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VIDEOS: On the U.S./Mexico Border – Border Walls are GREAT, till there is NO WALL!

Tom Trento talks with Border Patrol Special LE Unit around the AZ/Mexico border and shows you the significant problems! The current fence, where so much of it is wide open, no fence, or a fence that stops making it very difficult for Border Patrol to police and protect the U.S. border. Illegals, drug dealers, human […]

REAL RACISM IN CHICAGO! Farrakhan Praises AOC, Omar & Tlaib [Video]

While the media is still telling us that Donald J. Trump and his supporters are racists, even after the Jussie Smollett’s FAKE hate crime, it’s ignoring the antisemitism from the Left’s new superstars. Where are the condemnations from party leadership … or anyone? This is what evil Jewish hatred looks like – Louis Farrakhan at […]

VIDEO: Exclusive Interview with Dr. Dan Tirza — Israelis ‘Wall Builder’

We are happy to announce that Dr. Dan Tirza, a living-legend in Israel, will be with us on our May 25 – June 4, 2019, fact-finding expedition to Israel to learn how he helped Israel solve their border security problems of illegal immigration and terrorist attacks. We interviewed Dr. Tirza about how the Israelis faced […]

VIDEO: Native American Drummer Nathan Phillips was NOT a Vietnam Vet!

Controversial Indian Activist going after Covington High School students is not who he wants you to believe. Ex-Navy SEAL pulls Private Nathan Phillips (a.k.a. Nathan Stanard) DD Form 214 and the Truth is told. Thanks Master Chief – If that thanks triggers your sensitivities self-look it up and go find a safe space. RELATED ARTICLES: […]

THE PURGE: Banned on Facebook! No HONEST Discussion Allowed!

Tom Trento, Laura Loomer, Damon Rosen, and J Mark Campbell were “LIVE” today, Monday, Nov 5th, to discuss the 2018 election, the Socialist Democrat candidates, and the BANNING that is happening to ANYONE Conservative! Within about 20 minutes… picture was scrambled and the LIVE video feed was shutdown by Facebook! Censorship SUPREME! Where is the […]

Andrew Gillum is one of the ‘crazy, crazy, crazies. Watch this 2 minute video!

Project Veritas has caught Andrew Gillum red handed, no offense to the Communist Party USA. Comrade Andrew Gillum, socialist candidate for Florida Governor, has been exposed by Project Veritas as part of the crazy, crazy, crazies of the progressive radical left. In this video, Tom Trento and Damon Rosen illustrate the fact that Gillum’s right-hand […]

VIDEO: After Project Veritas’ Gillum Campaign Expose the #CrackerLivesMatter movement is launched

Check out Tom Trento and Gold Star father Billy Vaughn responding to the investigative expose’ that caught socialist Andrew Gillum’s key team members spewing hate, racism and complete disgust for white “crackers” in Florida. Yes, this is unbelievable but TRUE. With a bit of humor, Tom and Billy make a VERY serious point about the […]

VIDEO: Democrats Want Convicted Felons to Turn Florida Blue!

Jeremy Ring, the Democrat candidate for Chief Financial Officer of the state of Florida, wants to restore voting rights to 1.6 million convicted felons, in order to turn the state Blue, permanently!  In the column “Do Floridians really want to grant full amnesty to 1.5 million felons by giving them a right to vote? Dr. […]

VIDEO: Andrew Gillum Goons – Jewish Woman NOT WELCOME in Synagogue

Tom Trento explains what happened to Laura Loomer at a Jewish Synagogue in south Florida when she went to report on Andrew Gillum, socialist candidate for Florida Governor. Gillum who associates closely with an anti-American group of Jew-Haters. WATCH LAURA’S VIDEO! Andrew Gillum Has Jewish Journalist Laura Loomer Thrown Out Of Synagogue  ABOUT LAURA […]

FLORIDA: Palm Beach Post refuses to run political advertisement about Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum

The Palm Beach Post refused to run our political advertisement, which was a full page, color expose’ of Democrat candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum.  Our advertisement: Download, print, and share this banned ad exposing Socialist Andrew Gillum! Here is the Ad that was BANNED:  Download (PDF, 94.45MB) The Post has already endorsed Gillum, and is running political […]

VIDEO: Broward County Deputy Sheriffs Endorse Ron DeSantis. Disgusted with Gillum.

Is Andrew Gillum a “Manchurian Candidate?” Is Andrew Gillum dangerous for law enforcement in Florida? Big League Politics shows that George Soros, a Gillum supporter/major contributor, is trying to give convicted felons the right to vote in Florida. In a column titled “George Soros Tries To Give Voting Rights To Florida Felons” Patrick Howley reports: […]

VIDEO: “Corrupt” Andrew Gillum vs. FBI Investigation

Andrew Gillum, Socialist candidate for Governor in Florida, is in a massive battle with TV station over airing a Republican commercial about Gillum’s corruption investigation in Tallahassee FL. Check out Tom Trento’s brief comments on how unhinged Comrade Gillum is becoming as the FBI investigation deepens.  RELATED ARTICLES:  Andrew Gillum Graduated Training School That […]