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THE REPUBLIC – UNITED: An Aggressive Plan of ACTION!

THE REPUBLIC – DIVIDED: DO YOU WANT TO SCREAM THIS ABOUT PRESIDENT BIDEN? “I told you so, Biden is completely controlled by the Marxists in the Democrat Party! His Executive Orders, and Socialist policies are creating an anti-Constitutional juggernaut that will end the Republican Party and the amazing advancements that President Trump made on National Security, Economic stability and […]

VIDEO DEBATE: Does The God Of The Bible Exist?

 OVERVIEW I’M A THEIST & AGNOSTIC Atheist Andrew Seidel “makes history” by arguing that he is BOTH an Atheist and an Agnostic at the same time! This is all you need to know about the absurd philosophical, contradictory beliefs of this Constitutional Attorney. TRENTO WANTS TO KILL HIS KID Seidel tries the Abraham & Isaac, “would you […]

VIDEO: “Reverend” Warnock is Worse that Radical! Georgia, Hold the Line for America.

 Georgia – The January 5th Senate Runoff is NOT just about Georgia… it is about holding any possible control of keeping America from becoming Venezuela, Cuba, or siding with the Jihadis! THINK WHAT IT WILL MEAN TO YOUR FAMILY, YOUR COMMUNITY, YOUR FREEDOM… IF, WARNOCK & OSSOFF ARE ELECTED! AMERICA NEEDS GEORGIA TO STAND […]

VIDEO: Exposé on the Fraud Rev. Raphael Warnock, Democrat’s Senate Candidate in Georgia

In a National Review article titled “Raphael Warnock’s Lifelong Education in Black Liberation Theology and Radical Politics” Ryan Mills wrote: A trained preacher and the senior pastor at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta – Martin Luther King Jr.’s church – Warnock had likely presided over hundreds of funerals by that point in his […]

VIDEO: Georgia and Florida Officials Detail the ‘Battle in Georgia!’

Guests Georgia GOP Chairwoman, Ginger Howard talks about how Georgia GOP is working to make the election honest and fair, supports the right to challenge what is happening. Also, Florida Chairman, Peter Feamon works alongside Ginger in the GOP efforts to make sure all elections are done with accuracy, honesty, and able to track every […]

ELECTION FRAUD IN MICHIGAN: Former State Senator Patrick Colbeck discusses Michigan 2020 Elections [Video]

Patrick Colbeck, a former candidate for Governor of Michigan and State Senator in Michigan, who has an Engineering/Computer IT/Technology background tells us how he was engaged as a Michigan Poll Watcher in the Dearborn, Michigan area and saw so many concerns for the voting machines to how they were managing the counting of the votes. […]

VIDEO: The Communist Party, USA Endorsed Democrat Stacy Abrams who is Leading the Voting Effort in Georgia

When the Communist Party, USA endorses you for Governor of Florida, you know you’re a political disaster for the State of Florida! Yep, it’s true, the Communist Party, USA, selected several current candidates who most reflect their Marxist policies. Two of the most prominent candidates are Andrew Gillum, socialist candidate for Florida Governor and Stacey […]

VIDEO: Spiritual Battle for America – Vote 2020 – Christians MUST Vote!

Tom Trento at the Spacecoast Dinner Event PRESENTED: Spiritual Battle for America – Vote 2020 – Christians MUST Vote!  Every legal citizen in these United States has a moral obligation to vote. Our founding fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic and it is our responsibility to vote our elected politicians, in and out of […]

VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH RON EDELSTEIN — ‘Concerned Christians and Jews for Trump’

TOM TRENTO, DIRECTOR, THE UNITED WEST – “Check out this engaging conversation with Ron Edelstein and his relationship with the Trump family, his concern for Israel and his concern for America!” Ron is the Founder of “Concerned Christians and Jews for Trump.”  ©The United West RELATED ARTICLE: ALAN BERGSTEIN Top NYC Businessman, Mensch, Stands up […]

Exclusive Video Interview with David Horowitz on the Democrats, Marxists, Biden, Antifa and President Trump

Tom Trento, Director of The United West, interviews David Horowitz, author of “BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win.” Horowitz, a former Marxist radical, turned Reagan Republican pulls no punches as he indicts the Democrats and their leaders as anti-American politicians siding with the Marxists, to usher in a cultural revolution. WATCH THIS INSIGHTFUL […]