) She’s out on tour organizing rallies and talking to various civic groups, etc. She’ll be back in Sarasota, Florida this September. Hear what she has to say: ABOUT JEXIT, INC. JEXIT, Inc. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Massacre Hero, Stephen Willeford, Describes Stopping Gunman | Louder With Crowder

An exclusive interview with Stephen Willeford, the hero who ended the killing spree in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Stephen recounts the actions that lead him to confronting Devin Patrick Kelley outside First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs. The Conservative Review’s Jordan Schachtel reports: A plumber by trade, the 55-year-old Willeford shot and struck Kelley, who then dropped his rifle […]

Atlanta’s Democrat Mayor Kasim Reed led by stupidity? $198,000 for a gay crosswalk!

Let me see if I understand this. $196K, to do ONE, standard, 4-lane intersection? At least, that’s what the picture above shows and the article below describes. If we assume 15 ft wide lanes, that’s 60 linear feet/crosswalk.  If we assume a 10 ft wide walkway, that’s 600 sq ft/crosswalk. Times 4 crosswalks/intersection = 2400 sq ft […]

A Tale of Two Cities: Houston vs Chicago

Thanks and a tip o’ the hat to Frank for this analysis. Tale of 2 Cities  City CHICAGO, IL HOUSTON, TX Population 2.7 million 2.15 million Median HH Income $38,600 $37,000 % African-American 38.9% 24% % Hispanic 29.9% 44% % Asian 5.5% 6% % Non-Hispanic White 28.7% 26% Pretty similar until City Chicago, IL Houston, […]