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ELECTION FRAUD IN MICHIGAN: Former State Senator Patrick Colbeck discusses Michigan 2020 Elections [Video]

Patrick Colbeck, a former candidate for Governor of Michigan and State Senator in Michigan, who has an Engineering/Computer IT/Technology background tells us how he was engaged as a Michigan Poll Watcher in the Dearborn, Michigan area and saw so many concerns for the voting machines to how they were managing the counting of the votes. […]

VIDEO: The Communist Party, USA Endorsed Democrat Stacy Abrams who is Leading the Voting Effort in Georgia

When the Communist Party, USA endorses you for Governor of Florida, you know you’re a political disaster for the State of Florida! Yep, it’s true, the Communist Party, USA, selected several current candidates who most reflect their Marxist policies. Two of the most prominent candidates are Andrew Gillum, socialist candidate for Florida Governor and Stacey […]

VIDEO: Twitter Bans ‘POTENTIALLY HARMFUL’ Speech on Christians Voting!

On Saturday August 29, 2020 Tom Trento, Director of The United West, spoke at the Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa Beach, Florida, for the Reagan Club and Trump Support Center on the topic of why Christians MUST vote in November. The Trento speech was lived-streamed on a variety of social media platforms but when […]

VIDEO: Spiritual Battle for America – Vote 2020 – Christians MUST Vote!

Tom Trento at the Spacecoast Dinner Event PRESENTED: Spiritual Battle for America – Vote 2020 – Christians MUST Vote!  Every legal citizen in these United States has a moral obligation to vote. Our founding fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic and it is our responsibility to vote our elected politicians, in and out of […]

VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH RON EDELSTEIN — ‘Concerned Christians and Jews for Trump’

TOM TRENTO, DIRECTOR, THE UNITED WEST – “Check out this engaging conversation with Ron Edelstein and his relationship with the Trump family, his concern for Israel and his concern for America!” Ron is the Founder of “Concerned Christians and Jews for Trump.”  ©The United West RELATED ARTICLE: ALAN BERGSTEIN Top NYC Businessman, Mensch, Stands up […]

Exclusive Video Interview with David Horowitz on the Democrats, Marxists, Biden, Antifa and President Trump

Tom Trento, Director of The United West, interviews David Horowitz, author of “BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win.” Horowitz, a former Marxist radical, turned Reagan Republican pulls no punches as he indicts the Democrats and their leaders as anti-American politicians siding with the Marxists, to usher in a cultural revolution. WATCH THIS INSIGHTFUL […]

VIDEO: Busted! ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a Jew-Hating Organization!

TOM TRENTO, Director of The United West introduces Damon Rosen’s powerful expose of the Marxist organization “Black Live Matter.” Not only is this terrorist group intent on destroying America but it also has its sights on Israel, working with Islamic terrorists, in a Red-Green axis, to destroy any and everything that has a Judeo-Christian foundation. […]

Black Militia Leader: ‘Don’t Bring a Sign to a Gun Fight’

Read J.M. Phelps interview with Tom Trento about this Black Panther type militia: On America’s Independence Day this year, a family-friendly attraction in the South became the site of a heavily armed black militia, spewing profanity and threats of violence. On the 4th of July, according to Newsweek, up to 1,000 men and women descended upon […]

CHRISTIANS: “Wake Up . . . Marxists Want to Tear Down Jesus!” [Video]

TOM TRENTO, Director of The United West carefully details the Marxist roots of the evil organization, “Black Lives Matter,” and how they, along with the Democrat Party, are targeting Jesus Christ as the next symbolic statue that needs to be violently destroyed in order to usher in socialism, on their way to a utopian Communism. […]

VIDEO: Kennedy and Reagan — Communism Sucks . . . Must be Destroyed!

Please watch this short video where Tom Trento reaches back into American history to have President John Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan teach the Democrat party that they have abandoned our Constitutional Republic and whole-hardheartedly embraced a Marxist, anti-capitalist, anti-God, political philosophy. ALL Patriotic Americans, E PLURIBUS UNUM – must come together and DESTROY Marxism! […]

VIDEO: Will America Survive? Dr. Alan Keyes on the ‘Current Marxist Revolution’

The Democrats have passed the point of no return, unable, unwilling to control the Marxist juggernaut within their party. Cities explode, cops die, flags burn and chaos rules the day in many Democrat-controlled cities. Patriotic Americans are furious and want to physically fight back. Now is not the time to physically fight back. Now is […]